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Chapter 10

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im like wide awake, and icant sleep so heres a chapter :)

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Violets P.O.V.

I couldnt eat. I just wanna see Frankie. I cant help it. My mind is always on him. I never felt like this for a guy ever. But hes gay. He cant be mine. Not now. Not ever. My heart breaks of that thought.

"Hey Amber?" I asked her.

She was stuffing her mouth with a sandwich. She gulps it down and clears her throat.


"How well do you know Frankie?"

"Very. I also know Mikey a lot. If you know what I mean." she said nudging me.

I gasped "NO!" I said shocked "I mean I dont-"

"Like Mikey huh? I get it ok." Amber said with a giggle.

It was quiet. I really dont like the quiet. Then it gets awkward.

"Arent you gonna eat?" Amber asks me looking at my chocolate.

"Want it?" I asked her handing her my chocolate.


I put it on her tray and headed for my locker. I turned back and saw her eating the chocolate. I giggled to myself and continued walking. I see Frankie sitting on the bleachers.

"Hi Frankie!"

He looks up at me.

"Hi Violet, whats up?"

"I was heading to my locker, but then I saw you sitting alone." I paused and looked at the ground and then back at him, "I just thought you can use some company."

I waited for a response.

"Be my guest." he said with a smile.

I sat next to him again in silence.

"Um so what are you doing?" vI asked him.

"Just watching the school," he paused "wondering where I fit in."

I noticed a hint of sadness in his eyes.

"Dont worry, I know how that feels, youll fit in eventually."

"Thanks. So youre friends with Amber?"

"Yeah, shes a nice girl."

"Super nice, shes a friend you can turn to when youre sad, the kind of friend you can tell a secret to and she wont go around telling anyone."

"You mean a true friend?"

"Yeah, theyre arent many of those out here."

We sat there watching the cheerleaders practice. All of them practice their routine except one. The captain, Amy Green. She has a perfecr figure, with her long golden blonde hair. Only one flaw. Shes a slut.

Frankie giggles.

"Whats so funny?" I asked him.

"You look so lost, like a puppy."

I found myself giggling louder, "Im sorry, Im just thinking."

Amy looks at us. I see her tell her girls something and heads our direction.

"Shit!" Frankie yells.

"Whats wrong?" I asked so worried.

"We need to g-"

"Hey!" Amy says to Frankie.

"Um...hi Amy..."

Amy looks at me. Up and down.

"Ugh. Whos this?"

"Um...this is Violet..." Frankie said sounding nervous.

"Oh." she said sounding disgusted.

Then she turns to Frankie and puts her hand on his shoulder.

"Why dont yoy come down and watch us practice?" she asked him.

"Um...I cant..."

"Why?" she asked him sounding mad.

"Um..." Frankie looked scared.

"Cause hes helping me study." I jumped in.

"Oh yeah?" she challeged me.


"Then why were you guys laughing?"

"So what? We cant laugh anymore!?"

She stared at me. She tossed her hair back and walked away with her hips swaying.

"Thank you so much Violet!" he said sounding relieved.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Yes, anything."

"Do you like Amy Green?"

"No! Oh God no!" he said sounding shocked.

"Then why do you get nervous when she talks to you or touches you?"

"I feel uncomfortable..."

"Is it because shes trying to get at you?"

"Yeah its weird."

"Frankie you should just tell her."

"No way!" he yelled, "its embarrassing!"

"But its who you are!"

"I cant...I-" Frankie paused and looked down.

"Whats wrong?"

"I feel dizzy..." he said looking like hes gonna barf. "I gotta go!"

He ran to the nearest trash can and threw up.
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