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A/N: Someone rated chp 65 (I think?) trainwreck, which I'm not complaining about, but I'd still like to know exactly what was so horribly terrible about it? If it really wasn't rated trainwreck just for the hell of it, that is.
Also from now on, this story will be updated once a day, because it's ending very soon and I can't start posting the sequel right away although I am writing it already.


Chapter 67: Homecoming

Christmas was only a week away, and Gerard, Lindsey and Gia, plus Jersey and Susan Michelle, Lindsey’s dog, had been busy with decorating the house. Gerard had once again demanded that they get a real tree, because otherwise “he won’t be celebrating Christmas at all”, as he dramatically announced it, throwing a huge tantrum.

The whole household was feeling rather festive, and didn’t have a care in the world.

Well, until that one faithful day, a week away from Christmas, when Gerard’s nightmare finally came knocking on the door.

Jersey ran down the stairs dangerously fast, almost knocked down Lindsey on his way, and ran past the living room, under the dining room table dodging the chairs, and finally arrived at the kitchen.

“Hey, what do you have there?” Gerard asked, picking up the toy that Jersey dropped at his feet.

The dog growled playfully and ran after the toy when Gerard threw it outside for him. Just as Jersey dashed off, barking wildly, there was a fast, annoying knock on the front door.

Gerard instantly recognized the knock. It sent shivers of horror down his spine. Only two kinds of people knock in that absolutely irritating way. Annoying fangirls, and even more annoying ex-neighbors.

Gerard ran to the door, where Lindsey was just about to open it, and hissed to her: “Don’t open the door!”

“Why not? Who is it?”

“A fate worse than Satan,” Gerard whispered.

Lindsey was used to his behavior by now, and much to her husband’s dismay, she opened the door. Although, she instantly wished she hadn’t.

“Gerard! Lindsey! So wonderful to see you!” the cheerful brunette lady shouted.

If there was something Gerard hated more than needles and his daughter’s choice of male company, then Tina Parker. Lucas’ stepmom, Gerard’s ex-neighbor and also his archenemy. The woman whose shrill scream of happiness made him want to stick pens right into his own ears and swirl them around in his brain just so he wouldn’t have to listen.

“Hello,” Lindsey said to be polite.

“How the hell did you find us?!” Gerard asked, less politely.

“Oh, I am sorry for barging here unannounced, but you’re the only one of my friends I can rely on this time of distress!”

Gerard and Lindsey were still wondering what exactly Tina meant by “friends” when the woman had already invited herself into the house.

“Oh, Lindsey! You’re glowing!” Tina shrieked, placing her hands on Lindsey’s growing stomach. Both women were pregnant, but Lindsey’s football-sized bump was nothing compared to the inflatable exercise ball Tina was smuggling under her shirt. “May I ask about the gender?”

“No,” Gerard said, but Lindsey shot him a warning glance.

“We decided to keep it a surprise,” Lindsey answered the question.

“Well, I hope it’s a girl! Because we’re having a boy and I have a feeling our kids might just get along! Shall we go to the living room? It’s this way, yes?”

As Gerard and Lindsey followed the bouncy lady to the living room, Gerard felt like crying.

“Don’t worry, she won’t stay for long.”

“Oh please, she’s like the plague. We’ll have to burn down the house in order to get rid of her.”

“She’s not that bad,” Lindsey tried, but it was clear that she couldn’t quite decide whether she disliked or simply downright despised the woman.

Tina made herself comfortable on the couch and sighed deeply, placing a hand on her overly grown stomach.

“You have no idea what I’ve gone through these past few months,” Tina claimed in a very dramatic manner.

“I’ll regret asking this, but… What’s wrong?” Gerard asked hesitantly.

“Oh, you wouldn’t understand! You two are so happy. Look at this wonderful home you’ve made yourself. I love this coffee table, where did you get it? Oh, that doesn’t matter now! I just… I don’t know what to do.”

Gerard and Lindsey glanced at each other in horror when she dug out a tissue from her purse and started tapping her eyes with it while sobbing.

“I think my marriage is falling apart, and I don’t know how to fix it,” Tina cried out.

“Um… Do you think you should be talking to a professional shrink rather than us? Or your husband even, maybe?” Gerard suggested.

“It all started three months ago! I came home one day, it was a rainy Tuesday, I remember because I had watched Dr.Phil that morning, and I find my husband on the phone in his workroom, and the minute he sees me, he hangs up the phone. He hasn’t bought me anything pretty lately, and he basically ignores me! Well, I can understand him not wanting to have sex, what with my stomach being bigger than a basketball court. And he’s rarely even home. And what makes matters even worse, on my part of course, is that the little time that my husband is home, he spends it with his son instead of me! I mean, I totally understand that and all but it’s unfair! I mean, what about me? What about Tina?!”

Tina continued to ramble on and on about her problems, but Lindsey and Gerard had stopped listening a long time ago. Lindsey glanced at her husband, sensing an impending danger.

“Wait,” Gerard said with a low voice, interrupting Tina’s ramble. “What was that part about his son?”

“Oh, yes, ever since Lucas moved back in with us, Patrick’s been spending an awful a lot of time with him. It’s terrible!”

“Lucas is back?!” Gerard shouted in shock, standing up.

“Yes of course. Didn’t you know? I would’ve imagined Gia told you all about it. He’s been back for a few days now.”

“Did you know about this?” Gerard asked Lindsey.

“Do I look like someone who knew?” she said, looking just as surprised as her husband.

Gerard was of course shocked that his daughter hadn’t told him about this, not even hinted about it, but the shock was replaced pretty soon by anger. Anger, that she’d kept such a secret from him, and because he knew that the spawn of the devil, aka Lucas, would get his daughter into all sorts of trouble again. He couldn’t let that happen.


_A few days ago_

Gia was waiting impatiently on the park swings. It was a sunny Thursday afternoon, she’d just gotten off from school. Her school bag, which was full of homework waiting to be done, was carefully placed beside the rusty swing set. She had gone to pick up Jersey, but hadn’t left her school bag because she had been late as it is.

The big gray dog was lying on the ground, looking bored. Gia had tied his leash to one of the poles on the swing set, confident that it would be strong enough for when Jersey spots Lucas and goes crazy.

The butterflies in her stomach refused to settle, but it wasn’t a bad feeling at all. Gia was scared, but it was good scared.

Lucas had just officially moved back into New Jersey the day before, and he’d spent the first day unpacking, or so he claimed to his father. When they had made plans to meet on the phone, he admitted to her that he’d only unpacked his Xbox and was playing it when he was supposed to be unpacking. Gia wasn’t very surprised by this.

Just as the anxious feeling started to get even worse, Gia noticed Jersey stand up. The dog looked alert, as if he’d heard or seen something. For a moment, he sniffed the air, and stared at the direction of the park exit.

Soon enough, a brunette boy, dressed in a thick black coat and dark blue jeans appeared from behind a corner, and Gia felt her heart jump all the way to her throat. Jersey started barking like crazy, and he did this weird whiny voice that kind of sounded like crying.

As Lucas came nearer and nearer, Jersey was basically ready to chew his own legs off if it meant he could get to greet the boy faster. But Gia had found herself numb.

Ever since Lucas had announced his return to New Jersey, she had been so excited. But now that he was actually here, she didn’t know what to do.

Jersey’s barking subsided and it was replaced with the whining and wagging of tail when Lucas crouched down to scratch him behind his ears. However, Jersey practically jumped on him, smothering him with kisses all over his face.

“Okay, Jersey, stop it,” Lucas laughed, trying to shove the dog off of him. “Gia, would you mind?”

“Jersey, get off,” Gia said calmly, and instantly the dog jumped off of him, although it was clear that Jersey wasn’t done with his greeting. His eyes remained on the boy, and the tail kept on wagging happily.

“Hey blondie,” Lucas smiled once he’d gotten up from the ground.

Gia, who had gotten up from the swing when Jersey attacked him, smiled back. “Hey.”

Lucas was the one who closed the space between them by stepping closer, and wrapping his arms around her. Gia was happy to hug back. Just now she noticed how much taller he’d become. He used to be only a little bit taller than her, but during these past few months he’d apparently gone through some sort of a growth spurt. Now she barely reached his chin. He had gotten more brawny too, probably from the surfing.

“You’ve gotten so much taller,” she told him.

“And you’re still a little midget. Still don’t have any boobs, I see,” he laughed.

“Shut up,” she said, blushing.

“Well, shall we go?” Lucas asked, and when she nodded, he picked up her school bag from the ground and Gia untied Jersey. They didn’t really have anywhere to go, they had just figured that they could kill two birds with one stone. Take Jersey on his walk, and catch up at the same time.

“So, when do I get to see the new house?” he asked. “Is it fancy?”

“Probably never, and yeah, it’s kind of fancy. We have a pool.”

“A pool?! Awesome!”

“Yeah, for some reason dad thinks he can swim,” Gia shrugged.

“Think he’d let us have a pool party?”

“You’ve been back a day, and already you’re planning a party at my pool?”

“Hey, you know me. And speaking of your dad, what did he say when he found out I was moving back?”

“Umm… Well, actually I didn’t tell him yet.”

“Why not?”

“Oh come on, you know just as well as I do that he wouldn’t take easily. I wanted to avoid a scene.”

“And how do you think he’ll react when he finds out you didn’t tell him, huh?”

“… I didn’t think of that.”

“It’s okay, he won’t kill you. He’ll just kill me.”

“Okay let’s stop talking about my dad and him killing people, please.”

“Alright. So, what’s Belleville High like? The teachers as evil as in junior high?”

“Oh come on, they weren’t that bad. And actually, I really like the high school teachers. Or most of them. There’s this one teacher who will scream at you if you do anything wrong. Once me and Hazel were just talking in the study hall, and the teacher came to screech at us because apparently, you can’t speak in the study hall. Well, she yelled for fifteen minutes, and when she was done, Hazel pointed out that she had been much louder than we had been, and she gave us both detention.”

“You? Detention?”

Gia nodded, not too fond of the memory. “Yep. It was hell.”

“I never got you into detention. Either this Hazel chick is much worse than I am, or, god forbid, you’ve become fun.”

“Hey I’ve always been fun!” Gia instantly argued.

“Yeah, right!”

“Okay so maybe I am a bit more… responsible than the average, but that’s not such a bad thing! And besides, when I want to, I can be fun! I just choose not to. I’m boring by choice!”

“Ah, and the most fun thing you’ve ever done is… wash the dishes?”

“So maybe I’m not fun, but what about you then?”

“What about me?”

“You’re irresponsible, lazy, dirty, incomprehensible, perverted –“

Lucas looked offended, but Gia could see that he wasn’t really. “Those other things I can relate to, but perverted?”

“Hey, I’ve cleaned up your room. I’ve seen the things you have under your bed.”

“Okay, fine,” Lucas frowned. “I was keeping those for a friend, by the way…”

“Sure,” Gia smiled.

“Why don’t we make a deal?”

“If it has anything to do with what you’re keeping for a friend, then no way.”

“No,” Lucas replied, laughing. “But if it did, you know you wouldn’t be able to say no. No, what I mean is that you have to do two really fun things, like real life fun, not your fun type of things.”

Gia considered this for a moment. “And in return, you will do two responsible things?”

“I guess so.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal,” Gia said, and they shook hands to seal it. “And we will start with you unpacking your stuff.”

“What?! But I don’t need to unpack! I’m fine with the boxes! Really, I’m just being efficient, think of the time I’m saving by not unpacking!”

“Relax, I’ll help you. You’d do it wrong, anyway.”

“Fine then. And for your first task, you will… I don’t know yet, I’ll tell you when I come up with it.”

“Great. So let’s go unpack your stuff then.”

“What, now?” Lucas asked in shock.

“Yes, now. It bothers me, okay!”

“See, it’s exactly that kind of stuff that makes you anti-fun.”

“Just shut up already.”

“Can’t we even get food before we go back? I haven’t eaten in two hours and I’m starving.”

“I’ll make you something to eat. How the hell are you not fat?”

On their way to Lucas’ house to go unpack his stuff, while talking, Gia began to realize just how much she had missed him. She felt oddly light, like a huge weight had lifted off of her.

But the best part was that he acted as if he’d never even left. They were still the same. Lucas may insult her and her obvious lack of curves, her healthy desire to do what she’s supposed to, and basically everything else, but Gia wouldn’t have it any other way. He was still her best friend.
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