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Chapter Twenty-Five

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Lady Madness and Kobra Kid go to find Bomb Sunshine

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In the end we came to an agreement. Lady Madness and I would go to Better Living Industries to find out what happened to Bomb Sunshine ourselves.
Screaming Revolver wasn’t so sure “What if they kill you on the spot? You know how pissed off they are.”
“We’ve done it a million times before.” I reminded her.
Screaming Revolver nodded “Yes, you have. But has Lady Madness?”
“I grew up there,” Lady Madness said “I think I know what I’m doing. No offence, but I think I know more about it than you guys do.”
“We’ve already agreed!” Party Poison snapped “So if you two are going then just go, please.”
Me and Lady Madness went up the elevator “Why’s he in such a bad mood?” Lady Madness asked “I thought we had come to an agreement.”
“He’s just in a grump because we saved him.” I told her “He’s used to saving us but now it’s the other way round and he doesn’t like it.”
“I’m sorry, we saved him how long ago?”
“Well he doesn’t feel like the hero anymore.” I shrugged “He’ll get over it in about a year.”
“Oh okay.” Lady Madness laughed then suddenly got serious as we both got into the car “I’m really worried about Bomb Sunshine, you know.”
“Yeah I know.” I replied “But I bet she’ll be okay, trust me.”
“I do trust you.” Lady Madness told me “But I’m still not sure.”
We spent the rest of the drive in silence, Lady Madness clearly worrying about Bomb Sunshine will I concentrated on my driving.
Once we were outside BLI Lady Madness took my hand “I don’t wanna start a fight unless we have to,” She said “I want to be really mature about this. If they start anything then we’ll fight back. Is that okay?”
“Of course it is,” I replied, kissing her quickly on the cheek “Come on, let’s go and find Bomb Sunshine.”
We got out the car, I took her hand and we walked through the entrance of the building. The lobby was empty “Where will Korse be?” I asked her.
She looked at her watch “It’s three in the afternoon. I know where he’ll be.” She took me through the building to a room marked ‘Main Office’ “He’ll be in here, I’m sure of it.”
Lady Madness knocked politely on the door three times. “What do you want?” Korse barked from behind the door.
Lady Madness took a deep breath “It’s me Korse. Cyanide Princess.”
I’d completely forgotten that that was her original name. Korse seemed to be comprehending the situation behind the door. “I’m here with Kobra Kid.” She said “We need to talk to you.”
“Alright, come in!” Korse shouted.
Lady Madness pushed open the door and we both walked inside, letting go of each other’s hand. “Hi Korse,” Lady Madness said rather politely “I’m here about our daughter, Bomb Sunshine.”
“Oh, have you only just remembered that you have a daughter?” Korse snarled “All this crap that us BLI workers are the bad guys when you killjoys forget your own children! Don’t think I don’t know that you guys also forgot all about Missile Kid.”
“We know that she’s safe.” I stated “We have been to check on her.”
“Oh yeah?” Korse asked, raising an eye-brow “How long ago? I can assure you that your friend is not safe.”
I started shaking, desperate to know what had happened to Missile Kid. But I knew that we were here for Bomb Sunshine. “I want to see my daughter.” Lady Madness told him calmly “Not some stupid robot that you planted on us.”
Korse was silent for a moment before saying quietly “I’m afraid that’s not possible. Bomb Sunshine died about a year ago.”
“You killed her?” Lady Madness screamed at him, suddenly no longer calm “How the hell could you do that?”
“What makes you think I murdered my own daughter?”
“Because you’re a heartless monster!” Lady Madness was going bright red in the face with all her screaming “She was our daughter!”
“Our daughter died of natural causes.” Korse told her, standing up and going bright red himself “She died of desert fever. And if you must know, she died screaming and crying for her Mother. But her Mother didn’t show up. I did my best to calm her down but she wanted you. I kept telling her it’d be okay, that you’d show up. I tried to send a message out to you. But you didn’t come.”
“I-I never received a message.” Lady Madness said quietly “I would’ve come if I’d known…”
“You never came to visit her.”
“How could I?” Lady Madness snapped “If I’d come over you’d have insisted I stayed here, you were going to kill my friends. You’re the reason that I didn’t come back!”
“Well maybe you should’ve stayed!” Korse yelled “I loved you Lady Madness and I still do, despite everything that’s happened! Our daughter loved you and you walked out on her! Do you know how much that hurt her?”
“Do you know how much you hurt me?” Lady Madness asked “How crap you made me feel. You took away my childhood and I’ll never forgive you for that!”
“Well I didn’t have the best childhood either.” Korse snarled “Why should the whole world be happy when I was so miserable?”
“Selfish asshole!” Lady Madness cried but I wrapped my arms round her waist and dragged her out of the room.
Then suddenly we heard over the intercom “Lady Madness and Kobra Kid are in the building. Make sure they don’t escape.”
“Run!” Lady Madness cried, galloping down the corridor.
It took me a moment to realise what was going on before I finally starting running. So Lady Madness reached the door before me. I was nearly there when suddenly I was grabbed from behind.
Lady Madness gasped and stopped running “No, run!” I cried “Get away from here!”
Lady Madness bit her lip and nodded. She opened the door and ran out while I was dragged back to the ‘Main Office’.
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