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I’m Half-Doomed and You’re Semi-Sweet

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He had to see those electric blues eyes again. He needed to see them before he started his daily “de-Ryanization” process. He wanted to actually remember her. Sarah. Such a plain name for an extraordinary girl. He vowed that he would wait this weekend. He would wait and she would come. And he would remember.

He did wait. And she did show up. She sat at the opposite end of the bar, hiding behind her hair and smiling coyly. He decided to try an old school approach and wrote a note on a napkin. He gave it to the bartender and he sent it down to her, gesturing towards Brendon. She looked up, surprised. Brendon just shot her a crooked smile and she looked back down, reading what he’d written. She giggled and wrote back a response. The bartender brought the note back to Brendon.

“She’s a good girl, that one. She’d be good for you, Brendon. Keep you in line.” Brendon smiled and looked down at her note. Yea. . He grinned, writing out his response before sending it her way again. It was quickly returned. Because I’ve got my eye on this cute guy who comes in here every weekend ;). Brendon frowned at the napkin, displease. He scrawled out his reply and waited. He didn’t have to wait long. Well, he has shaggy brown hair. Dark, brooding, brown eyes. He drinks like he’s trying to forget something. Or someone. But he still seems really great.

Brendon’s scowl deepened for a moment before it clicked in his brain. Then he smiled broadly. “She means me,” he whispered to himself. He flipped the napkin over to the clean side and wrote out Maybe he is trying to forget someone… He moved down a few barstools, almost within arm’s reach. He slid the napkin to her. She smiled and read it, writing back. Well maybe I can help you forget. She smiled and moved down until she was sitting next to him. “Hi,” she whispered. He smiled. “Hi,” he whispered back. She giggled, a bright blush staining her cheeks. Brendon had never seen anything more adorable. “It’s Brendon, right?” He nodded. “Sarah?” he asked. She nodded in return.

She leaned closer to him. “Who are you trying to forget, Brendon?” Images of Ryan flashed in his mind. Ryan laughing. Ryan trying to drive a golf cart. Ryan with a fish tank on his head. Ryan as he turned to say goodbye one last time. Brendon fought back tears.

“No one important,” he said. Sarah leaned her head on his shoulder. “Well, whoever it was, they couldn’t be worth this much hurt. You’re going to be okay, Brendon. I promise you that. You’re going to be okay.” He looked at her, black hair framing her beautiful eyes. He looked deep into those eyes, terrified of what he may see. But all he saw was honesty. He nodded. “Alright, Sarah. I believe you.” And it was the truth.

Sleep. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Off. Get up. Pee. Shower. Get dressed. Eat. Blotter. Get high. TV. Pass out. Wake up. Blotter. Brendon. Brendon. Brendon. Brendon. Realize. Cry. Hurt. Heartbreak. Cry. Hurt. Heartbreak. Crawl. Coven. Laugh. Pretend. Go home. Cry. Hurt. Heartbreak. Bed. Sleep. Repeat.

He kissed her softly, bidding her a good night as he watched her enter her apartment. In the course of three weeks, she’d helped him start to get his life back on track. He drank less. He thought less. And sometimes… he completely forgot about Ryan. He was slowly and steadily falling in love.
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