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Gerard is suffering.

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I keep hold of Gerard's hand until we reach the the door. Most people aren’t used to seeing two men hold hands, so I suppose we may get a few odd looks from others in the waiting room. Not that I give a fuck, obviously. The room we enter is plain and small. On one side there's a narrow bed with a changeable paper cover on it and on the other side of the room there is a worktop with an array of medical supplies on it, with the exception of a tub of lollies. Standing in front of the worktop is a plump woman who is wearing a nurses uniform. She smiles at us warmly.

"Hello, I'm Janet." She says, before shaking my hand, and then Gerard's, who is looking very uncomfortable. I introduce myself, and then Gerard, who doesn't feel like talking it seems. "Take a seat" Janet says, gesturing towards the bed. I sit down on the side of it and Gerard follows, placing him self very close to me. "I'll just be giving you your injection today, are you nervous at all?" Gerard bites on his lip, and then nods his head. "Don't worry dear, it'll be over before you know it." Says Janet, before getting out the needle she will be using for the procedure. Gerard stares at it with wide eyes, a look of horror on his lovely face.

"Don't look at it," I say, Placing a gentle hand on the side of his face and turning him to face me. I let my hand drop from his face and take hold of one of his hands. He takes my remaining free hand in his and grips both my hands tightly. Janet is now sitting on the opposite side of Gerard to me, preparing for the injection.

"You'll just feel a scrape, and then it will be over." She says, lining up the needle with Gerard's arm. Then without any further warning, she pushes it in. Gerard's bottom lip quivers and his face screws up a little. I can tell he's holding back tears. I look over Gerard at Janet, to see she's moved the needle from his arm.

"Are you done?" I ask hopefully.

"No, I couldn't find the vein that time, sorry." She says before plunging the needle into Gerard's arm again. He squeaks and pressed his trembling lips together. There's a tense few seconds where all that can be heard is Gerard's erratic breathing before Janet announces that she's done. She sticks a plaster on Gerard's arm and then gives him a pitying look. "You better get used to it love, you're going to have one every week. You'll need to book next weeks appointment at the desk on your way out." Gerard just looks even more wretched as he gets up and walks towards the door.

"Um, thank you." I say to Janet before rushing after Gerard, slightly embarrassed by his rudeness. When I get out into the waiting room he is nowhere to be seen, perhaps he went back to the car. I go to the desk and make next weeks appointment, assuming Gerard hasn't already. When I leave the building, I see Gerard leaning against the car, a grumpy pout on his face and his arms crossed firmly across his front. I unlock the car as I walk up to it, and Gerard gets inside, the sulky look still on his face. I roll my eyes. "What's wrong?" I ask with a sigh. Gerard looks over at me.

"You know what's wrong." He frowns.

"What? Because you don't like injections? It's over now."

"No it's not. I have to go back there next week, and the next week, and the next." He puts his head in his hands. "I can't do it... I can't... I'm useless. I can't even get a fucking injection. I'm not fucking strong enough to do anything myself, I can't do this. You may as well just kill me now Frank." He says, his voice breaking.

"Hey! Don't you ever, ever think about yourself that way." I say, firmly placing my hand on his shoulder. "You are strong." Gerard begins to shake his head but I carry on. "Not many people could have gone through what you've been through and survived. But you did, you survived, because you're strong. So don't tell me you can't handle a few injections, because I know you can. And anyway, you have to." I let my voice soften. "If you don't take your treatment you'll die, a-and I'm not letting that happen. No way. I'll drag you into there if I have to, because I'm not losing you. Yeah, I could live without you, but I'd be miserable, at best." I look Gerard right in the eye as I say this. I almost breathe a sigh of relief after I'm done. My chest literally feels lighter. Gerard stares back at me, his lips slightly parted.

"Frank, I-- I d-don't know what to say." He stutters.

"Don't say anything then. C'mon, lets go home." I reply. Perhaps Gerard is shocked by my words, but I don't care, I'd be lying if I said he doesn't mean a lot to me. I start up the car engine and begin driving home. Even when I'm concentrating on the road I can still feel Gerard staring at me, it's slightly distracting. When we get home I make us both some sandwiches for lunch and we sit eating them in comfortable silence. After lunch I decide I want to play some Black Ops. It's been a while since I last played, and I feel I need to relax before Paul comes round to talk to us about the investigation. I ask Gerard if he would like to play, to which he politely declines. He does however, get his sketchpad and sit next to me on the sofa.

Half an hour later I take a break from my game and look over at Gerard, he's clutching his stomach and has a pained expression on his face. “Stomach pains again?” I ask. Gerard offers a nod in response. I suppose he's been lucky not having symptoms all the time, but I do wish there was something I could do “Do you want some pain killers?” Again, he nods. “Okay I think I have some.” I say, making my way to the kitchen. I get a glass of water and two paracetamol pills and go back into the sitting room. Gerard swallows the pills immediately, and then downs he water. He seems to calm down after this and I'm about to return to my game when he says.

“I feel sick.” His voice wavering. A mere few seconds after he's said it he gets up and rushes to the toilet, hand over mouth. I sigh inwardly and get up and walk toward the sound of his retching. When I get to the bathroom Gerard has his hands on both sides of the toilet seat and is throwing up into the bowl. I crouch down next to him and rub his back comfortingly. After a while, when there's nothing left in his stomach I presume, he stops being sick and is left gagging.

“You think you're done?” I ask quietly.

“Yeah, I'm done.” He says in a tired voice. I help him up and we go back to the lounge. I notice he's still clutching his stomach and frowning in pain, the stomach ache is obviously still there then. I sit down on the sofa and Gerard sits next to me, his eyes keep drooping like he wants to go to sleep but there isn't room for him to lie down properly. Eventually he lies down, resting his head on my lap and curling in on himself. “Is this okay?” He asks, biting his lip and looking up at me.

“It's fine, don't worry.”

“Good, you make a nice pillow.” He says, managing a little smile.

“Well, um, thanks I guess.” I giggle. “Glad to be of service to you.” We're both laughing now, it makes me happy to see Gerard having a sense of humour, even when he's feeling so ill. Eventually Gerard laugh turns into a cough, and then a tired sigh. It's not long before he falls asleep, snoring softly like he always does. I decide to watch some TV, but I keep the volume quiet wanting Gerard to have as much rest as possible before Paul arrives.

A/N: Ten points to Gryffindor if you spotted the Mayday Parade lyrics :----)
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