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Chapter 4

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Gerard has a question for Kat.

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Five months later

Alicia and I giggled as we walked into Starbucks “It’s funny to think this is where it all started.” Alicia smiled, slipping into a booth “Well for you it was technically the art room…”
“He started flirting with me in here.” I laughed “What time do you think they’ll show up?”
“Who knows?” Alicia asked “You know what guys are like. They’re late for everything.”
We both laughed and Alicia went to buy us some coffee. I pulled out my phone and text Gerard Where are you? – K xx
He soon text back Nearly there! Chill out Beautiful – G xx
Alicia sat my coffee down in front of me “Did you text Gerard?”
“Yeah he said he’s nearly here.”
At that moment the door opened and in walked Gerard and Mikey. They waved at us and went to go buy some coffee.
Alicia grinned "Mikey is so hot…”
“Not as hot as Gerard.” I said quickly, grinning “He’s wearing skinny jeans. Hot!”
“Mikey’s wearing skinny jeans too!”
“They look baggy on Mikey. Everything looks baggy on Mikey.”
Alicia reached across the table and nudged me. We both laughed and the guys came to sit with us.
Gerard put his arm round me and Mikey put his around Alicia. “So, what were you talking about?” Mikey wants to know.
Alicia was about to tell him so I kicked her under the table “Oh nothing.” I smiled while Alicia cried out in pain and kicked me back.
We talked about college, unicorns and the future. Mikey and Gerard wanted to be in a band together, I wanted to be an artist and Alicia wanted to work in a children’s home.
Mikey suddenly stood up and held out his hand to Alicia “Come on, let’s go back to my place. Our parents are out tonight.” He winked at Alicia.
Alicia smiled and turned to me “I’ll see you tomorrow Kitty Kat. Up town at ten?”
“Yeah sure but don’t call me Kitty Kat.” I giggled.
Gerard laughed “Aww I’m gonna have to call you Kitty Kat from now on.”
“Oh dear lord…” I groaned.
Gerard smiled at me as Alicia and Mikey left. “Do you wanna leave yet?” Gerard asked “We could go back to your place?”
“I’d rather we didn’t go back to my place.” I laughed “Let’s stay here for a little while.”
“Good for me.” Gerard smiled, kissing me on the forehead “Do you wanna maybe… Come out for dinner with me, Mikey and my parents?”
“That’d be awesome!” I told him “You want me to meet your parents?”
“Yeah. They’ll probably love you just as much as me.” Gerard said before laughing “Well hopefully not as much.”
“Yeah… I don’t want you meeting my Mom just yet.”
“Oh well.” Gerard shrugged “Can we go out please? Let’s go to the park or something.”
I laughed “Gerard, you’re twenty-seven and you want to go to the park?”
“I’m still pretty young!” Gerard told me, taking my hand “Come on Kitty Kat.”
“Fine but stop calling me Kitty Kat!” I said, pretending to be angry. I stood up and followed him out of Starbucks.
We walked to the park in silence. Once we were there Gerard appeared to be quite nervous “Is everything okay?” I asked “You look… Nervous.”
“Oh, I’m fine.” Gerard replied but he flushed bright red “Well actually, I am a bit nervous.”
He got down on one knee and my face lost its colour, turning white. “Kat Welsh… Will you marry me?”
“G-Gerard…” I whispered “We’ve only known each other five months…”
“I know. But you’re the only person I want to be with. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So… Will you marry me?”
I nodded, completely speechless. Gerard smiled and slipped the ring onto my finger. He stood up and I flung my arms round him “I love you!”
“I love you too Beautiful.” Gerard replied happily.

[A/N] – End of your story, hope you liked it :D
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