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Tell me..Do i look weak?

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I woke up and my whole body ached. My stomach was in the worst shape but I’ve had worst. Alicia came into my mind and I looked around but there was nobody around. I got up and the pain ran through my body like there was no tomorrow but I ignored it. There was one thing on my mind and that was my best friend’s safety. I walked out of the bunk area very slowly. I could here whispers and crying. I walked into the ‘living room’ area and saw Gerard, Ray and Frankie talking looking very worried and Alicia was wrapped around Mikey crying.

‘Ally’ my voice came out as a whisper but she heard me, She looked up as did everyone else and Alicia flew off the couch and wrapped her arms around her. I clung to her. The pain running through my body was unbelievable but I couldn’t careless. My best friend was Ok, she was alive.

‘Oh my god Bella I thought you where dead.’ She was crying really heard and I wrapped my arms around her more.

‘I’m fine, but are you? Did he hurt you?’ She shock her head.

‘No he didn’t get a chance, after you passed out I ran like a bat out of hell and found Worm and Bull and when we got here he was gone, but you where out cold. Bull went to get the guys when they came of stage and they came straight here. Oh my god Bella I thought he killed you. Who was he?’ She was so worried it broke my heart. I shock my head.

‘Nobody, forget him... please?’ I broke away from her and took a step back.

‘Bella we need to know. If you’re in trouble we can help.’ Gerard stepped forward but I held my hands up.

‘Please, just stay where you are. You guys have been out in too much danger already. You guys don’t deserve that. I’m sorry.’ Tears threatened to fall from my eyes but I wouldn’t let them. I have shown way too much weakness already.

‘Bell, please don’t be silly, we care about you, just tell us who he was’ Ray asked so sweetly, trying to make me feel cared for. But honestly I don’t care if they care about me. I care about them too and I will not let them get hurt.

‘Look just stop fucking asking, he will not be back and I will not be staying, so why does it matter. Just shut the fuck up and leave me alone.’ I turned away and walked back into the bunks. I picked up my bag and started packing my shit. I could here footsteps but I ignored them.

‘Bella, please sugar, you don’t have to go, nobody’s in danger’ Anger rose in me and I didn’t mean too but I snapped.

‘Fuck you Gerard, you have no fucking idea. My best friend could have been killed tonight because of me. This guy will not stop until he kills me or someone I care about. And the only way I can protect Alicia, you and the rest if I just do what I had planned to do, Leave.’

’Why is he after you?’

‘Why? You want to know why? Because of my fucking mother, because she is heroin addict and can’t afford her fix. He uses me as payment but I had enough and ran, and he doesn’t like it when you run. So now he’s after me. Got it now wise guy?’ Tears were running down my cheeks. I was a bucket of emotions and I was in so much pain. I felt gentle arms wrap around me.

‘Shh, sugar its ok, you are safe. He can’t have you, not anymore. I will not let him.’ He was rubbing my back rocking me back and forth. I felt so safe with him. Safer then I’ve ever felt.

And for a moment, I’ll let my self believe him.

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