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The Story of Prophecy and Time

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The Time Keepers have decided the events, the Prophesier decided your life. Prophecies are certain...most of the time.

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*NOTE- Gerard didn't pursue an art career in this story. In this story, Gerard Way isn't the Gerard Way we all know and love. He's altered a bit to fit my storyline. In this story, Lindsey Ballato isn't Lindsey Ballato from MSI. She's a normal young woman, who just happens to be kick ass.

The Five Rules of Time state:
1- Time goes faster when you're older because your mind is adjusted to time.
2- Time cannot be destroyed or created or avoided. Time is inevitable.
3- Our time on Earth is predetermined.
4- Time can destroy, create, and avoid you.
5- Your soul repeats time you've spent on Earth once you die, making permanent history
*Time can be avoided.
It started out as a normal day. Gerard Way was just on his way to work in New York, waiting for a subway. That was a beautiful September morning, and he'd never forget how badly it ended.
As the subway speed into the station, he pulled himself off his usual bench and onto his feet. He boarded the subway, and sat down in his usual spot. He arrived at his stop and walked the distance between that station and the towers of the World Trade Center, reaching it at 8:40- same monotonous routine he'd done a thousand times every weekday for the past two years. Out of nowhere, a hand grabbed him and pulled him away. He was forced to run because of how reluctant this person was to slow down. They were back to the entrance of the subway station. The man that had pulled him away checked his watch- 8:45 am.
"Dude, WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR!! I'm gonna be late for work now, you DICK!"
8:46 am
The next thing that was audible to Gerard's ears was screams of terror, horrible cries, sobs, the sounds of a jet falling out of the sky, and a crash from above.
Looking up, he saw the fire, the smoke, and the most disturbing thing he had ever seen. The plane crashed into the part of the tower that he would normally have been at right now.
“OH MY GOD!!”, Gerard screamed. It was 9:05 now and the second tower had been flown into. Innocent people were dying, buildings roared flames like blood, and the sky was raining ashes.
“The Time Keepers pick today, September 11th, to host this disaster. 2,996 people will die today from this. You would have been the 2,997th. Come with me.”
Gerard followed the man to a crappy apartment building the middle of a scary Neighbor in Queens. It was an area that would normally be on the news for gang fights, drive-bys, and drug busts. They took the stairs to the top and entered a crowded apartment space overflowing with people. The people were grungy and came in an array of ages; babies, children, adults, even an elderly or two. One woman in particular caught his eye. She was glaring at him with a hatred that came from beyond. She had black hair and a very tattered dress. Then again, everybody here had tattered clothes, even the man.
The man was wearing a stained white shirt with a leather jacket and badly ripped jeans. His dark brown hair was disheveled and his creamy skin was pale and clear. He led Gerard to a room in the back, which was, to much surprise, completely vacant.
“Make yourself comfy.”
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