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Look who shows up.... Finally

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umm sorry if anyones out there, but I broke my leg falling from a fucking ladder... Yeah i'm a clutz I know

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And with that, the beautiful boy left me to buy the black misfits belt. I keep replying our conversation over and over in my head. I sound like a babbling idiot, while he sounds cool, and smooth.

What else is new

Ugh really voices, if you really wanna be in my head can you at least give a little encouragement? Maybe a " hey frank, your looking swell"

Swell? And you wonder why your a sad lonely friendless loser

Gee thanks, Frank it's great that you reminded me. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go get a coffee with my dream guy.

I walk a little while before I realized what a complete idiot I probably looked like standing in the middle of a store, chatting with the voices. Oh well, at least Gerard is already Gone to Starbucks. I walk there once again without even knowing exactly where it is. I seriously have no clue. If someone asked me how to get there, I would firstly die from shock that someone would talk to me, and secondly say "I don't have a fucking clue" becauseonce again, I don't. Just follow the yellow brick road, oh wait the damned munchkins sold those bricks to gain some extra money to buy all the scarecrows in the world brains. I think that's so they can freak out all the little children as they walk by. Never trust anyone shorter than 5feet because, most likely they want to steal your brains. I guess i shouldnt be talking cause I'm 5'3" but that's still a helluva taller than the demon midgets.
Instead of following the hypothetical yellow brick road, I simply follow my nose again. I know I really shouldn't drink so much of the addicting stuff, but I honestly can't help it, I'm in love.

With a disgusting, mouth-burning, non-living acid?

O.k voice time to go away before I punch you (me?) in the face.

I see Gerard talking with a man, a very handsome one at that. I watch in horror as Gerard winks seductively and slowly kisses his hand. I stand there, fixed to the spot, wanting to turn away but can't. He then motions to a table where the man sits as Gerard walks right past me to get his coffees. He doesn't even spare me a glance. My heart shatters into millions of pieces.

"He tell you to meet up with him here too?" a guy at a able behind me asks.
I dont even turn around but slowly nod as I continue watching Gerard charm the mystery man.

"Well sorry to hear it kid, but he's my brother."

This gets my attention. I turn around to see a skinny boy with sandy blonde hair and thick glasses that highlight his eyes perfectly. He doesn't try to flirt or ask me out like him brother. In fact, he seems almost uncomfortable as I scan him.

"Do you mind if I sit?" I ask because he honestly seems like a nice guy.

"Go ahead, hey I'm Mikey by the WAY, Way being my last name"

"Oh cool mAn, I'm Frank."

"Well nice to meet you frank. I'm glad someone's friendly, I tried to hit that coffee guy but he said he's married. Oh well, he's only mildly aftractive after all" He states with a dismissive wave of his hand.

I feel really...comfortable around Mikey. He seems like a great guy, but I wonder how many of his brother's rejects hes snapped up. Whether or not he's a rebound guy, I can tell already that he and I are gonna get along just fine. 'Specially when I see his millions of shopping bags on the floor.

And in my coffee induced hallucination, I see my new friend bend over and slowly, one by one, pick up my shattered bits of heart.

*sorry if it's short. I hAte iPods. They are a HUGE pain in the arse to type on so please excuse any typos or grammatical errors. I know it's shit but Im trying ok? Thanks for reading!
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