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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Xander and Faith slowly raised their hands into the air, „Hello Officer, would you be so kind and point your guns somewhere else, please? One of the attackers lies over there," Xander slowly pointed in the direction where the dead wizard lies, "and their victims over there," he said with a sad tone and pointed to the dead couple.

"What, happened here?"asked the officer in front.

"Four terrorists entered the restaurant and started shooting and before we could act they already killed the couple over there. After I shoot the one there and had wounded the others, they fled." Xander answered.

"Terrorist and who are you?" asked the officer again.

"Yes, terrorist and it looks like they were after me and my partner here, but only had a rough description so they attacked the other couple and us. So would you please call you Detective over here so I can talk with him? I fear I have to declare this as a matter of national security and already called my colleges they should arrive shortly.

"You still haven't answered the question of ‘Who you are'," another man, who just entered the room, asked, "by the way I'm the Detective you asked for, Detective Jerry McQueen.

Xander nodded and answered, "Sorry Detective McQueen. I'm Agent Jake O'Neil and this is my partner Agent Daniela Jackson, NSA."

"NSA? What are you doing here and I hope you can prove that?" the Detective said surprised.

"Of course, if we could lower our hands," said Xander.

The Detective just nodded and Xander slowly lowered his hands, carefully he pulled a small wallet and showed the Detective an NSA ID.

The Detective studied the ID and the nodded. "Looks fine to me, what are we doing now, Agent O'Neil?"

"It would be nice if your men would gather all available witnesses and bring them into the adjoined room, so that my colleagues can interview them after they arrived," Xander said.

As if this were the magic words the door to the restaurant opened again and four men dressed in black suits entered the room. They looked around for a moment and then came into the direction of Xander, Faith and the Detective.

As they arrived one of the four pulled an ID and showed it to the detective, "Good evening, I'm Agent Smith and I would like to talk too those two, detective. Could you help my colleagues to gather the witnesses? Thank you," said Agent Smith and clearly dismissed the Detective with those words.

He waited for a moment and after the detective left he asked, "OK, Mr. Harris. What happened here that you had to call in a wizard team?"

"We were attacked by a squad of Death Eaters," Xander answered.

"Death Eaters, here? I can't believe it," said the Agent.

"Then look over there and you will find the Mark on his arm Mr. Smith," was Xander's answer to that.

The Agent slowly kneeled besides the body and rolled up the arm of the robe and there he saw it, ‘The Mark of a Death Eater', after nodding to himself he stood up again.

"So it's true those idiots attacked someone on our soil. That will give us something to talk about with the Brits. You said something about a squad? Where are the rest?"

Xander nodded and answered, "Two escaped wounded and one is in our custody."

"Your custody?" Agent Smith blinked.

"Yes, I sent him via Portkey to our HQ and into a holding cell," said Xander.

"Mr. Harris, you have to give him into our custody at ones," the Agent said in an angry tone.

"Nope, no can do Mr. Smith," Xander said smiling. He loved to rile up those guys.

"What? I will arrest you for hindering our investigation," shouted the enraged Agent.

"No, you will not," Xander said, smiling even more while Faith looked to him with a curious glance.

"That's enough," the agent yelled and turned his head to his colleagues on the other side of the room, "Mark, Jim help me arrest those two," he shouted while he suddenly had his wand in his right hand and pointed it at Xander.

"Tstst, Mr. Smith. Where are your manners? Put your wand away and call your goons back or you are responsible for starting a two front war for the American wizarding world." Xander said with an amused grin.

"What?" Agent Smith muttered.

"Attacking me or Faith would bring you to war with the Council of Slayers and attacking the Heir of the most noble house of Black would be an act of war against Britain," Xander said in a quiet tone.

Hearing that from Xander, the Agent blanched a bit and had to swallow a lump in his throat.

"If you would have let me explained in the beginning without starting to yell I would have told you that I can't give the Death Muncher to you because their attack went against two members of the COS, the heir of the Watchers Council and with that they fall into our jurisdiction as you can read in the Wizard/Council agreement from 1792. We invite you to join us while we question him, but nothing more. So hurry up here and then we can go talk to that slimebag," Xander said to the Agent.

Tidying up and changing a few memories from the witnesses, like the use of a wand to the use of a gun. The NSA Agents left the restaurant together with Xander and Faith.

Turning to Agent Smith Xander said, "So if you want to join us, meet us at our HQ in a few hours or so. We will be there and wait for you." With those words he turned around and went together with Faith to the still waiting limo. After the driver closed the door behind him Xander took a slow breath and said to Faith. "Sorry, Faith, that wasn't how I planned the evening to go."

He sagged into his seat a bit while he thought about the death couple.

Faith musters him for a moment and seeing that he started to think about not so good things she slowly got near him and started to kiss him.

Xander sat stock still in his seat and mumbled, "What are you doing Faith?"

Amused Faith answered him, "Hmm looks like I'm kissing my future husband."

Xander blinked for a moment and asked dumbly, "What?"

"I couldn't give you my answer in the restaurant and now I am correcting that," she said smiling and started to kiss him again.


Two hours later, after they told the driver to take a detour, they reached the compound.

Still in the car and a bit ruffled, a smiling Xander asked Faith, "So I can interpret that as a ‘Yes' can I?"

"Hmm I think you can do that Xander," Faith answered smiling.

"Great. Now I have to find more questions for you that you have to answer with ‘Yes'," Xander said grinning.

Slapping Xander's head Faith said grinning, "Be careful where you ask those questions, I might deliver on the spot."

Both left the car after they were dressed again, thanked their driver and then entered the building.


They had not even closed the door before they were nearly overrun by a bunch of girls which were all yelling things like "What happened? Are you hurt? Who is the guy in the cellar?" and many more.

Faith yelled even louder, "Quiet!!!!"

After the noise died down she continued and pointed at the SIT Indra, "You, go get Giles and tell him to meet us at the cells and the rest of you scatter you will be informed as soon as we know more."

Without a word the first girl ran out of the room yelling for Giles and the rest of the girls scattered around the room, discussing and guessing what had happened.

In the time being Faith and Xander went downstairs to the cells were Giles joined them shortly after.

"What happened and who is our guest?" Giles asked.

Xander quickly filled him in about what happened in the restaurant and closed with the words, "So I have no clue yet who he is only that he is a wizard and one of those Death Suckers."

"Ahh than the interrogation will have to wait for a while, because of the treaty we have with the wizarding world a representative of their ministry has to be present to witness it. I will contact them and there will someone here in the morning. You two should get some sleep and we will see to it in the morning." Giles said to them.

"No need G-Man. The agents who came to the restaurant should be here soon and they can act as witnesses for their ministry. So we relax here for a moment and while we wait the snooping spy for the SIT's over there can bring us some coffee." Xander said while pointing at the corner on the end of the corridor.

So they waited for half an hour and then one of the girls brought the three Agents from before to them.

"Ahh Agent Smith and company, nice to see you again so quickly, now we can start to ask some questions to the guy we captured," Xander said smiling.


They all entered the cell where the Death Eater was held. Xander used his wand and quietly directed the body of the Death Eater on one of the chairs and unfroze his head.

As soon as Xander did that the Death Eater started to yell, "What is this outrage. I'm Lucius Malfoy a citizen of the United Kingdom and I demand to be released immediately or there will be dire consequence. "

Xander nodded, "Ohh you are right Lucy there will be, but not for us but for you. While you attacked us you also killed two American citizens."

"Pahh... Muggles. Who cares?" snorted Malfoy.

"Actually, I care," was Xander's answer.

"And who are you, boy?" Malfoy snapped.

"Ohh I? I am the guy who you and your Death Socks attacked and if I may introduce myself. I'm Alexander Lavelle Harris, Watcher for the Council of Slayers, wizard and heir to the House of Black. If there would be a next time you should ask your so called ‘Lord' first who you have to attack instead of blindly following his orders and I think you can guess what will happen now to your line," Xander said while smiling a bit unfriendly at him.

Malfoy went white like chalk.

"Ah, you do, don't you?" Xander and the other wizards smiled while Faith and Giles looked confused.

After a few moments Faith asked, "What?"

"Oh simple, Mr. Malfoy here attacked the heir of an ancient house without provocation from their part and then he was stupid enough to be caught. Would he just have been a member of the Malfoy family, the family would have to pay a huge fee to the Blacks as punishment and to discourage further attempts like that, but he is not. Mr. Malfoy here is actually the head of his house and after wizarding law he started a war between the House of Black and the smaller House of Malfoy. Sadly for him, he lost in a magical fight and so the House of Malfoy will be integrated with all their belongings into the House of Black." Agent Smith answered Faith's question.

Malfoy yelled, "NOOOOO, you can't do that."

Mr. Smith grinned, "Ohh yes, we can. While we speak here for a bit, my colleague there will go and report in and also start the paper work and by the coming of the next morning there will be no more House of Malfoy."

At those words Malfoy collapsed shocked into unconscious.


After the Agents took over Malfoy, Xander, Giles and Faith went to their rooms to get packed, time was now a bit crucial because their flight to London would leave in a few hours, but luckily they always had emergency bags packed so they just added a few more things and quickly met again for an early breakfast, which they enjoyed in a companionable silence. Lucky most of the rest of the house was still asleep, including Willow and Buffy.

After they finished their breakfast they called a Taxi and quickly drove to the airport.

End of Part one of this story.

Endnote: The sequel is already several chapters long over on TTH or Ficsite, but won't be posted here because of the lack of interest. So if you are one of the few intrested...check out there.
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