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Chapter seven: blood in the night

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Chapter seven
Once Harry had left Gringotts, he made his way back to the leaky cauldron and booked a room, then went up there, so far no one had recognised him as the boy who lived, he smiled, he enjoyed the feeling of being normal among abnormal people, he settled down on the chair in the corner and wrote a letter to Ron and Hermione.
"Hello Ron and Hermione,
I'm going travelling for a couple of weeks can I meet with you on the twenty fifth of July in Diagon to do our school shopping? Do tell Dumbledore that Hedwig has an untraceable charm on her,
From Harry"
Once Hedwig had left carrying this letter Harry decided to see if what he heard about the muggle nightlife of London was true, he walked into a bar and ordered a Bacardi Breezer. It was very sweet. Harry decided against having one again. It seemed that the man on Harry's left had noticed the face he had made.
"Not used to drinking?"
"No it's my sixteenth birthday today; I don't know what to have..."
"Sixteen today?" the man suddenly looked a little more interested, "try some of this"
The man took a flask from his hip and poured some of the thick red contents into Harry's empty bottle. Harry looked down at it and then at the man again, he sniffed, yes he was right the man was not a human he was a vampire.
"You would do better to drink this," Harry said slowly, "the blood is weak in me I have no need to drink blood"
"Your father is half vampire?"
"Was...he is fifteen years dead"
The man now looked firstly shocked and secondly worried, he grabbed Harry's bottle and downed it in one gulp.
"This is bad new you have given me, we need to talk"
"I have a room at the leaky cauldron"
"Then let us go there"
Five minutes later found Harry sitting in his room with a complete stranger who just so happened to be a vampire, who was swigging from his flask every few minutes
"What is bad about my father's death save for the matter that he has been dead for so long?"
"your father's mother was a vampire and his father an elf, when the vampire clan found out about this they sent the child away with a spell, we did not know where in the world the child had been sent, thirty nine years ago the elves found out about it and gave the vampire clan forty years to locate the child, ten years ago we found out some information about the child but it was six years old, it told that he had married a woman called lily and had a son called Harry..."
Harry interrupted him
"I am Harry"
"well, there is a slight complication to all this...the elf the vampire was in love with was not just any elf he has the elven prince, he has died without an heir, the vampiric elf we abandoned is the last of the royal elves, if we do not find him by the end of this year then the elves will attack the vampires"
"Then we will have to explain it to them..." said Harry logically
The vampire smiled wanly, "then you had better collect your belongings"
"I have them around my neck; it's easier to be on the move that way..."
"Can you fly?"
"I do have my own wings"
"Part angel?? You're joking? is that all? No it can't be your mother must be a cross breed too...part human?"
"No...Never expect the normal from me...try thinking of the least likely thing"
"What you mean part demon...that's..."
"Then why do you look like a human?"
"Metamophmagus...from my demonic side...I would normally look like this..." Harry allowed himself to slip into his normal form...and heard the other man gasp
"A bit of a shock?"
"Just a little..."
"Don't worry when Helga Hufflepuff first saw me I believe her words were 'good lord...what is that'"
"Well I can understand that except for how she was able to see you if you are the vampiric elf's son"
"Death sent me back to the dark ages to help me not destroy the world by mistake"
"Very well...WHAT you met death?"
"Well there's only one place I can meet him as I am barred from deaths realm...I can meet him in nowhere"
"Where's that? And what do you mean being barred from deaths realm?"
"I have died about twenty times...except I come back to life a few hours later...according to death I will not age any more"
" do you want to go?"
"How are we going to get there?"
"My broom broke down the other day"
"Don't tell me you have been flying the same one for a thousand years..."
"As a matter of fact I had..."
"Well where are we going? Transylvania?"
" you have a broom?"
"Of course," Harry summoned the firebolt from his trunk, "you can borrow's quite fast though"
"Let us go then, there is a broom chute from the back yard of this place"
"Broom chute?"
"a spell that allows broom flyers to travel up to the clouds with out muggles seeing them...wizards too, if you are going to fly..." Harry nodded, then returned himself to the shape he was without the abnormal parts, then after settling the bill with Tom who was giving the two of them funny looks they took off from the back yard and flew off towards the home of vampires.
Unfortunately neither of them had known that the London skies were a hot spot for drunken wizard youths, when they came through the cloud cover they were almost immediately accosted by accosted by a group of thugs who took a dislike to them.
Harry muttered to his new friend, "go, I'll deal with them, that broom is far faster than any of theirs" he snapped his fingers, "I have a tracing spell on you now GO!" the broom sped off of its own accord leaving Harry alone surrounded by twenty or so thugs on brooms.
The leader leered at him
"Look boys we have a new toy, it doesn't even have a broom" Harry turned and hit about five of the people with stunning spells but caught them with levitation spells before they could fall. The other men looked at him with loathing then all raced to wards him at once. Harry waited for the last moment before shooting upwards...they all crashed into each other. Harry winced.
Harry popped into existence beside the vampire who was still clinging to the speeding broom.
"Stop...are you alright...sorry...I have a tendency of doing that when I am a little angry or worried"
"I am fine, but are you?"
"yes...I knocked out five of them then the rest of them crashed into each other, then I left them all floating there with a glowing message above them 'these people were not attacked by deatheaters'"
"Well done, where are we?"
"Czech republic, we missed Prague fortunately"
"Good we are almost there; we may make this night council if we hurry"
It was a few minutes before midnight when a large castle appeared
"good we are going to be able to talk with the elders this night" the vampire dove toward one of the towers Harry followed and hid his wings once he had landed and took the broom from the vampire's hand, as he raced towards a trapdoor.
"Harry hurry, we have but minutes in which to get there"
"Can't we apparate?"
"I'm no wizard"
"Think clearly of where you want to get to and grab hold of my hand"
A few moments later found them among crowds of bustling vampires; a loud bang brought them all to order.
"ladies and gentlemen," a deep voice called from the front, "we have five months remain to us to find the child of the elven king...does any person have any new information..."
The vampire beside Harry raised his hand he was the only person
"Vampire have returned from your wanderings at last, what have you found...take the stage"
The vampire, Polik grabbed Harry's wrist and dragged him through the crowd to the stage that was set up there. He embraced the vampire on stage before he turned to the front once more.
"My fellow vampires, what I have found out was pure fluke if I had not been resting in a pub...but I will let the person who gave me the information tell you"
Harry glared at the vampire but took the central position,
"I am afraid," he said, "I have bad new for you, the son of the king of the elves is dead"
"How do you know this?" asked a vampire from the middle of the crowd
"He was my father he has been dead for fifteen years"
"How did he die?"
"Lord Voldemort killed him"
The vampire who had spoken first shifted uncomfortably on the stage then spoke
"This same Voldemort has asked us to join his ranks in the forth coming war, I wasn't going to ask the coven as a whole but as we are all here does anyone feel we should ally with him?"
Not a single hand was raised
"Good I thought that would be the to a more pressing matter what are we to tell the elves?"
Polik spoke up, "I think we should offer them Harry...if that is alright with you Harry"
"Well I was hoping to see the vampires and the elves this summer"
"Then all is settled I will write to the elves meanwhile I hope you will all make Harry feel welcome"
With that the coven broke up...Polik led Harry away,
"Polik? I mean no offence but how old are you?"
"A little over a thousand why?"
"if I was to run this by you, 'you would at least make a meal' 'I doubt it the blood of vampires is poisonous"'
"Had that conversation with a person I had been trying to pickpocket then feed from, he turned out to be a vampire."
"Correction he was a demonic, angelic, vampiric elf"
"How do you know?"
"I was him"
"You gave me a fortune"
"I came from this time"
"Then it was no fortune to you...yet still I thank come I met you there if you were born sixteen years ago?"
"Just a little time travel..."
Polik had shown Harry his room and left him to his own devices, Harry re read the letter he had received from Hermione
How can you be so stupid? staying there is for your own safety. Trust Dumbledore he's only what is best for you...Ron and I can make the twenty fifth, if you don't return to that house then you had better have a very good excuse
Harry smiled to himself what Hermione never knew was that there were no wards around number four privet drive as Petunia was no relation to Harry in blood, in fact the only thing that kept most wizards away was the sheer hatred of wizards that the Dursley's possessed, but that would not stop a strong wizard from entering.
Harry went to bed
The next morning Harry woke bright and early which was strange considering that he had gone to sleep only three hours before. He dressed and decided to try and find the kitchens. This was proved to be harder than expected as Harry had no idea where to go...he decided to apparate to where Polik was...unfortunately this landed Harry in Polik's bedroom...Harry had the opportunity to see Polik Au natural, Polik it also seemed to sleep light and was paranoid enough to make mad eye moody proud. Harry found himself on the floor with a knife in him skull.
"Don't worry, damn take the knife out" Harry managed to gasp out, before dying.
Harry woke with a crick in his neck; damn he really had to stop dying like this. He sat up and looked around, he heard a familiar gasp
"Harry...why the heck did you do that?"
"I got lost...sorry" Harry hung his head
"We were worried that you were dead"
"I was...I just I have a...slight problem with dying...when are we going to the elves?"
"In a week...but we must hurry to the leader's office before he sends the letter to the elves telling of your apparent plight
If the situation had not been so serious Harry would have laughed at the look on the leaders face when Harry walked through the door.
Unfortunately the leader was disbelieving
"What new magic is this? You know that elves are able to see through all our magic"
"This is no magic...leader, this is Harry...he says that death does not want him..."
The leader conceded, "You are lucky I had not yet sent the letter...Polik...Harry looks almost dead on his feet take him to the halls of eating."
They walked to the halls to be greeted by astonished stares from all around
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