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Chapter Twenty-Nine

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The end...

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And that’s what brings us here. To the end of the story.

I don’t have anybody to talk to anymore. They took pity on Jasmine because she was pregnant when all this was going on. Every four weeks I’m allowed to talk to her for ten minutes.

Sometimes we talk about our friends. I’ve seen Gerard walking around but he treats me like dirt now. But I can’t blame him for it. This is Korse’s fault. I also saw Frank once. It was scary to see Frank taking orders from someone. It made me cry for some unknown reason.

But I needed to write this for Lady Madness’ sake. So that you’ll know the truth of how she died. Not the version that Korse is writing. That Lady Madness begged Korse to marry her but Korse turned her down. So Lady Madness chucked herself off a building.

I also needed to write this down for me. I was starting to believe Korse’s story. But so long as I’ve got this written down, I’ll never forget. I’ll never forget that Lady Madness did love me. And that for the first time in a while I’d actually been… Well, happy. Just like Marisela had said. We were fighting for our lives but it had been fun.

So if you’re reading this… That’s the real truth of what happened. I didn’t over exaggerate anything. In my opinion, it’s a pretty dull tale. I could’ve made it much more interesting. But I couldn’t change a thing.

R.I.P. Lady Madness. You will always be in my heart

[A/N] - Just wanted to let you guys know that this has been my favourite story to write :) I would write a sequel but I dunno how I'd go about doing that ;)
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