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If you look in the mirror and hate what you see...

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Gerard used to look forward to school. (Rated for Suicide.)

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Gerard was 14 years old and looked forward to High School. His first day at the new school was tomorrow and he was thrilled. He'd heard so many things about High School and how fun it was.
He could not wait to get friends and go to prom. He almost planned the whole year. His mother had bought him the school uniform. Gerard had tried it on at least fifteen times, even though it was ugly as hell and itchy.

Gerard smiled a big smile when he looked in the mirror.


Gerard, 15 years old didn't want to start school again after the summer vacation. He wasn't really bullied, it was more like he didn't existed. He was alone. Unwanted. Sometimes people just walked into him without caring if he got hurt or not. And sometimes they would call him 'Weird', 'Emo' or 'Fat.'
He was invisible. Gerard sat down at his bed. He glanced at the mirror and didn't like want he saw.


Gerard, 16 years old, dreaded for the school start. The situation in school had gotten worse. The insults came daily and they started to beat him up. He had no friends at all. He was now known as the fat art freak.
Gerard stopped eating after hearing that. He only ate a small meal everyday so that his mother wouldn't get worried. Gerard didn't look into the mirror anymore. He'd covered it up with a blanket so that he did not had to see himself in it.


Gerard, 17 years old, smiled. He looked forward to school this day. He did his makeup, brushed his hair and dressed up in his favorite clothes instead of his old, boring and bloodstained uniform. For the first time in years he smiled. He looked himself in the mirror. He still hated himself, but he was happy today.
He left his room and started to walk towards the school, humming on a song by his favorite band.


That day, right in front the whole school, Gerard raised a gun and shot himself in the head as the result of bullying. He died with a smile on his lips, finally free from his personal hell.

A/N: I wrote this while listining to 'Coma black'. My english is quite bad, so please point out the mistakes in the storie so that i can fix them. :)
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