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Just funny stuff thats happened to me when thinking of MCR.

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Jamia's REVENGE!

I was just thinking of Frank, as typical fangirls do. Don't ask what i was thinking, I just was. And I was down in the living room as I did. What had basically prompted me to think of Frank was mum. She'd left Kerrang! magazine on the sofa on the poster page, and it was an amazing picture of Frank. I'm not even joking, it was from their 'Three cheers for sweet revenge' album, and his hair was messy but neat and his eyeliner was smudged just right and he was smirking slightly like 'you know you want it' and god, did I want it.

As I was stood staring into the mirror at his beautiful, oh so beautiful picture, my brother was at the other end of the room arguing with his girlfriend on the phone. I think she was saying something bad about one of his older friends, because he was shouting some serious shit at her. I took a step closer to the mirror, blocking him out, however, and began to do my hair. I had just gotten out of the shower, so i was stood in my dressing gown in the middle of the room all wet and getting turned on by this oh-so-addictive photo.

It was then that I dared think "What would Jamia think if she knew?" And it all kicked off.

My brother screamed at the top of his voice at his girlfriend (and because i was thinking of Jamia, it sounded like her) "DON'T YOU DARE THINK OF HIM LIKE THAT!" then he hung up and launched the phone across the room. I think his original plan was to launch it hard across the living room and have hit harmlessly the curtains and dropped to the floor. It didn't. The side of my head was in the way. *-_-

The phone smacked me in the side of the face at just the right angle, so that the buttons felt like knuckles and something, although I'm still sure my phone doesn't have metal on it, dug into my face a bit like a ring. A weddinr ring, perhaps? I don't know. But somehow she knew what I was thinking. She got into my brothers mind and MADE him throw that phone.

I mean no disrespect to her - she's a great lady - but how freaky can it get, right?? I mean, Frank turns me on so I hear her scream "Don't you dare think of him like that" then a phone flys out of nowhere and clamps me right in the face.

Coincidence or Jamias Revenge - you decide...
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