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I didn't tell you what i do for a living

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][Hola Amigos! :)

Franks POV I am from Belleville. And i'm nineteen years old.....and i used to live with my Mom. I say shaking. What do i tell him? I can't exactly say i'm a broken, gay prostitute who's only relative is dying. There was so much to tell him, but where was i meant to begin? I would just answer his questions. And give away as little as possible.

Oh, I'm twenty three but i'm from Belleville too. Surburban Newark is just better for jobs and things. Do you have a job, Frankie? Frankie. I liked that name. My Mom always used to call me that when i was younger. My job? Oh no, it was all going to come out now. I had to be honest with him, that was the least i owed. Yes. I have a job. I said hoping he would settle with that answer. Oh cool what do you do? He smiled brightly at me. I began to shake again, he was going to be so mad at me. I'm a prostitute.

Gerards POV
I'm a prostitute His voice filled my ears, shocking me to the core.
Get out. I whispered. He stayed put. GET THE FUCK OUT! I raged. How dare he?! A whore in my home? And i wanted to help him too, hell i could have lost my job over him. A worthless, dirty hooker. He scrambled up off the bed and ran out into the now aggressive falling icy rain. The front door slammed shut, several milliseconds later. Then it dawned on me.

Oh Fuck! I cursed. He was going to freeze to death. I hadn't given him a chance to explain. Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I bolted down the stairs grabbing my keys from the shelf. Sophia, did Frank leave?! Which way did he go?! I pant, panic rising up in my throat.
I don't know, but what have you done?! He was crying Gerard! Go and find him now! She screamed at me, her mother looking horrified at the scene. The first time Sophia had ever cared for anyone other than herself. Fuck me, Frankie was something special.

I nod silently to her and rush out to my car. He was nowhere in sight. Oh no, Frankie, where are you?

Franks POV
I run from the house in floods of tears. Desperately searching for someone familiar, someplace to go. But there's nowhere is there? I'm not from here. My Mother is miles away. Luke is miles away and i don't want to go back there again ever. And then there's the brothel i was going to be placed in, i didn't want to go there either but i had to go somewhere. I had to survive, the rain melting all of my body heat away with every tiny little droplet. I was a goner for sure.

I needed somewhere and fast. I needed Gerard, but he didn't want me anymore? He never did want me did he? I shouldn't have told him. I didn't bother to explain because he wouldn't have understood. I was a whore, that was that. And that was all i would ever be worth. A quick, cheap fuck in a strangers car or a filthy bed.

A car pulling to a halt before me startles me and it's just like on the highway. He pulls me in this time though. He doesn't wait for me slowly and patiently. He bundles me into the boot and i know we're headed back to the old warehouse. This beating is going to be brutal. Nothing could prepare me.

Time Lapse
A bloodied, ripped apart mess on the concrete floor. My legs up to my chest, desperately trying to shield myself from another blow to the stomach. Desperately praying there won't be another rape. Another video of me begging for mercy as the continous violation increases. Suddenly, he comes back through the door. Not the Brothel tonight. He doesn't deserve the comfort and warmth of the place. Get him on the streets. And he can wear that dressing gown he came in He snarls before spitting on me and leaving two of his accomplices to drop me off.

I'm cold enough now. Shivering even in the van. A dressing gown? How is that meant to keep me warm? I'm going to die. A few hours is all i have left. And i'll be on a street corner, praying for someone to find me before my life slips out of my hands.

Gerards POV
I've been searching for hours. Driving around streets countless times. Ignoring multiple calls from Sophia and Greg. Ignoring worried texts from my little brother and parents. Probably thinking i've gone missing, just like Frankie. I should call the police, i know i should. But he's a prostitute, that's illegal. He could get sent to prison and be broken even more than he already is. If that is even possible.

I turn onto Cemetary Drive. A dark little street where blocks of flats and the occasional bungalow stand. I lived in one of those flats when i first moved out of Belleville. This place is the worst place for Crime in Newark. Drug raids, murders everything and anything can happen here. Somebody is already out selling their body the way Frank does. A young girl with innocent eyes. Tired and dihevelled but knowing there is no escape. She needs to do this for herself.

A dark silhouette is slumped down by a bench. An alcoholic i presume. I go to drive passed and keep looking but something about this figure catches my eye. The hood of his clothes. A huge white G stitched onto the back of the hood. That can only mean...

Frankie! I scream holding up the long trail of cars behind me and racing towards the tiny frail body that is dying before me. I pick him up carefully and sprint with him in my arms, back to the car, laying him down on the backseat and wrapping my jacket around him. I scurry to the drivers seat and turn the heaters on to full blast before speeding home at lightings pace, almost crashing with every corner i turn.

Finally, we are at my house. I hoist him up over my shoulder and dive through the front door, leaving my car in the road, every door open. It doesn't even matter to me anymore. I sprint up the stairs and lay him on the bed, wrapping him in blankets and cradling him. Willing him to wake up. His skin is pure white like the winter sky and his lips are as blue as the atlantic. It's no use. I dash into the bathroom and start to fill the bath with hot water. Undressing Frank sharpish and laying his icy body into the comfort of the water. Wake up Frank! Wake Up! I will him to open his eyes, respond anything but he is lifeless.
I begin to weep for him, for me practically killing him myself but then a tiny animal sound stops me in my tracks.

Franks POV
I'm so cold. So very very cold. Where has the gown gone? Why am i not on the floor anymore? I then feel a flood of hot water caress my skin. Wake up! A vaguely familiar voice rings in my brain. I'm awake! Im okay! I scream on the inside, unable to physically make my alive state known. I try to speak again but only a tiny noise that could be mistaken for a doe comes out. Both of my eyes flicker open and i am met by the one person i have been waiting for all these heartwrenching hours. The angel that was helping me to live on. I'm sorry. The angel cries looking down onto my face. I don't feel numb anymore. I reach up and stroke his cheek tenderly. Scarred but still living.

Aww Frerardy Frerard! :)
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