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Dreams and Nightmares

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Gerard was having a dream. But then Mikey had a nightmare.

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Dreams and Nightmares

I was quite content, off in my own little dream world and dead to the real world. I was enjoying a totally awesome dream about meeting the Misfits, that was until I felt a pair of small and sweaty hands softly prodding my pale face.
I groaned and rolled over to face away from the one who had invaded my precious sleep and perfect dream.
"Go back to bed, Mikey." I ordered, my speech slurred by sleep and the struggle to prevent my annoyance at being woken up from showing in my voice.
I heard a small, heart-broken sniffle so, cursing inwardly, I sat up and looked into my dim basement bedroom to see if my little brother was alright.
"So-orry, Gee-ee," he mumbled, his words thick with the threat of his acidic tears. I hated seeing my baby brother upset, I just loved the kid too much to let him be down for long.
I switched on my bedside light and saw my baby brother's tear stained face staring pleadingly back at me. I immeidiately felt horribly guilty for trying to ignore him and worried about what could have caused Mikes to cry. I smiled at him warmly and reassuringly, wanting nothing more than to take away the kid's cyanide-like tears.
"What's wrong, Mikes?" I asked, my tone soft and caring this time. I reached out my arms and pulled him onto my bed, smiling reassuringly as he curled up into me trustingly. I lovingly washed my hands over his shaking back, my brotherly-love strengthened arms gluing him to my accepting chest so that I could cushion his tears.
"N-nightmare." He whispered quickly, as though just saying that simple, two sylabelle word would bring about the rapture. I looked down into his huge, frightened eyes and smiled soothingly at him as I tilted my head down to kiss his cold nose, eliciting a small giggle because it was something I hadn't done for years as I saved it for whenever Mikes was really, truly upset.
"It's alright, Mikes. I'm here, I'll protect from all of the scary things." I stated firmly, acting like the invincible big brother that he expected and needed me to be.
"Can I sleep here? With you?" He begged, both of his wiry arms clinging tightly onto me, as though just being in my presence guaranteed his precious safety.
"Of course you can, Mikes. I'll protect you."
How I felt then, loved and needed and proud, was way better than any dream I could ever have.

Thank you for reading. This is my first fanfic and I would love to know what you think and how I can improve. :)
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