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Friends and Lovers

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1+2, 6x2 Bros before Hos. They have different priorities, for roommates.

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He hadn't wanted to come home early, but Relena was used to getting her way, and Heero was used to following her orders. So, he'd taken the afternoon off, not too early, but, calculating the time, he figured he might beat Duo home for once.

He lived with Duo. He didn't think it was the best idea, but it was easier with another person around. He didn't have to clean as often, the rent was split, and he could always count on Duo to watch his back. They'd always been partners.

He stopped on the way home, picking up a frozen pizza ("Heero, I don't care about the nutritional content, Anchovies are /nasty/.") A large would be okay for the two of them, and it would be easy to cook. He'd certainly beat Duo home, wouldn't he, since the other boy had been working long hours at Preventer HQ, trolling a hacker ring near the east colony ring of L1. Duo would appreciate pizza ready for him when he walked in. Another plus for not living alone.

They lived on the second floor, easy access to ground levels and a secure watch on those on the street, but not first floor, where all the residents passed by, and a stranger could be overlooked. Heero entered the building, nodding to the doorman ("Heero, his background checks out, he's colony born, L3, n' so's his wife. 'Course, the chick he's smoochin' on here definitely looks like she's earthborn with that tan, but do 'ya think she's old enough to remember the war? Hey, Heero!") and started up the stairs.

He balanced the pizza on one hand, and pulled out the keys. He walked into the kitchen, setting the pizza on the counter. He started to preheat the oven, and took out some celery to gnaw on. The room was silent, the window effectively shutting out the rest of the world, and Heero basked in the light. He closed his eyes, and smiled.

A sound. A groan, from Duo's room

His first thought was that the other boy had seen action, had come home early too, was hurt. Then, the bedsprings started.

Heero hadn't had many relationships, but he wasn't oblivious either. He knew what was going on. He crept toward the door, silent, curious. Duo liked to date, liked to take pleasure from little pretty boys or larger men that wouldn't mind scars on their pretty things. But Duo never brought these boys home.

At least, he didn't think so. Duo had said that he wouldn't, but Duo also felt that he was paranoid when it came to these things ("Jeeze, Heero, if it's that big a deal, we just won't go there. But you're overreacting, yanno?"). Maybe when he was away?

The door was cracked, open just enough for the yellow light of Duo's bedside lamp to spill out at the corner. He was close to the doorway, he could hear Duo's bed creak in time with the boy's pants. He didn't want to see Duo with someone else, didn't want to share Duo with anyone else.

He looked. A broad, pale back, arching over Duo, he could tell, he could see Duo's hands in that hair. He knows that hair, silky, platinum, and perfect; he's seen it time and time again in his worst nightmares. But in the dreams, the hair is matted from blood; here, the only clots are from the sweat Heero can see rolling down his back.

The sound of Duo's breath fills the room, less flat now that it isn't muffled. It's heavy and sultry, and the moans that serve to urge Zechs on only bubble nausea in Heero's stomach. Thankfully, he feels, Zechs doesn't make a sound above low panting, giving the whole situation a sense of surrealism for Heero. Shock, the bewildering kind ("It's kinda like waking up in Mexico with a purple thong on your head, yanno Heero?") that sneaks up on a person. The raw movements continued, and Duo's soft groans, seemingly innocent whines only getting louder, his breathing harsh. Heero couldn't look away, but he couldn't process the information either. His face was slack, his own inhalations shallow and weak. His best friend. His worst enemy.

Suddenly, Duo's voice reaches a crest, and his body stiffens unnaturally. Above him, Zechs' back arches, hair flipping back, and a sliver of nail blue shot out at him. The glare startled him out of his daze, and Heero quickly retreated from the room, from the apartment.

He stopped in a park, ("Heero, there's no point to staying on Earth if we're not going to be around nature. Growing things, Heero, kids and trees.") and sat down on a bench. He listened to the birds, the children, the cars and the wind. It was soft, peaceful, and he didn't think that he fit in at all.

He sat there, as people stared at him, as people gawked at his Preventer uniform and his slack face and his unfocused eyes. He didn't notice them. A man sat down next to him, but Heero was too intent on not-noticing to notice.

"I love him. I know I don't deserve him. He makes me smile, when I have no right to. I love his eyes when he's happy, and my heart cries when I see him sad. I want to ease his frustration when he's worried, I want to pamper him and keep him from all harm. I love him, Heero, and I'll do whatever it takes because I'm that selfish. Are you listening? I know we've that past, you and I, but I don't care. We've all made mistakes, haven't we Heero? But that is unfair of me. I'm sorry, Heero. But I won't give up." The man leaves. It isn't a hurried speech, nor did the man stutter. It was a confident oration, as if practiced for this day. Heero functioned as he always does, taking in the information, and he stays in the park for a few more minutes, before he too leaves.

The apartment doesn't smell as horribly as Heero had imagined it would. He can hear Duo in the kitchen, or Duo's music at least, something with a horribly catchy tune that would be the most popular and overplayed song in a few months. Luckily, Duo would be done with it by then, and on to the next next biggest thing.

"Hey buddy!" A warm slice of pepperoni put on a plate and shoved toward him. He frowns.

"Duo." His low voice cuts underneath the music, but Duo doesn't stop his bouncing around. Heero imagines that having sex with another man would hurt, but Duo doesn't flinch. Heero doesn't want to think about that.

"Hey, man, thanks for the pizza! Pepperoni was exactly what I wanted! How'dya know?" Duo springs over to where he's at, pulling another slice out from pie.

"Sorry about the Mili thing, I really thought that he'd be gone by the time you got back." He grins a little sheepishly, too childlike for the situation. "I didn't mean for you to get a show and all, man. I wouldna brought him back if that were the case."

He really looks sorry, or frustrated at least, if not penitent. "How did?" Heero trails off.

"Oh, me and Mili been working on that space case I been tellin' you 'bout, the one with the kiddies from L1 sending that junk from the thing to Earth. Mili been workin' the planet side attack, all ground troops and shit."

"So, you?"

"Yeah, yeah, we're sorta co-workers, and I know you got that thing against 'interpersonal relationships' or whatever, but comon, you've seen him. He's gorgeous. It'd be a shame not to tap that, Heero. Anyone woulda done the same in my place. Freal, he's kinky and pretty, and you know I like the pretty messed-up ones."

"So, he?"

"Jeeze, Heero, you know me better than that. Mili was justa few-time thing, yanno? He's starting to get a little clingy anyway, bein' all weird after the briefing and stuff. It's starting to get unprofessional. That's just irresponsible."


"Gawsh, Heero, you gotta give me a list of guys you don't approve of man. I didn't think you were still on all that 'I tried to take over the world' thing with Mili, that you forgave him after the whole Marimaia affair. Shoot, Heero." Duo rolled his eyes. "We're buds, man."

They ate the pizza, and the silence that consisted of Duo's rambling fell over them. Heero listened as Duo talked about his day, his month, the fluctuation of the Cambodian banana trade due to the latest L5 innovation. They watched the news on the vid, and shared a call from Quatre. The late show ended, and Duo yawned.

Duo got up to take a shower, pulling out his long braid. Heero went to his room to pull on his pajamas. Duo left the shower, and started walking to his own room.

"Hey Duo. Break up with Merquise."

"I will. I was going to already, jeeze."

"So. You don't love him?"

Duo turned to look at Heero, frowning, annoyed by the draping hair that covered his face, and responded in an exasperated tone. "Even if I did, if you didn't like him, I'd dump him, okay? No guy's worth my best buddy." He rolled his eyes again, pushing hair behind him as he turned.


Duo's face took on a look of worry, concern as he looked at Heero. He took a deep breath. "Heero. You're my best friend. We're gonna always be together, don't doubt." He paused, closing his eyes. "When I first saw you, you dived into that water after those missiles, and it was more crazy and stupid than anything I've ever done. And you blew yourself up, and I hated you. But you came back, and you keep making miracles." He opened his eyes, and smiled genuinely. "You're my best friend, Heero. No matter what happens, when I'm with you, I feel like I can do anything. So if something bothers you, anything I do, just tell me, kay? Because I can't lose you. I'll follow you to your death." Duo nodded, more to himself it looked like, walked into his room.

"Besides, everyone I love dies. You'll stay forever, won't you?" he called out.

Heero stood gazing at the empty doorway. As the door closed, he smiled, faintly but durably. "Yeah, Duo. I'll stay as long as you let me."

"You're my best friend too."

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