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Are You Okay?

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A fanfic about the midnight beast. Also includes my chemical romance and black veil brides.

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I ran.
I ran as far and as fast as I could.
They were after me. The 5 boys who had bullied me all my life for being different.
And who were now chasing me through the woods.
Yes, I was now 19 but they were all huge compared to me and followed me home after uni everyday. I had tried walking a different way today but they still ran after me.
They were getting closer.
I turned to see if they were close and they were stood infront of me. Crap.

"Where do you think you're going, Elena?" Harry said.
"You can't go anywhere,We haven't said goodbye yet!"
I ran again and came to the edge of a rocky hill. I had nowhere left to run.
Harry ran towards me with a sickly grin on his face.
"Goodbye" he yelled as he pushed me off the edge of the hill.
I fell and fell and fell.
The last thing I heard before it all went black was my scream and Harry shouting:
"Run! I think she's dead! We don't want to get into any shit..."

Ashley's P.O.V

"Come on Stef! It'll be fun!" I shouted happily to my best friend Stefan Abingdon.
"I don't feel like partying tonight, Ash" he said shivering.
"Fine. At least come to Dru's with me?"
"Fine. But why are we going through the woods?"
"It's a shortcut! I hate walking the long way-hey! What's that?" I yelled as I saw something at the bottom of the hill.
"I dunno? Let's check it out!" Stef said.
We stumbled down the hill to the thing that lay at the bottom of the hill past the rocks and stones.
Only to see the 'thing' was actually a very beaten looking girl.
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