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For the site fragrence challenge. Youji/Aya, non-explicit. Youji's had a bad day, and he stinks.

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God, he hated kids. Living as an assassin in a flowershop was one thing, but Youji figured there were worse fates in life. Having a day-care as cover wouldn't even be funny.

Okay, he thought, as he watched Aya pull away from another forced hug, a string of snot tethering the boy to Aya's orange jumper, it was a little funny.

The view wasn't all that bad either, he figured, admiring the way a different boy craftily pulled on Michiru's t-shirt, exposing a sleek neckline.

The mission concerned a prominent Tokyo figurehead who'd recently been arrested in a major drug trafficking. The problem was the actual legal sentencing of the man, and the lack of actual drugs found at the man's estate. Weiss' mission: stalk the man's mistress and son in order to ascertain the whereabouts of said narcotics. Youji'd cursed his luck at missing out the sanctioned interaction with the poor bereaved mistress (Omi cheats at poker), but at least Michiru, the day care's owner, wasn't hard on the eyes. Especially since the little monster had gotten a better grip, and from this angle, Youji could just make out the hint of purple lace-

"Yuu-niisan! With pretty green hair!" He'd been distracted, and the enemy had blindsided him, an aerial attack off the table he'd been leaning against. He turned and glared, but the perpetrator just laughed at his misery, a cruel, mocking sound. Youji clenched his fists and hissed a low sound, eyes flashing. He took a step forward.

"Mou, Yuuto-san, looks like Ayame-chan got you good huh? Here, I'll get her over to the snack tables, and you can go clean up in the break room." Michiru's smile effectively dispersed the tension, but Youji was still grim about the state of his hair. He could feel it sticking up in places. He stalked towards the employee bathroom stall.

"Harada-san, Yuuto-san seems a bit out of sorts today, is everything allright?"

"Aa. Sorry. He's usually more professional"

'And on top of everything, Aya's pissed at me too. I get the best missions' Youiji thought, as he examined his hair in the mirror. Ayame had managed to work in the green goop like a kind of gel. She must've mixed it with some water beforehand; it was sticky and clingly and definetly not coming out without high quality shampoo. The smell was overwhelming. Youji heaved an aggrieved sigh of defeat as he readied himself once again for battle.

The rest of the day passed fairly quickly, with a forced apology from Ayame, a mishap with Aya and a canister of blue fingerpaint, and after the afternoon snack that would never end, the two assasins were more than ready to leave the premisies, and walk the young master home.

"Junichiro-kun, get back here! Wait for the light to turn. Gods, Harada, you're supposed to hold his hand! Don't wrinkle your nose at/ me!/"

In all, it was an uneventful journey, and the mistress was more than happy to see the son home.

"Ah, Harada-san, Yuuto-san, thank you so much for helping Jun-kun home. Everything's so hectic now that Yamada's gone..." She trailed off, but Youji took the opening as intended.

"My deepest regrets for your loss. Please don't heasitate to call on me if you need anything. I'll do anything for a regal lady such as yourself." He reached up to brush his thumb along her cheek.

"Such the knight in shining armor, Yuuto-san. Perhaps I will take you up on that later." She gave him a soft smile, but shouts were heard from inside, and the woman excused herself. Aya and Youji started back towards the shop, discreetly nodding to Omi, who'd been hiding in the trees as they left the woman's property.

They took separate ways back to the flowershop, but arrived at roughly the same time, going through the back door to avoid Ken and the last of the day's custom. Youji'd expected Aya to have stopped off at the hospital to see his sister first, but maybe, he thought, the man was as eager to get out of child stained clothes as he was. He started up the stairs after the redhead, grimacing after reaching up to push his hair back. It was crusty, probably still green. Shower first, Youji decided.

He walked to his little aparment section of the building, and fumbled with his keys in the door a moment before it registered that Aya was still in the hallway. Aya lived on the floor above, with Ken.

Youji stared at Aya, loath to push the issue. He'd tried before to befriend Aya, but it wasn't really as easy a thing as say, befriending Ken or Omi. All he'd really learned from his attempts was to not push any issue, on the off chance that it was the one that would set him off. So, when Aya just stood in the hall, not saying anything, Youji followed suit.

Aya walked toward him, slowly, and Youji'd seen him kill enough times to want to back away, but he'd killed enough times to be able to stand his ground. He tensed though, and closed his eyes, turning his head to ward off the incoming blow.

Aya hugged him.

It was kind of off-putting. Aya was shorter than Youji, and his head tucked nicely under his chin. Youji tentatively wrapped his arms around him, and they stood there, silent in the hallway.

"You smell like the kids. Your hair. Like, play-dough. Aya and I, we used to-- You smell, safe." Aya nuzzled him once more, and started to pull away. Youji gripped him, and cupped his face. Aya was uncharacteristically plaint as Youji pulled the man's face toward him, he breathed in deep and taking in the soothing scent before Youji's lips decended onto his.

The kiss didn't last as long as Youji would've hoped, without nearly as much tounge as he'd hoped, but it was nice and warm and he didn't like it when Aya wrenched himself from his arms. Aya made down the hall, almost moving so quickly as to be called a run, but Youji managed to grab him by the elbow before he reached the staircase.

"So, uh. I need to get this stuff outta my hair. We could shower then I could take you to Zoo. A theme park? Aya! How 'bout the toy store?!"


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