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Hobo and Ry at the vets (sorry no imaginative name lol)

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Just a trip to the vets ends up with love on the cards but who for? Ry or hobo?

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Ryan sits in the waiting room jiggling his leg. He stares down at a soft pair of hazel eyes and melts. “I’m sorry Hobo. I really am” The dog looks at Ryan with tilted head and gives a whimper before resting her head on his lap. “I know girl but you have to go to the vets”
“Mr Ross and Hobo?” says the secretary
“Room 4 that way” he says pointing to his left.
“Thanks” He gets up and tugs on Hobo’s lead to get her to follow but she just won’t budge. He bends down and scoops her up. “Come on girl the vet will make you better” He finds the room and opens the door.
“Ah Mr Ross and Hobo I believe?” smiles the vet
“yeah that’s us. You’ll have to forgive Hobo she’s a bit clingy” He says this whilst trying to detach Hobo from his clothes
“That’s quite alright we’re used to it. Luckily dogs are easier to bribe than parrots and snakes” He waves a dog biscuit at Hobo and she lets go, slightly reluctantly, and eats the biscuit on the table.
“There” says the vet stroking Hobo “So what seems to be the problem Mr Ross”
“Well I think there’s something wrong with her back leg. When she walks she limps. The other day a friend of mine accidentally trod on her paw so I’m kinda worried.”
The vet examines both back legs “the left one yes?”
He continues to look her over and gently touches her paw. Hobo doesn’t appreciate this and tries to bite the vet but his quick reflexes means he dodges the bite.
“My gosh I’m so sorry. She’s never done that before.”
“It’s OK she’s in pain. I think she’s got a hairline fracture in her paw, I’ll need to bandage it” He grabs and bandage and Ryan holds the dog whilst Brendon wraps up the bad paw. “There we go sweetie. All better?” He goes into his pocket and pulls out another treat. “She should be fine in a week so you’ll have to come back then so I can check her leg”
“OK thank you!”
“You’re welcome Mr Ross and Hobo”

“I know Hobo it’s crazy” Ryan says pacing the living room “I mean I’ve never had feelings for another man before but that vet! Wow! He was just something else. What should I wear when we see him next? Do you think I should ask him out?”
Hobo looks at Ryan as if he’s gone crazy. Maybe he has I mean he’s pacing the floor talking to a dog about a man he’s only just met.

“That guy that came in with his dog earlier was so cute and he called the dog Hobo did I tell you that Spence?”
Spencer rolled his eyes “yes only about a million and one times!”
“Well did I tell you that I’m seeing him again soon?”
“Yes because the dog needs its bandage off. Bren? Do you like this guy?”
“Well… yeah I guess I do”
“Then ask him out next time he comes into the surgery”
“Yeah! Thanks Spence you’re so good with advice”
“I know” he says grinning
A week later
Ryan is rifling through his wardrobe throwing his clothes in dismay onto the bed here Hobo is sitting/
“Ugh what do I wear? I wanna make a good impression but not like I’ve been trying too hard. What about this?” He says holding up a shirt to Hobo. She yaps approvingly.
“Just for the pants now”
Hobo rolls her eyes and carefully steps down off the bed and bites a pair of Ryan’s black skinny jeans and hangs on to them growling.
“These? You’re a genius my fashion guru dog” He gets changed and him and Hobo head to the vets.
At the vets
“Ah Mr Ross and Hobo. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all week”
Ryan’s heart skips a beat.
Brendon grins “Anyway let’s check little Hobo here” He checks her paw “I think we can take the bandage off now Mr Ross”
Ryan’s too focused on Brendon and doesn’t realise there’s been a gap of a minute or two. “Ryan”
The vet looks at Ryan confused “huh?”
“My name’s Ryan”
“Oh. Cute name” Brendon immediately regrets sounding so full on and groans.
“So Dr what’s your name?”
“haha I’m hardly a doctor but it’s Brendon”
“Well you’re a doctor to animals that’s the same thing”
“Well Hobo you’re all done now but I have a question for you first. Do you think your daddy should come out with me tonight and get a pizza at mine tonight and grab a DVD?”
Hobo yaps enthusiastically.
Brendon laughs “Well it all depends on what your daddy says.” he straightens up and looks at Ryan “So Ry? Wanna come to mine later and grab a DVD and pizza?”
Ryan grins “I’d like that”
“Cool well here’s my number and address give us a call if you get lost and see you at 7?” he says writing down his information on a scrap bit of paper.

Ryan finds Brendon’s place easily and knocks on the door. Brendon opens it and grins at Ryan who’s staring open mouthed.
“You alright?” he says leaning on the door
“uh huh”
“Come in then. I see you left Hobo?”
“Yeah she’s having a sleep”
“Oh I almost forgot…” Ryan says pushing a bottle of wine forward “For you”
“Thanks. Well what pizza you into? and I’ll go order it”
“Ham and pineapple”
“Cool” Brendon disappears to make the call and Ryan chills on the sofa.
Brendon returns a little while later. “Won’t be long. Anyway what DVD do you wanna watch?”
“This sounds like a stupid question but… got any Disney?”
“That’s not stupid I have Disney. I love it! What’s your favourite?”
Ryan ponders for a minute before replying “Lilo and Stitch”
“Awwww I love that one too but my all time fave has to be Aladdin” He grabs Lilo and Stitch and sticks it on. As the film progresses Brendon and Ryan move closer into each other and by the time the pizza arrives they’re cuddled up.
“Damn. I was comfy as well. Oh well won’t be long” Brendon momentarily disappears before returning with the pizza. “Here we go tuck in”
They sit there for the rest of the film idly munching on their pizza still cuddled up.
When the night was drawing to a close Brendon got up and let Ryan out
“So I’ll see you again some time?”
Ryan lent in and gave Brendon a kiss. “Definitely”
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