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How You Saved Me

by DisenchatedDestroya 3 reviews

A short poem kinda about MCR. Title pretty much says it all. Interprit as you see fit. My first shot at poetry so please read and review. :)

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How You Saved Me

When no one else listened,
You let me cry to you,
When no one would talk to me,
Your words pulled me through.
When I lost all hope,
You found it for me,
When I couldn't take anymore,
You made me burden free.
When I felt hated,
You made me feel loved,
When I felt like a freak, 
You knew how it felt to be shoved.
When I felt unwanted,
You made me feel important,
When I felt blotted out,
You would listen to me rant.
When I was on the brink of death,
You talked me down and pulled me through,
When I felt like I had no-one,
You made me realise that I have you. 
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