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So I Stay

by Thank_MCR 1 review

So, I stay.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2011-10-30 - Updated: 2011-10-31 - 150 words

This is not my choice.
It is not my choice to cut.
It is not my choice to be the wreck I am.
It is not my choice to be me.
But I do and I am.
It is my choice to feel this pain, every day.
I don’t need to feel it. I could stop it.
In moments I could stop it.
I wouldn’t feel pain, loss or agony.
I wouldn’t feel confused, anger, or sorrow.
I wouldn’t experience lonely.
I wouldn’t feel love, happiness or animated.
I wouldn’t experience laughter.
I wouldn’t feel the music, moving me with every strum, pluck, WHAM and WHACK.
I wouldn’t feel your smile or frown.
So I stay, through the pain.
This aching madness that lurks around the corner.
And I remind myself I always have your gaunt shoulder to lean on.
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