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Accidents do happen

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Squall sleeps in and Seifer gets a show. Omorashi

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Yawning Seifer wiped a stray tear from his eye as the class typed away on their terminals. He'd been up till past two sparing with Squall in the training centre. With only three hours sleep behind him, he'd been reluctant to get out of bed that morning. He wouldn't have either, if it weren't for the mid-term exam scheduled that morning. Long since finished the ridiculously easy test, he returned his attention to the squirming brunet in front of him.

Squall had arrived to class an unheard of ten minutes late, rushing past the instructor with a hurried apology. Naturally, the younger man hadn't gotten in trouble for his tardiness. The bleary eyed brunet had taken his usual seat in front of Seifer and the test had begun.

Seifer noticed something off immediately.

Squall was tapping his hand irritably as he answered the questions, taking longer then normal to respond. Every so often, the younger man would shift in his seat, lift his leg as if to cross it before settling back down. As the hour dragged on the fidgeting increased, earning curious glances from the other students. It wasn't until the brunet made a quick grab at his crotch that Seifer realized the problem.

Squall had to piss. Bad.

It was almost funny for a while, right up until the younger man submitted his test only half-finished. Hands gripping his knees, the brunet rocked back and forth for the remainder of class.

As soon as they were dismissed the brunet was out of his seat and out the door. Whether it was morbid curiosity, or something much deeper, Seifer was compelled to follow. Squall either didn't notice him or didn't care as he made rushed down the hall in the direction of the washrooms. The halls were quickly deserted as the students rushed off to lunch and as soon as they emptied, Squall stopped, and leaning against the wall he doubled over for a brief moment, both hands pressed hard against his crotch. Almost as quickly as it happened, the younger man straightened and resumed his course.

Seifer told himself it was wrong, that he should just leave, forget any of this had ever happened but he'd never seen the other man act anything less then perfect while in public. Now he couldn't take his eyes off the frantic boy.

The brunet sped up as the facilities came into view, shoving at the door with so much force he almost stumbled back when it didn't open.

Inching himself closer, Seifer could clearly see the 'OUT OF ORDER` sign posted on the door. He could vaguely recall their instructor mentioning something about a bursting pipes at the beginning of class; his focus quickly returned to the squirming cadet in front of him.

Squall stared stultified at the door for a few seconds before his face twisted in agony and he desperately clutched at his crotch. It took Seifer a moment to realize that the brunet`s signature leather pants were preventing him from getting any sort of grip on his cock, only allowing him to press down against it.

It occurred suddenly to the blond that the other boy wasn't going to make it. The girls washroom was also closed, the break affecting the entire floor and the nearest toilets were down in the dorms.

With wide eyes, he watched the boy hobbled over to the girls room, his hands never leaving their place on his crotch. A quick glance at the door revealed what Seifer already knew.

Pressing harder against his (probably aching) penis, Squall gave a low moan.

Seifer had no idea what to do, but he knew he couldn't just leave the other boy there. Starting towards the brunet, he only made it a step before a low hissing reached his ears. Hissing, that turned to splashing as the brunet relaxed his grip, mearly touching himself now. Squall gave a quiet sigh of relief as he slumped forward.

Eyes moving back down Seifer watches the warm stream flow out from the leather pant leg and over black boots, pooling on the ground. The sound of Squall pissing seemed deafeningly loud in the otherwise quiet hall, the stream only tempering off after more than a minute.

It wasn't until he was finished that Squall noticed Seifer. Standing only five feet away with wide eyes and a gaping mouth the brunets face drained before filling with colour. They stood in silence for a moment before Squall pushed past him, sprinting towards the elevator.

Shooting one last glance down at the puddled piss, Seifer turned and left, heading down to maintenance to get the mess cleaned up.

He wouldn't mention the incident to Squall. Like those rare stormy nights they spent curled up together in Seifer's bed, this would just be another one of there secrets.
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