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Where Were You Last Night?

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Frank walks in on a very high Gerard. He punishes him accordingly.

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Where Were You Last Night?

Frank fumbled with his hotel room key, until the little light finally turned green. He turned the handle and walked into his room, ready to turn in for the night. He was staying in a suite as usual, so he had to open yet another door to open his very spacious bedroom. However, when he made to collapse into his mattress, he was shocked to find someone else already there.

"Frankie?" Gerard asked in somewhat of a slur. He was sprawled out on Frank's bed, his hair disheveled and his demeanor less than sober. He seemed confused.

"Gerard, what did you do?" Frank asked him, pulling his friend into a sitting position. It was only when Gerard was sitting erect did Frank notice that Gerard's eyes were abnormally huge, his irises like saucers.

"What did you do?" Frank repeated, this time his voice with angry tone to it.

"What?" Gerard stared back at him, and Frank thought he had a very hazy air about him.

"Did you take something? Where did you just come from?" Frank demanded. "Answer me!"

Gerard only backed away. He would not answer Frank, but he seemed nervous, and almost a little afraid. "Frankie..." he whimpered, moving away further still.

Frank's frustration just grew. With every passing second, Gerard's drugged up state felt more and more transparent. How could he do this? He was supposed to be clean, he had promised he would stay clean.

It then came to Frank's attention that Gerard was trying to move away from underneath him.

"Oh no." Frank seethed, grabbing fistfuls of Gerard's shirt. "Don't you fucking walk away from me!"

He swung Gerard down violently on the bed. Gerard yelped as Frank pinned him down forcefully on the mattress, causing it to sink and croak under both of their weights.

"Frankie, what are you doing?" Gerard half screamed at him, his voice dripping with fear. He struggled beneath Frank, but Frank was much stronger.

"Fucking giving you what you deserve you fucking asshole!" Frank growled, tightening his grip on Gerard's wrists.

"Ow, you're hurting me!" Gerard yelled, and he indeed looked very afraid. He kicked at Frank, his legs rubbing against Frank's pelvis in his usual air tight pants. Frank felt blood rushing to his nether regions, the sensation exciting him.

Finally, Frank released one of his wrists, but only to pull up Gerard's shirt. Gerard used this opportunity to slap Frank with his aching arm, but Frank was able to deliver Gerard a much harder blow to the face. Gerard screamed, and squirmed under Frank harder than ever.

Frank managed to get Gerard's shirt off almost completely, and he bent down to lick clumsily at the pale white skin that he had unveiled. He traced the very tip of his tongue over the tips of Gerard's nipples, causing him to whine.

"FRANK! FUCKING STOP!" Gerard truly shrieked this time, but Frank ignored it. He deserved it, Frank figured. He deserved it for betraying them the way he did.

"You wanna get high, hmm?" Frank mumbled, "You wanna get fucked up? I'll fuck you up!"


Gerard was interrupted by Frank yanking down his pants and underwear roughly. Just like his shirt, Frank stopped short of pulling the things completely off. This left Gerard sprawled out awkwardly exposed on the bed, his shirt still dangling off of his left arm, and his pants around his ankles. Frank savored the sight, like a prize he had sought for some time now.

He roved his hands over it quickly, wanting to get a good feel of it. Yet he got bored quickly, and forced Gerard to turn over. There, he found what he truly desired. The beautiful rump that Gerard possessed was naked and bare in front of him, a bottom that he spent so much of his time staring at hungrily. It was finally ready for him, and he was ready for it. His mouth literally watered at the thought.

He squeezed the buttocks tightly, feeling it's firm structure. Gerard was no longer fighting, but he was tense. Frank wasn't sure if it was out of fear or if he was finally deciding that he was liking it after all. He roved his hand around its surface, creating a circular motion.

Frank then raised his hand and slapped Gerard hard on his bottom. Gerard finally squirmed again, his whole body jumping slightly.

"You've been a bad boy..." Frank uttered under his breath, his chest rising up and down with gradually increasing speed. "...Bad boys deserve to be punished."

Frank continued to spank him, a clapping sound ringing repeatedly throughout the room. He would skim his hand over the cheeks every time before striking again.

Finally, Gerard's bottom began to have a pinkish hue. If he could have seen Gerard, he would have seen the way Gerard's eyes were watering from the sting of the blows.

Frank looked down at himself and saw that he was quite hard, and his excitement was losing its patience. It wanted Gerard now. He took his own pants down as quickly as possible.

Yet at the moment that he stopped to look down at himself, Gerard attempted to make a dash for it. He jolted off of the bed, scrambling for the door.

Frank was however, quick on his feet. He grabbed Gerard and sent them both crashing to the floor. Gerard fell easily due to the constraint of the pants around his ankles.

"Little addict bitch." Frank hissed as he wrestled Gerard back over to the bed from behind. He held Gerard by the stomach as he continued to writhe under his grasp. He bent Gerard over on the mattress again, except his legs now dangled over the mattress edge.

He then used his hands to part Gerard's cheeks. The idea of lubrication completely eluding him, he pressed his hard cock against Gerard's opening. Gerard sounded as though he started to hyperventilate, and Frank did feel twinge of pity. However it did not last long enough to overpower his desires.

He pressed further in, digging through Gerard's anus with his penis. Gerard was screaming, but Frank paid no attention. He could barely even hear him over the sound his heart pounding against the wall of his chest, almost beating in his throat.

Frank finally pushed himself all the way in, breaking into a slow and continuous thrust. The feeling of his balls slamming against Gerard's buttocks heated him even more.

He kept a firm grip on Gerard's waist as he pulled him back and forth, feeling his cock going in and out of his sweet hole. Gerard whimpered more and more, but it only added to the intense pleasure Frank experienced. Oh what wonderful noises that boy made!

"You let us down." Frank growled at him, reaching over to pull at Gerard's hair while he fucked him, "You let me down, you let Mikey down. You're a fucking disappointment meant to your whole fucking family, Bandit included."

Gerard let out an unintelligible scream, and Frank could not tell if he was trying to say something or not. He would not stop to listen, but savored in his victory instead.

Climax was approaching. Frank could feel it, but somehow as he heated up, something inside him was subsiding. He wanted to go into a fever pitch, he anticipated it. Yet strangely, something was stopping it.

It took him a moment to finally realize that Gerard was crying. He was emitting soft, quiet sobs. He trembled beneath him, shaking out of fear. He was gasping as though struggling to breathe against the mattress he was being forced against.

While it did not quite subside the fiery rage he felt, it did at least get him to stop. Just before coming, Frank pulled out. Semen poured out onto Gerard's legs, and it's sticky drops slid down to his pants.

Frank backed away unsteadily. After a while, Gerard turned to look at what had stopped the sudden cessation. Their eyes met, Gerard's sparkling with tears.

"You deserved it." Frank told him softly yet cruelly, repeating it again. "You deserved it."

Gerard was silent, frozen in his position. Frank examined his handiwork. Gerard was marked all over with red streaks, and a large bruise was already forming on his face.

"Get out." Frank ordered him.

"...this is my room Frank." Gerard quietly informed him.

Frank looked around the room, and for the first time saw the items that surrounded him. With embarrassment, he realized that it was in fact Gerard's room he had walked in on.

Frank then pulled up his pants, rebuttoned them, and then left without another word.

The next morning Frank awoke with a splitting headache, and a fuzzy recollection of last night’s events. He checked the time and saw that it was already 10 AM. Amazed that no one had woken him up for sound check, Frank got up from bed and headed out of his room, intending to go to Gerard’s.

Just outside of the door, Frank felt his face. Something about his cheek stung, like it had been hit. Puzzled, but not giving it much thought, he knocked on the door.

It was Mikey who opened the door, and one could imagine Frank’s shock when Mikey grabbed him and pulled him into the room, pinning him roughly against the wall. Frank’s head shrieked with pain from all the sudden movement, and he looked at Mikey with narrow eyes.

“What the fuck did you do to my brother?!?” Mikey screamed at him, anger literally radiating off the younger Way.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!” Frank yelled at him with an honest response.

“Stop playing fucking dumb with me, do you have any idea how I found him last night?!? Just look at the fucking state of him!” Mikey bellowed, while refusing to release Frank from the death grip he held him in.

Frank turned and saw Ray and Gerard standing in the living room of Gerard’s suite, both looking as though they were having a serious discussion. For the second time that day, Frank and Gerard made eye contact. Yet this time, there was nothing to hold back the flood of guilt that overcame Frank upon seeing his battered face.

Everything about the night before came back to him, including the reason he had done it. Frank shuddered at his actions, but saw a window of opportunity.

“I’m sorry for what I did.” Frank said finally, as he pushed Mikey off of him. He approached Gerard, having found his defense. “I’m sorry. Yet, it was not without reason.”

“What fucking reason could you possibly have for --- “ Mikey began, but Frank held up a hand to interrupt him.

“I may have done wrong, but Gerard was no angel either. I caught him last night, high as all hell.” Frank declared, some of last night’s anger returning to him. “He lied to all of us! He’s still getting fucked up just like he used to! We forgave him when we began to drink again, but drugs are going just too fucking far! I couldn’t walk away without teaching him a lesson.”

The entire room looked at him like he was insane. Mikey was again the first one to speak, and he asked “What time did you come in Gerard’s room last night?”

Frank tried to recall, but everything was much too burry. He shook his head whilst he held it, still trying to focus.

“It was around 1 AM, Frank.” said Gerard, who was staring directly at him.

“He was with me the whole time until then.” Mikey added, “We were having coffee with friends, I didn’t see him take a single thing.”

“And that was right after you left the party.” Ray nodded knowingly.

“Party? What party?” Frank blinked, unable to recall having attended such a thing.

“The party at Michelle’s apartment, just a few blocks over.” Ray stepped forward, as though approaching some anxious tiger ready to strike.

“Frank… you were the one who was high last night.”

Frank shook his head again. That couldn’t be.

He thought harder.

It started coming back.

Frank began to feel nauseated.

He could indeed remember taking some substances, he could not remember what. He remembered stumbling home. He remembered walking in to the wrong hotel room. He remembered…


He braved a look at Gerard again, who was looking back at him with resent in his eyes. He looked at all of his band mates, who were looking at him with both disgust and pity.

And Frank reached down towards a lump in his side, and felt the little baggie of PCP that was in his pocket.


A/N: Sorry this came in so late, I almost didn’t post it due to the time but I couldn’t see when else I would. Just a few things: I know Frank’s thoughts were a bit disturbing during this one, but I was only trying to accurately depict the feeling of aggression one often gets while on PCP. Second, yes I’m aware some people feel the Gerard rape is getting a bit overdone…but I’m just in that type of mood. I did try to make it a little less non con a bit more smut, but I’m aware I probably failed at that. Third, I wrote this entire thing while watching Paranormal Activity 3 at the theater, so forgive me if I made some errors while distracted.
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