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How to celebrate Fronk Lero's birthday

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Gerard is trying to figure out how to celebrate Frank's birthday... Uh, it's Frerard, if that wasn't obvious...

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Exactly what the title says.

Disclaimer: Yeah… don’t own them…

Warnings: Not really a warning, but this story is basically something I wrote for another fandom but twisted it and added some Frerardy goodness…

Both of them are 18 and yes, the ages are wrong, I know…

How to celebrate Fronk Lero’s birthday:

1. Ducks – 31 October 2008:

“Are you out of our mind?”

It was one of those moments where children stopped swinging in midair, gossiping old ladies paused to stare and birds flew into light poles.

“Of all the immature things to do, this is what you brought me here for?”

At the age of 18, Gerard had thought that he had experienced the most horrifying and terrible realities the world could throw at him (teenagers usually think that their lives were terrible and that everyone was out to get them). But seeing that glare, it made him think differently. Well, it was different from the normal glares he got from Frank Iero, so he had a right to be scared. A nervous smile spread across his lips and he knew he should’ve run away, but he never ran away from anything. Pride is sometimes a foolish thing…

“Do I look like an old woman to you, Gerard? Why would you even think I would want to feed ducks?”

“I though you liked animals! And we don’t only have to feed them. We could…you know…chase them around a bit too…”

“Have you aged at all since you were four?”

Poor Gerard frowned and turned away from Frank.

“I thought you were tired of having Halloween parties on your birthday. See if I ever try to do something new for birthday ever again,” he stuck his tongue out childishly.

2. Swinging – 31 October 2009:


“Please, it’ll be fun.”


“Why not?”

“Because…shut up.”

“Just give it a chance, Frankie.”

“But they look dangerous and they’ve been touched by germy things. My new skinnies will be ruined. Anyway, I don’t like them.”

“How can you not like swings?’


“But everyone likes swings!”

“I’m not everyone.”

“Please? I don’t want to have to swing alone…”




“Sweet! You can start!”

“Start what?”

3. Coffee – 31 October 2010:

Gerard pulled Frank over to the counter. He was smiling, Frank was glaring. He didn’t need to be woken up that early on his birthday just for special coffee. The coffee he had at home was fine, but his Gee didn’t want normal coffee… Frank couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Gerard’s ever-excited face.

“Two double coffee frappy foamy chino thingies with lots of chocolate,” he said to the perky boy behind the counter, who managed to translate them into something hot and coffee-flavoured.

“I’m not drinking that crap, Gerard.”

“Of course you are. It’ll make you smile.”

“Nothing makes me smile. It’s medically impossible me for me to do anything other than frown. I have a condition, you can ask my doctor.”

“But you were smiling yesterday after we… you know,” Gerard blushed, “Shut up and drink.”

Sip. Swallow. Grimace.

“It’s disgusting. Too sweet and milky. They ruined the good coffee with sugar cane and cow juice.”

“Cow juice?”

“Milk, you idiot.”

“Ooh fuck! This has milk in it? Sorry Frankie, I forgot about the milk part! Shit, are you ok, Frank? Do you feel faint? Nauseous? Maybe I should take you home. God, why do I always ruin your birthday?” Gerard said with teary eyes, as his cup feel to the floor.

“Don’t be so dramatic, Gee. One sip of milk won’t hurt me.”

“But I shouldn’t have forgotten! I’m the worst boyfriend ever,” Gerard wailed.

“You’re not, Gee. I forget sometimes too, it’s fine really. But…you can make it up to me at home, if you want,” Frank grinned.

Gerard looked up at him through his tears and blushed.

4. Home – 31 October 2011:



“Gerard, look at me.”

Gerard looked up from his page, “What’s wrong, Frankie?”

“Well, Gee, it’s my birthday today,” Frank stated as Gerard rolled his eyes, “and I wanted to ask you something. But you have to promise to not lie.”

“Of course, baby. Anything you want,” Gerard replied.

“Gee, are you cheating on me?”

“Wha-what? I don’t- What makes you think that?” Gerard stuttered out. How could Frank think that? They’d been together almost 4 years and now his Frankie thinks he was cheating?

“Well, you’ve been disappearing a lot recently and I see you coming back with this huge grin on your face and Mikey doesn’t want to tell me what going on. He keeps saying you’ll tell me when the time’s right! Please Gee, tell me what’s going on!” Frank cried.

“Frankie, baby, I’m not cheating on you. I would never do something like that! Anyway, I was going to tell you what’s been going on today already…” Gerard smiled.

“You were?”

“Yeah, let’s go then. I have something to show you.”

Gerard wiped the tears off of Frank’s face and kissed his nose gently, then turned around and picked up his car keys and both of their jackets, as Frank smiled.

Gerard drove them both to an area Frank didn’t recognise, just outside of Belleville. Frank wanted to ask where they were going but he was kind of embarrassed after accusing his Gerard of cheating, so he kept his mouth closed.

They pulled up outside a small but beautiful house with a white picket fence.

Gerard took Frank’s hand and pulled him to the door, “Welcome home, baby.”


Gerard rolled his eyes, “I’ve been looking for a house for us, Frankie. We can’t exactly live in my parents’ basement after we’re married.”


Gerard smiled again, “Yes, Frankie, married. We’ve talked about this already.”

Frank opened his mouth but no words came out. He tried again, “But that was years ago, Gee!”

“Are you saying you don’t want to marry me?”

“Don’t be stupid, Gee, of course I want to marry you!”

“Oh, that’s good then. And now we have a house to live in after the honeymoon,” Gerard grinned, as he pulled out a little velvet box from his pocket.

It was then that Frank realised what was actually happening. Him and Gee were getting married and going on a honeymoon and they had a house to come back to with a white picket fence and a backyard for his dogs and oh fuck – he couldn’t breathe…

His brain just stopped when Gee grabbed his hand and slid a ring onto it.

Gerard kissed his nose again, “Baby, calm down. You still haven’t even looked at the house properly.”

Frank decided that looking at the house could wait, “That can wait, Gee. We should just try out the house before we come back from our honeymoon,” Frank grinned seductively as Gerard blushed.
“Best. Birthday. Ever.”

…The End…

Just some random drabbles that kept getting longer and longer. Please rate and review, I’d really like to know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong…
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