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Lurking In The Shadows Of Madness

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Paranormal activity is just the beginning. It's the aftermath you gotta deal with and sometimes, things just aren't finished with you.

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Session 1

“Can you state me your name please?”
“Lexi Iero.”
“Your marital status?”
“I’m married.”
“You were married you mean?”
“No, I’m still married.”
“Your husband is dead Lexi.”
“Doesn’t mean I’m now not married.”
“Do you remember what happened to him?”
“No, I found him on the floor of our house, covered in blood.”
“Do you think it was murder Lexi?
“I think so… I don’t know.”
“Okay then… why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself.”
“What do you want to know.”
“Tell me about your family. Did you have a good relationship with them?”
“Yes I did. I don’t see what that has to do with anything.”
“Okay then. What about your relationship with your husband Frank.”
“What about it?”
“Was it a good one?”
“Yes it was a very good one.”
“Even just before-”
“Do you think I killed him?!”
“Not at all, I’m just trying to understand.”
“Understand what?! I didn’t hurt him! It wasn’t me, it was….”
“What was it Lexi?”
“It was a demon!”
“A demon?”
“Yes! It’s been haunting me ever since I was a young girl! It killed him!”
“How did it kill him?”
“It possessed me and made me kill him.”
“You believe it was a demon that did this?”
“Yes! I just said that! This is typical! I tell you the truth and now you don’t listen!”
“Lexi, when did this demon start haunting you during your time with Frank?”
“Right after we moved in to our marital home.”
“Why don’t you begin there and tell me what happened? There is no one to hear you say these things.”

Here's my new story guys! A little different from what I've written in the past. I hope you guys like it! R&R please!
Hollie xoxo
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