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Bad News, Mi Amigos.

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I know… I’m not that loved right now by all of who read or liked my story because I’m sooooo behind. I hope you don't hate me for what I'm about to do... >.<

As you guys know, I’m going through some stressful stuff right now and I really don’t think I will be moving forward with Headfirst for Halos. I now this story had high hopes, but I’ve totally lost perspective on it and I have no idea where to go.

Instead of telling you: “Look for it later.” I’m giving you guys a chance to be on some short stories. It’s sort of like the personalized stories thing, but instead f one chapter each person will have a few. It gives me more options and deconstructs the form. By that I mean: Less planning and detail. In short stories I can easily create dram and tie up the loose ends in a few chapters.

With all that being said, I would LOVE for anyone who wants a SHORT STORY to audition. Please be detailed and descriptive as I will be picking what seems interesting to me. **If I find it interesting chances are that I will be more inclined to write it and put it up quickly. I would love to have about TEN people doing this. To me that’s a lot of stories because they aren’t one shots.

Basically how I will be writing is all the first chapters, then the second, then the third and so on from there. I’m not saying your story will have three chapters, it will have more (almost definitely).

Basics of what I need:



Looks: (I need detail)

Usual clothes you chill in:





Who you want to be with (Doesn’t need to be romantic):


Favorite color:

Bands you love/like:

Who you would like to be involved with:

How/Where you meet:


Anything else you feel I forgot:

In conclusion (
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