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October Birthday

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Yeah my Ieroween story. Enjoy!

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By the way if you haven't seen the Grammy Museum Interview here's a link to where you can find the bit's and pieces. Great interview. Even MIKEY was talking!

"Happy birthday hon." said a familiar voice as felt myself start to wake up.
"Ummpummphhfll..." I murmured not even bothering to form coherent sentences.
"Frankie come on," he said with a smile. "I've got a surprise for you."
"Frank you know I don't understand Tired Neanderthal!"
"Geeerarrrddd, I thought we didn't haavve school toodaaayyy." I groaned as I forced my eyes open. God, I was excited about the surprise but it would still be a surprise in twenty minutes, right?
"Well the school is still closed while they investigate the shooting but if you want coffee you'll wake up sooner rather than later." he said. I could just hear the smug smirk in his voice. He knew coffee was my vice.
"Gerarrdd can't you let me sleep in for my birthday ?"
"But Frank, my love, that would be far too easy." Finally with a groan I sat up.
"What was so important now?" I asked as I tried to wake up.
"Surprise, coffee, your f*ckin' birthday! What else is needed?" I narrowed my eyes a little at him and he just gently kissed my nose. "Meet me in the kitchen, pumpkin." he said as he left. I noticed he was fully clothed. Well...that kinda eliminates a couple of options...

In only a couple of minutes I was walking into the kitchen in an outfit that was only slightly inapporiate for the weather. I had donned his sweater that Gerard gave him, a pair of extremely tight black skinnies, fingerless gloves and a smudge of eyeliner. The air in the kitchen was saturated with a warm apple smell. What was it? A pie? No. I could tell it wasn't apple cinnamon oatmeal or something (Gerard says oatmeal's just soggy cereal). What was it?
"You look nice Frank." he said with a smile, knowing I was dying to know what the delicious smell was.
"Thanks. You do too." I said grinning, hoping that he'd tell me. "So what's up?" I asked.
"I'm celebrating the day my amazing boyfriend was born." he said before giving me a small kiss. "So, hungry?" he asked innocently as he turned back to the stove.
"A little. So can I help with breakfest?"
"Frank! What kind of boyfriend let's their boyfriend cook on their birthday?! The only person I let cook on his birthday is Mikey and that's only because that's the only day he's allowed to cook due to the fact that Mikey plus electricity equals a call to our insurance agency." As soon as Gerard finished his rant we both burst into laughter.
"I remember the last time I took pity on Mikey and let him use the microwave. Let me just say our neighbors thought that we decided to burn down our kitchen in an insurance scam."
"So that's what happened to my microwave!"
"No problem it's not like you and Mikey didn't replace it. Anyway what do you want to eat?"
"Whatever's easy to make."
"Well in that case, here." he pulled four apple turnovers out of the oven. "Here, but be careful they're still hot."
"Wow. Where'd you get them?"
"I made them. This morning. Don't worry they're vegan friendly."
"Oh my God Gee."
"What's wrong? You don't have to eat them if you don't want to." he said hurriedly.
"No nothing's wrong. It's just that's so nice of you. And it's so special that you did something like this."
"Well, it is your birthday." he said with a small smile. I put one of the apple turnovers on a plate and he came to the table with a carry out coffee cups for each of us and that's when I noticed that the delicious apple smell was also coming from the cup. What? Why does my coffee smell like apples? I took a small sip and realised it wasn't coffee, it was apple cider. And it was delicious.
"Did you make this too?" I asked.
"Yeah..." he said sheepishly.
"It's AMAZING! Where'd you learn to be so good with food?!"
"Well, my grandma helped me with recipes a bit."
"But still! I mean you-just-wow."
"Thanks." We ate and chatted and eventually finished all the cider and all the coffee and some how even though it was only four in the afternoon, I knew that this one was my best birthday ever, because it was the first one me and Gerard got to spend together.
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