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Best. Birthday. Ever!

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Gerard want's to give Frankie a special surprize for his birthday *heavy Frerard smut*

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Uh yeah so I've writted Frerards before, but none quite like this... please tell me what you think, not really sure if it's any good.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Frankie, happy birthday to you!” sang Ray, Mikey and Bob as they grinned at me. Where was Gerard? My heart sank. Didn’t I mean anything to him? Did he think so little of me that he wouldn’t even show up for my birthday? And where else could he go? We were in the middle of freaking no-where! We had stopped here for the night, on the way to our next gig. I mean seriously, the population of this little town was less than one thousand! Where was he? Didn’t he love me like he had said countless times before in our relationship? Although I just wanted to go cry, I put on a happy face for my friends.

“Frank! Open this present first! It’s from all of us!” yelled Mikey, jumping up and down. Oh god, who gave him coffee?! He pushed a large box into my hand. I smiled at him as I ripped the wrappings off the large box.
“Holy fucking jizz monkey!” I exclaimed, “thank you so much guys!”
I pulled the guitar out of its case and gaped at it. In bright bold letters was the name “Pansy”
“I love it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I squealed. The others laughed as I jumped up and down.

“Okay, uh Mikey? This is the bit you wanted to leave for,” laughed Bob. Huh? Why would Mikey want to leave?
“Oh-uh…yeah,” stammered Mikey as he ran out the door.

“We have another present for you Frankie,” said Ray with a smirk. He and Bob exchanged a look and stepped towards Frank. Bob held out a small piece of metal with a large red bow.
“Huh?” I asked, confused as to what it was.
“It’s a key fuck-tard,” said Bob.
“The only hotel in this place, room 69,” laughed Ray.
“Oh-uh, wha-“ I started before Bob cut me off.
“Hurry up midget!” yelled Bob.
“Okay okay!” I laughed as I grabbed the key and ran out the door.


Here we are, room 69, I chuckled softly at that. What could it be?
I slowly pushed the key into the lock and turned it. Butterflies building up in my stomach as I turned the corner I heard a muffled moan. Oh, that’s where Gerard had disappeared to.

The older male was on the bed. Tied up. Naked. With a quite noticeable erection throbbing with need for attention, which wasn’t all that surprizing considering a large, pink dildo had been pushed into his tight ass. He was trying in vain to grind his hips down on the fake dick, which was impossible because of the restraints holding him on the bed. His arms were handcuffed to the headrest and he had a rope attached to each of his ankles, which were tied to each of the lower corners of the large double bed. Forcing him to spread his legs.

Frank chuckled as he saw his beautiful boyfriend trying to fuck himself on the toy. Gerard’s head whipped up at the sound of his laughter, but he could see nothing. He had been blindfolded.
Frank strutted up to the bed and ripped off the gag that stopped him from speaking. Frank could feel his jeans becoming tighter and more uncomfortable.

I ran my tongue all the way down his hot chest to the top of his hips, stopping just before I got to his aching member.
“Puh-please F-Frankie!” he moaned. The dirty way he moaned my name turned me on even more than I knew was possible. I slowly licked my way up his chest, over his collarbone and up to his ear.
“You’re a little whore, aren’t you?” I whispered huskily into his ear.
“Uunnff,” he moaned, “Fuh-Frankie! I’ll be your little whore! Just please fuck me now!”
“Hmm, soon,” I chuckled, “but I’m gonna have my fun first, I’m gonna turn you into a blubbering, begging, moaning mess of a slut. Then I’ll fuck you until you see fucking stars.”

I kissed my way down to his chest and ran my tongue over his nipple. Gerard groaned and tried to arch his back, panting as he was pulled back because of the restraints.
“Hmm you like that you little whore?” I asked, I had long since learnt that Gee loved talking dirty.
Gerard bobbed his head up and down as he moaned like a fucking porn star, like my own personal porn star. I reached around to grab the plastic dick sticking out of his tight ass and moved it slowly in and out.

“Uh! F-F-Frankie! Puh-please! Just do it!” he moaned as he pulled against the restraints.
“Nuh uh Gee, you’re not getting out of it that easily,” I said before moving my mouth back down to suck on his nipple, biting the soft skin around it, leaving red marks all over his chest.

Gerard screamed my name as I hit that special spot with the dildo, now that I knew where it was, I knew how to miss it.
I continued to fuck him with the large toy, purposely missing his prostate, not wanting him to cum just yet. He moaned and pushed his hips down, trying to make me push the dildo deeper into him and hit that spot.

“Nuh uh Gee,” I said as I pulled the dildo out of his ass. He whimpered at the loss of contact.
“Plleeeaasseeee,” he whined, “Please Frankie!”
“Beg,” I commanded, “tell me what you want me to do to you.”
“Fuh-fuck me Frankie! Please?” he begged. Fuck he was hot!
“Not yet,” I growled, “Oh look, the boys left us another little… surprize.” I laughed as I picked up the gleaming silver ring. We could have some fun with this.
“Frankie? What is it?” he asked, a hint of worry in his beautiful voice.
“You’ll see,” I laughed, “Oh wait, no you won’t, but you’ll feel it.”

I slid the ring down his hard cock and tightened it at the base. Gerard gasped.
“I-It’s a cock ring?” he asked.
“Hmm, you used one of these before sugar?” I mewled as I stepped back to get a better look at my awesome birthday surprize. Best. Birthday. Ever!

Gerard was panting heavily, his erection was throbbing, almost as if it were demanding attention, which I was sure as hell going to give, a light coat of sweat covered his naked body, his lips slightly parted and curved into a sexy smirk, bound by the wrists to the headrest, legs spread and held by rope and a blindfold covering his beautiful eyes.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I jumped on him and ripped off my shirt as I attached my lips to the bare skin of his chest. I slowly licked, kissed and sucked my way down his body until I reached his erection. He gasped as I softly kissed the tip before running my tongue down along the under-side of his length and back up again. I ran my tongue over the top before slowly sliding it into my mouth, swallowing it down until his length had completely disappeared into my mouth.

My hand moved down to my pants as I swirled my tongue around the tip of his dick. I bobbed my head up and down as I slid my pants off, freeing my own erection. I hollowed my cheeks around his erection, earning a desperate moan from my lover.

“Please! Babe! Just let me cum!” he pleaded. I pulled away from the cock in my mouth and giggled at him.
“Not yet Gee, I still haven’t had my fun yet,” I laughed as I went to look into his eyes, I frowned as I remembered that he was still blindfolded, “but I want you to be able to see me.”
I moved my now naked body up so that I could take off the black, silk blindfold, his eyes held love, lust and desperation. I smiled down at him and kissed him passionately, I slid my tongue into his mouth when he moaned from the friction caused by me grinding my hips down on his, rubbing our erections together.

I pulled away from the kiss, panting slightly. My own erection was aching from lack of attention. I giggled as I got up onto my knees, moving my body up so that I was holding myself just above his face.
“Suck,” I demanded as I pushed my length towards his smiling face. My smirked as he kissed my erection and ran his tongue over the tip before he took it into his mouth, swallowing it down until it hit the back of his throat.
I groaned as I thrust softly into his mouth, slowly fucking his face. I felt him smile around my cock as he hollowed his cheeks and sucked a little harder. All of a sudden, he stopped; I frowned a little in confusion as I pulled out of his mouth.

“What’s up whore?” I asked.
“I-I want you to be inside me when you cum,” he half moaned as he looked up at me with large, beautiful, lust filled eyes.
“Fucking slut,” I laughed as I climbed off him. I moved my hips down towards his.
“As long as I can be your little slut,” he whispered huskily.
“You already are,” I said as I moved my hand towards his mouth.
“Suck them whore,” I said as I pushed three of my fingers into his smiling mouth.

Once his saliva coated my fingers, I slowly pulled them away from his mouth and moved them down so that they rested at his entrance.
“J-just do it! Please Frankie!” he whined as I traced my fingers slowly around his entrance, teasing him. He groaned as I pushed a single finger into him. Even though there had been a quite large dildo in there just half an hour ago, he was incredibly tight, just feeling him around my fingers made me even hornier. I slowly pushed in another finger and wriggled them around a little, making sure he was absolutely ready before I pushed in a third, stretching him more, preparing him as much as I could for what was to come. I pushed my fingers deeper into him, trying to re-locate that bundle of nerves that would have him screaming my name, begging me to hit it again.

“Oh god Frankie! Right there!” he moaned filthily. I found it. I pushed my fingers so that they were rubbing that spot over and over again, making him scream, groan and pant beneath me. His body started to convulse, as much as it could in the restraints.
“Puh-please! Babe just let me cum! I can’t take it anymore!” he screamed as he pulled frantically against the handcuffs.
“Hmm, soon Gee, I promise,” he giggled as I pulled my fingers out of his tight ass.

He let out a delicious whimper from the loss of contact, but was quickly satisfied once I slid my throbbing erection into him. Even after fucking him with a dildo and fingering him he was still deliciously tight. I moaned as his muscles clenched around me as he tried to cum but was stopped yet again by the shiny ring.
“So fucking tight babe!” I grunted as I began to rock slowly back and forth inside him.
Gerard started moaning louder as my dick brushed his prostate.
“Hmm, the little slut likes that does he?” I asked.
“Yes! Yes! Oh god yes!” he groaned, “P-please Frankie!”
“Please what? What do you want? Tell me, beg me like the whore you are,” I ordered.
“Harder!” he yelled, “please Frankie! Fuck me harder!”
I smirked down at him as I pulled out and turned around so that I could untie his legs, but left the handcuffs on.

He wasted no time in wrapping his legs around my waist and pulling my hips to his. I quickly thrust my length deep into him, hitting his prostate hard and making him scream and buck his hips up into mine.
“You like that bitch?” I asked.
“Uh! Oh god yes! Please Frankie! Just let me cum!” he screamed as I rammed into him, hitting his prostate with each thrust.

I knew that I was close to letting out my load, so with shaking hands, I reached down to his throbbing member and released the ring from around his erection. As soon as the ring was removed he came harder than I had ever seen him cum before, he screamed out in pleasure as he shot his hot, sticky cum all over both of our stomachs. His muscles clenched around my own erection, sending me over the edge. I screamed his name as I spilt my load into him, still thrusting in and out, milking my orgasm for all it was worth.

“I-I love you Fuh-frankie, H-happy birthday,” he panted.
“I love you too Gee,” I said as I pulled out of him and flopped down beside him, “Best. Birthday. Ever!”

so, what did you think? please R&R? sorry if it's bad :S
-Sarah xx
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