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Brain Crack

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Jared tells a whopper, and Frank heads on into a shady shop

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My eyes flickered, exposing me to the bright sunrise. I pulled out my phone. Half 6. After bumping into Ray a couple nights ago, I went to the park. No one goes to the park. Its an overgrown mess, with the unsteady swing set and shackety slide. Weeds up to my ankles were the only thing alive here. I'd spent yesterday mooching around, kicking every pebble I saw out of boredom. It really was torture, but I refused to go back home. I just lay there on the bench for a while, thinking about things I had already been overthinking. Brain Crack, I called it. Learning from a nerimon video, Brain Crack is when you think about something so much, you get addicted to thinking about it. Man, I was a brain stoner. High off thoughts from years ago. I sighed, closing my eyes again

I was woken by sirens. Police sirens. This town seemed to be ridden with crime, like rats rid the sewers. I tried to ignore them, but they were getting louder. Almost to the point I felt like they were blasting in my ears. Maybe it was just my mind. I stayed in a pratically vegetive state, listening to the sounds of the world, untill someone tapped my shoulder.

"Hey kid. Are you Jared Carter?"

Fuck. They were looking for me. Crap crap crap crap crap

"No officer"

"Hmm. Its just there's this missing boy who matches your description"

"Sorry sarge"

"Okay. Thanks kid"

That was a close one. But this must mean my mother was really worried. Ah, screw it.

I went out into the town that day, hood covering my face incase anybody spotted me. I hadn't taken any money so it was a wasted trip. I just wanted a change of scenery. Sadly, the baggy hoodie didn't work too well.


I looked up to see Frank.

"Shh, but...yeah"

"Man, you look rough"

"I know"

"Your mam is worried shitless"

"Who gives a shit?"

Frank shrugged and walked by, turning into a shop I had just passed. "Physcological Sprites". I had no idea what the shop sold, the windows were covered in black velvet curtains. Looked shady. I just went back to the park, not wanting anymore Brain Crack to snort
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