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Cry for the Moon

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Jamia and Frank begin to experience a division in opinions.

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A/N: Okay, yes I know I told some people that the next chapter of the torture fic would be up yesterday. I apologize for it’s absence as of lately. The fact is that I have been really busy, and I have seldom time for even one fanfic right now. And in all honesty, I’d rather get this one over with. Just know that I will update it the next chance I get, and I do hope I might be able to tomorrow. That is all.

Chapter Eight: Cry for the Moon

As Gerard and Frank grew closer through sketches, Gerard and Jamia began to drift through suspicion.

One isolated incident happened on the same night of the carnival nightmare. Jamia had been walking along their hall and peered into the small crack left by a door almost closed.

It was not the first time that Jamia had walked in on Lily in Gerard's company. However there were two things that separated this particular occurrence from the others: One was that this time, she found them in Lily's room, while all the others had been in Gerard's. Two, was that it was nearly 3 AM when she found both Gerard and Lily huddled together in the corner, with Lily contently asleep on his lap. Gerard had still been awake, and he hummed to her as she slept.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!?" Jamia cried, rushing in to collect her daughter.

Gerard jumped in alarm, not seeming to notice Jamia until she was literally prying Lily off of his lap.

Of course, Jamia knew that Gerard was no child molester or anyone of malicious intent towards children. However, she had her own doubts as to just who the man living with them now was. Frank tried his best to convince her that it was indeed the Gerard Way they knew and loved, but Jamia was never sure if his arguments stemmed from honesty or mere false hope.

Still Jamia had been patient with him, and tried her best to be understanding. Yet getting either or her daughters involved in this mess was simply out of the question. She had not thought of the idea that Lily or Cherry would become closer to Gerard, but now that it seemed to be presenting itself, Jamia did not like it one single bit. It was absolutely out of the question.

Beside her, Lily gave a questioning moan, having been awoken by the change in position. Jamia ignored her and seethed down at Gerard, who stared up at her in confusion.

There was enough evidence to say by now that Gerard was able to understand when someone was angry, even if he may be a tad confused as to what they were angry about. It was quite apparent that Gerard understood that Jamia was angry, as his posture had become very submissive; he was cowering.

“What business do you have coming into my daughter’s room’s in the middle of the night? Huh?” Jamia scolded him, shaking a finger in his face. “You are not to come in here, do you understand?!?”

Gerard whimpered and looked at Lily. Lily, with a nearly sympathetic expression on her face, started to wander back over to Gerard. Jamia intervened, and took Lily up by the armpits. She placed her in bed, while continuing to lecture Gerard.

"We're doing all we can to help accommodate you, and we've asked for nothing in return! I know, I haven't told you this before, so I'll go easy on you this time, but that is just completely inappropriate!" Jamia continued, "How would you feel if you found some man in Bandit's room at this time of night, you wouldn't like that very much now would you?!!"

Jamia turned around to face Gerard again, and Gerard was clearly on the verge of tears. She sighed, at the very least lowering her tone before saying, "Stay away from my children, Gerard. You have free reign of everything else in the house, but they are off limits. Understand?"

Gerard opened his mouth, and then closed it again. It looked as though he was honestly trying to speak, but no sound was coming out. Fortunately for Gerard, a voice soon came to speak for him.

“What the fuck is going on?”

Both Jamia and Gerard turned to see Frank standing in the doorway, clearly having just gotten out of bed. His hair was disheveled and he rubbed at his eyelids to force them open.

“Gerard was in Lily’s room!” Jamia hissed at Frank. “She was out of bed, on his lap!”

The claim seemed to bring Frank into a full state of awakening. He looked from Gerard, to Jamia, and vice versa, until he finally sighed and said, “Gerard, can you please go to your bed? Jamia and I need to talk. I’ll see you later.”

Gerard did not need to be told twice. He stood and half ran out of the door, avoiding both their eyes as he went. Jamia and Frank were left facing one another, and Frank beckoned for them to at least talk outside of the room so they would not wake the children.

After closing the door gently behind them, Framk and Jamia both instantly began to hiss at each other.

"Your friend is sneaking into our daughters room!"

"He doesn't know what he's doing!"

"That doesn't make it okay!"

"Still, you can't yell at him like that! It's like disciplining a dog: yelling won't work, because he won't understand what he's being yelled at for!"

"Well you can't just expect me to stand by and watch him touch my children! I can't believe your taking his side on this Frankie!"

"I'm not!" Frank sighed with exasperation, "Yes, I admit it's a little weird, but I know he doesn't mean anything by it! He’s just… I don’t know… lonely, I guess.”

“Well that still does not give him the right to drag my daughters into this.” Jamia crossed her arms defensively. Frank fell silent, knowing she was right. He did feel a bit creeped out at the idea of Gerard coming alone into his children’s bedrooms in the middle of the night. Still, his natural instinct to protect Gerard caused him to feel angry towards Jamia.

“I’ll talk to him.” Frank assured her, “Just please don’t attack him like that again.”

Jamia frowned at the word “attack”. As far as she was concerned, she was acting on her natural instinct to protect her babies. Actually, she was finding it rather disturbing that her husband was not having the same reaction.

“Fine.” she huffed, “If you want to take his side, you can sleep in his bed tonight.”

With that, she turned and walked away. Frank rolled his eyes and stood there for some time, just wondering what he was going to do. He peered into his daughters room, and saw they were both fast asleep. At least, as far as he could see; closer inspection would have revealed a little eye peaking at him from underneath the covers.

Frank soon left to resume his slumber, but walked to their bedroom door to find his pillows had been thrown outside. He would admit that he hadn’t taken Jamia’s last remark very seriously until then.

Sighing again, he gathered his pillows and headed over to Gerard’s room.

When he got there, Gerard was wide awake. Frank could tell he had been crying, which was becoming more and more Gerard’s usual state. He did seem to light up slightly when he saw Frank had entered, and Frank gave him an encouraging smile.

“Hey buddy, looks like I might be rooming with you for a while.” Frank told him as he set his pillows, and himself, on the mattress. Gerard smiled at the statement, while brightened Frank’s mood slightly.

He saw that Gerard was reaching for the sketchbook on the nightstand,, and he placed a hand on the one that was trying to grab it.

“Not now Gee, we need to sleep, okay?”


“Goodnight, Gerard.” Frank whispered to his roommate, falling asleep against the gentle rise and fall of his chest.

Next chapter: “Whoever said any publicity is good publicity is a bloody liar.”
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