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Starting Over

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"I love you Frankie."

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I grew up understanding that love lasts forever, that two people fall in love and never fall out of it. My parents couldn’t make it work. They love each other but they can’t show that when they are around the other. I don’t want that to be Frank and me. We have to do this in order for everything to work out.

“Matt you have to understand that I never wanted to hurt you but it’s not working and I can’t be with you,” I explain, keeping my eyes on the ground.

Even though I know Frank is just around the corner and ready to get me out of here if need be I’m still nervous. Matt is a violent person. He can snap at any time. I’ve had to walk on egg shells around him for almost a year. I just need the freedom.

“You mean we’re over?”

“Yes Matt, I don’t want to be with you anymore,” I answer.

I don’t register that Matt’s hand has met my cheek until it starts to burn. I don’t realize I’m falling until my head hits the grass. After that all I can hear is the sounds of flesh making contact with flesh and the word mother fucker and bastard being thrown around.

About ten minutes later Frank picks me up, carrying me to his car. There is blood flowing from his nose over his lips and down his chin. He also has the formation of a black eye. Other than that he seems fine. I wonder if Matt even has a scratch on him.

I reach my hand up, placing it on Frank’s cheek, “Do you think he got the point?”

Frank smiles down at me, “I don’t think he’ll be bothering you anymore.”

I’m confused by this statement. Did Frank actually hurt Matt? I don’t have much time to worry about it because before long Frank places me in his car telling me to just be quiet.

Taking his hand in mine I kiss his cheek gently not wanting him to hurt anymore than he already is, “I love you Frankie.”

My boyfriend beams at me, “I love you too Amber.”

Once home Frank refuses to let me walk. With the help of his brother, Frank carries me to his room, placing me gently on the bed. I understand I fell but I really am fine. I want him to kiss me like he means it instead of being gentle. I can’t be hurt that badly.

“Here, put this on your cheek,” Frank instructs, handing me an ice pack.

I take it but don’t use it. My cheek really doesn’t hurt that much. Instead I grab hold of Frank’s hand, pulling him down onto the bed. Cautious of his nose I place my lips to his, biting his bottom lip as his tongue slides into my mouth. His hands rest on my waist, lifting me onto his lap. As I straddle him I intertwine my fingers in his hair. This is the way I want to be kissed; sweet and kind yet fiery and passionate. It’s like our lips are making love.

After a few minutes Frank pulls away, looking me in the eyes, “Well, I guess I’ll stop trying to be so gentle.”

I giggle, running my fingers through his hair, “I don’t mind gentle.”

Frank falls back on the bed, laughing as he reaches up to move my hair behind my ears. In so many ways we are like children trying to figure out the world whilst finally understanding what real love it. Being with Frank is pure bliss. Being with him makes me happy.

Rolling off him I lay on the bed, resting my head on his chest, his arm curled around me.

“I’ve never seen anyone hit a girl before. The very thought of it makes me angry but to actually see it happen and to someone I love so much…I can’t really put it into emotions,” Frank says.

“It only really hurts for a second,” I explain not wanting him to be upset about something so stupid. Matt has been hitting me since we started going out. It’s just something I deal with.

“That doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that a guy thinks he can just beat up on his girlfriend…I mean that’s just a bunch of shit.”

I understand what he is saying. I shouldn’t have ever let Matt hit me. I kiss Frank’s neck, smiling. I’m out of that relationship and happy with Frank. He’s the nicest person I’ve met. He’d never hit me no matter what. I’m ready to start a new stage in my life with the boy I love.

Note: I know it's short but I never meant for this story to be super long. It's short and sweet and it made me happy to write it. Don't hate me cause it's a short story. The whole thing was just about Amber getting out of an abusive relationship and moving on. Anyways, hoped you liked it. I've got another one coming soon.
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