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Want *Frikey*

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Franks job is to lead deceased sinners into Hell. What happens when he falls for the beautiful younger brother of a dead man?

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(Mikeys POV)

The rain poured. Hard. It crashed down all around me, blinding and terrorizing my already terrible eyesight. I had taken off my glasses earlier when the rain had started. Now I trudge forward to who knows where, absolutely soaked to the bone, cold, and desperately in need of coffee. I'm an addict, I can't help it. I blame my dear now deceased eldest brother Gerard who started me right in junior high, when I still thought that girls were gross. Well not gross, just, well, the female had never really satisfied me. Yes, I am homosexual, but who really cares? Homophobes thats who, Ugh I've always hated them, but now my dislike for them was so intense I found myself hating all straight people, even though I know thats not fair. I really really really hate that one phrase, ahhh what is it..? Oh yeah its “Thats so gay” I mean whats so gay about a maths test on Friday? Unless Maths is cheating on Literature with Geometry! Oh no! How will World History manage to get over his secret crush? Ooooh sarcastic sense of humor, how I love you.
Faintly, and very faintly at that in fact, so faint that it was barely visible at all through the relentless downpour, I could faintly see a house, or was It a barn, well it was some sort of shelter so I welcomed it. I blindly ran through the heavy precipitation towards the...thing and knocked urgently on the door. The door opened immediately, almost as though they were expecting me.

(Franks POV)

I knew what I had to do. I had to have him. I had to. I couldn't stop obsessing over his messy sandy hair, over his radiant but severely underused smile, the way his eyes were highlighted so nicely by his thick glasses. He was beautiful. He was mine. I wanted him so badly, It was almost painful. It WAS painful seeing him with that black-haired female that I've now discovered to be his cousin, his own flesh and blood. From the first time I saw the man I was immediately drawn to him. I remember the first time I saw him like it was the day I entered this world.


Hes huddled against himself, not for warmth but in fear. He can feel me watching him. I glanced over at him, by chance as I herded the unfortunate people before me to, ultimately, their undeniable doom. I've had this job for as long as I can remember, and I love every second of it. I love seeing their hopeless faces, some in denial, and some accepting of their fate. I remember leading them on, with the occasional prod or shock while I gazed at the unfortunately for me, alive boy. The beautiful one. He began to kneel at a grave, which said something about a Gerard Way. I assumed this Gerard was important, as the boys lips began to move, as if talking to the spirit I now led down to the depths of Hell. I wanted so badly to go comfort the boy, to shush his speaking, and so did “Gerard” apparently because as soon as the beautiful boy started crying, a raven-haired member of my group started forward. I warned him because first, humans can only see you if they were thinking of you. Sure the boy probably would've been seen, as many have at first, but you'll find only the strongest of souls having the courage to see their deceased loved one. Gerard however wouldn't listen and ran over towards the boy, calling a indistinguishable name over and over. The living boy however, was still silently crying, unable to meet the eyes of his tormented, ghostly brother. Gerard fell to his knees in agony, and joined the crying. Some of my other...tourists as I call them, were touched by this clearly emotional ending. I, however, was much less moved, and warned Gerard once again, I threatened him, I said that if he didn't get up in the next 5 seconds, the beautiful living boy was to become mine.

One second passed... Gerard kept weeping

The second second passed...Gerard looked up on agony.

The third second went by unnoticed.

The forth second flew by with Gerard looking defiantly up at me, his guide to Hell.

The fifth second dragged by and It seemed he was going to to get up.

Instead, he reached out towards his mournful brother, and touched him. Touched him. Right on the shoulder. Touching humans is the one thing they absolutely cannot do. Their new flesh substance can't handle contact with human blood. As Gerard reached out, his outstretched hand barely touched his brothers shoulder before the boy screamed out in agony. On his shoulder was a huge first-degree burn. It fizzed and crackled in the moist air. Gerard, horrified by what he had done, gave up and let me lead him into the deepest pits of Hell. The boy was mine, I reminded him. He will be mine.

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