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The move

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What if you were stuck between two men and both of them loved you very well plus the fact that they are BROTHERS!!!

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Franks pov

It all started when I moved to this stupid place. But that's when I met them,the Way brothers. Gerard and Mikey Way were heading over to my house just to meet me the only guy."Hello I'm Gerard and this is my brother Mikey."Gerad told me as he gave me a pie and walked away.

I just looked at his sexy posture and his cute hair flowing over one of his eyes man I want a piece of that. I thought then misheard myself and said something outloud."Man I knew I was gay and boy do I want a piece of that."They must of herd me cuz Gerard leaned over to my ear and said."I like you to we should get together sometime."I smiled as he walked away.

Then I ran inside my house and ran right up to my room and opened my diary.

{Dear Diary,

I am pleased to say that this guy I met named Gerard and his brother Mikey. Boy are they something I wanna eat I mean by the way I saw it Gerard looked big and Mikey was too so that would be something I would want inside me.

I love this town Newark newjersey is the best place ever.


I ran down stairs to see my mom and maybe to watch a little TV.

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