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I`m trying to let you know...I just don`t know how

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Frank and Gerard have been in love for years. Everyone knows it, apart from them. A plan is hatched to get them together...

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Hey, yet another new story, I know. I just couldn`t get this idea out of my head. I wont tell you too much about it yet, that would spoil everything, but belieive me, this is not the usual "They finally get together after years and live happily ever after" story, this has a bit of a...different sort of twist...I guess you could say. This is just like an introduction/setting the scene type thing. The other chapters will be longer. So anyway, enough talking, here it goes. Hope you like it, please let me know
It was stupid, ridiculous even.
Frank Iero stared at the blank laptop screen, biting on his lower lip nervously. It was late, around four in the morning; he had stayed up all night without meaning to, sitting in the same position, perched on the uncomfortable seat by his desk, finger drumming the solid oak impatiently.
His chocolate eyes were bloodshot, surrounded by dark circles and bags. He was so fucking tired it wasn’t even funny anymore.
“This is mental, stupid Ray and Mikey trying to get me to do this, probably want a good laugh or something,” he mutters irritably under his breath, slamming the laptop shut, and pushing the black object away from him, glaring at it.
He stumbles to his feet, yawning as he glanced at the clock on the wall, mentally cursing himself for staying up so late. He would be absolutely shattered tomorrow; he would have to go through a hundred cups of coffee just to keep his poor eyes open.
What would the others, his band mates think? Ray and Mikey, the ones who had planted the idea in his head would probably find it funny. They would most likely know that he had sat, staring bitterly at the screen for hours, unable to get up the nerve to write anything and hit send. They would have a good laugh and joke about it in the morning, teasing him relentlessly about it, telling him how childish and gutless he was being.
And Gerard, what would he think?
Frank groans and drags his sorry butt into his lonely, king sized, empty bed, curing up into a tight ball instead of making the most of the space. Images of his outgoing, creative, talented flame haired best friend filled his mind, making it even more impossible for the dark haired guitarist to sleep. He was the cause of this all, Gerard.
It had all stated with him, it was all down to the fearless singer that Frank now lay awake most nights, his thoughts consumed only by his best friend and his crazy antics. It had been that way for years though, and try as he might Frank was finding it harder and harder to ignore it.
well, how was it? The next chapter will be longer and hopefully up in a week or so.(I have a million stories on the go at the moment, check `em out?) I also may need one or two other characters for this, I`ll let you know later if I do.Thanks for reading
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