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Don't Pinch Me; I Like This Dream

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Short one-shot from Gerard's point of view about what MCR does best; saving lives. Please read and review. :)

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Don’t Pinch Me; I Like This Dream

How does it feel when a kid tells me that My Chemical Romance saved their precious life? It’s indescribable, really. How can a group of four, ordinary guys from good ol’ New Jersey save a kid just by strumming a few notes on guitars and knocking out a few good lyrics? I sincerely don’t know, but I love the way it feels. It makes me feel…

Proud. Proud of myself and the others for doing something productive, for living out our dream whilst helping kids pull through so that they can one day live out theirs. Because I know that they can; our MCRmy has got to be the strongest group of kids around, if anyone can live out their dreams, it’s our kids. Proud of them too, for seeing what we’re saying and having the sense to use it. For seeing that they aren’t alone and never will be; as long as they have their headphones, we’ll all be there to listen to them and help them with our music.

Happy. Happy that our music isn’t just moaning at kids about politics or about this girl that once turned me down for a date twelve years ago, but is actually helping them with their problems just as bands from my youth did for me. Happy that we’re kind of like real-life superheroes in the respect that we save people. Happy that our songs bought happiness to kids; kids that we were once like.

Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed that the lyrics I wrote has inspired kids to do something with their lives; to openly declare that they’re not okay when they need help; to not give into violence when other teenagers try to provoke it; to be proud of who and what they are; to never take anyone’s shit and never be taken alive.

Sad. Sad that such great kids need saving from death in the first place. That other kids in their position are willing to bully them because they listen to our music. No, not sad; furious.

Furious that some of the nicest kids around, kids that have openly declared that they aren’t okay when they needed help and never gave into violence when a bully demanded it, get teased by mindless idiots who’ve been taught by their stupid parents that they have to be okay; that violence is acceptable to use against people whose views are “wrong” or different; to fit in line with what their parents want them to be, that they can’t be gay or bi or lesbian; that they should give people shit and take others alive. But yet, I think that those are the kids who need saving, need to be taught to be who they are and that they’ll be loved all the more for it by the people who matter.

Loved. I feel loved despite the hate that some people give us. I feel loved because that’s how we’ve made kids feel; how our past selves would want to feel.

Important. But not as important as the lives we have saved.

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