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Chapter 4

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Wynne wakes up to a living nightmare...

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The funeral processions seemed to drag on forever, but Wynne couldn't bring herself to think things like that. Mikey was already starting forever without her, and she just couldn't say that word anymore. Her soul would join his, but with her luck, it wouldn't be for a very long time. She didn't want to wait to die until it was natural, knowing she would forget him the way he was and just move on. She just didn't want to wait. She couldn't.

It wasn't raining like she had expected when they lowered him into the ground. It seemed to happen even in real life when someone you loved was gone forever. Wynne was crying, so why weren't the angels, too?

Frank held her to his chest as he watched his best friend disappear six feet under. Wynne's body trembled against his as she hid her face, clinging to what seemed to be the last of her own life. Her mind couldn't wrap itself around everything that she had to come to terms with in only a few moments.

Finally, one last prayer was said. People started slowly walking back to their cars, leaving only close family behind as they all mourned silently. This was the end of it all. In just a few short days, Mikey seemed to dwindle away until even his laugh was only a memory. And now he was gone.

Wynne would have rather seen his dead body, cold and lifeless in a coffin than to know they were just going to seal him up and let his bones gradually decay. Her heart yearned to see him just one last time. She regretted not doing so only an hour before.

After a few moments, even Mikey's parents began to walk away. The only people still standing next to the grave were Wynne, Frank and Gerard.

Wynne still refused to even glance at the casket, but refusing to move, she continued to hold onto Frank. He was rubbing her back soothingly, whispering comforting words here and there. But they both knew there was nothing he could say that would make anything even slightly better. Frank kissed the top of her head and told her they could talk more in his car. He gently pushed her away from the brothers, leaving them alone.

Silently, Gerard wished Mikey could hear him. He didn't believe in divine intervention or anything close to it, but it would be nice if he could just know what he was saying. Not wanting to feel foolish, Gee silently paid his respects to his younger brother, telling him how he wished it could have been different. He would have loved to take his brother's place in the ground, but it just wasn't possible.

Frank's car passed him, slowly pulling out into the street. Gerard saw Wynne staring out the window, her head resting against the glass, looking blankly at the black and white world he was sure she was viewing, much to her own displeasure. Fidgeting, he shoved his hands into his pockets, annoyed that he couldn't make things better for her and Frank.

They were his brother's best friends, so why couldn't he just fix things like Mikey would? He felt as if he owed them something. But what, exactly?

* One month later *

The only sounds in the room were the quiet thumping of Wynne's heart and her practically silent breathing. Occasionally the clock on the wall that had long since broken would make a failing attempt at ticking.

Just as soon as Wynne would start to slowly drift off, something would draw her attention away from sleep for a split second, breaking all of her concentration on relaxing.

She pulled the blanket closer, trying to get warm. She hadn't turned on the small heater in her room before she curled up in bed, and she was too comfortable at the moment to pull herself out of the sheets to do so. Besides that, it would just wake her up even more to walk across the room.

Wynne's eyes drifted shut again and she turned her head on the pillow so she was facing her the small window. Her heartbeat slowed as she relaxed herself and gradually slipped into a peaceful sleep.

She awoke only a few hours later, finding herself wrapped in a warm, silky duvet. Wynne wasn't alarmed, in fact, she believed she was dreaming. Surrounded by pale lavender walls, she could almost feel the warmth of spring air embracing her with the scent of vanilla and lilacs. The soft sheets clung to her skin, leaving the most delicious sensations behind.

It was already getting light outside, the colorless sunlight shining through the sheer curtains. Wynne snuggled into the pillow next to her, shutting her eyes again. They were only closed for a few moments before her bedroom door opened. She was already half asleep again, so she didn't really want to open her eyes back up again. Quiet, careful footsteps invaded the silence, but she ignored the practically silent noise.

Fingers brushed her hair out of her face, and suddenly she was terrified. Wynne's blue eyes shot open, staring warily at the figure kneeling in front of her body. She opened her mouth and stuttered, not knowing how to handle her situation. This wasn't her room, and it certainly wasn't a dream. The touches she was feeling on her soft skin were very real. "What..." she shook her head and tried to pull away.

"Shh..." the person whispered. He was obviously a man, but that seemed to unsettle her even more. "Don't worry... I've fixed everything. Welcome home, Wynne."

Sorry it was so short... I haven't had much time to write lately :/
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