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Run away, like it was yesterday

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Quick oneshot - maybe

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It wasn’t my fault. I thought to myself as I ran to the corner. With a quick glance over my shoulder, I bound off the sidewalk and turned into the driveway to home.

Mikey was standing on the porch, his hair a mess and his clothes rumpled. “Gee?” he looked at me as I pushed him into the house.

“Get down!” I pushed him to the ground as the lights passed by. I waited until the cop car turned the corner and set up, rocking back on my knees with a sigh.

“Gee, what did you do?” he got to his knees and threw his arms out.

“NOTHING! I just saw a guy get killed and ran. The cops showed up while I was trying to help him and thought I’d done it!”

“Well you running sure didn’t help!” Oh god, he was right! As usual, Mikey was the smart one and I was the one in trouble. “Now they think you did it for sure!” he waved his hands out, looking for a lamp. He clicked it on and narrowed his eyes at me.

I looked down at my blood covered hands and clothes. He followed my gaze and gasped, his glasses nearly falling off his face. “Gee……” he stared for a moment then looked closely at my face. “Did they get a good look at you?”

“No. I think they only saw my hair and my clothes. Why?” the look on his face had me worried and anxious.

“Good. Come on.” He pulled me up and tugged my hand to the bathroom. “Give me your clothes and shower. Wash your hair and hands really good. I’ll wash your clothes.”

I stripped and gave him my blood splattered clothes. He walked away and I climbed into the shower, turning the hot water on. The scene replayed in my head.

BOOM!!! I ran around the corner to see a guy falling and a bunch running off. I ran to the and guy saw the big bloody hole in his chest.
“Shit!” I pressed my hand to it, trying to not freak out. “Are you okay? Can you hear me?” He was youngish looking, around my age.

“No. I’m gonna die, huh?” he rasped, his voice rough and deep. He was right. It would be at least five minutes for an ambulance to get here, and at the rate he was bleeding, he’d be dead.

I pressed harder, with both hands now, to keep the blood in his body. “I’m not gonna lie to ya, dude. Its not looking to good.”

He just nodded. “It’s okay. Move away.” He tried to raise his arm.

“Not a chance. I think I hear sirens.” I looked up “Hold-“ my voice cut off as I looked back down to his ashen face. I didn’t feel his heart.

“FREEZE!!!!!!!” I stood up and took off. I was shocked the bullets missed me. I just watched a man die. And now I was being chased by the cops. Mikey, Mom, Frank, Ray………

They won’t ever get to see me again unless I get home. Somehow, my mind was still working.
I shut the water off and climbed out. I heard water running and looked down the hall to see Mikey leaving the laundry room. He gave me a meek smile. “You’ve been here all day. You decided to paint but you spilled your red on yourself. Once you cleaned the floor, you took a shower and washed your clothes.”

“But I have a full bottle of paint. They won’t believe that, Mikes.” My voice was dull
“I dumped some out onto a white rag. Watch them try to get us.” He smiled devilishly and hugged me. I felt empty. Yet somehow I wasn’t.

I wasn’t gonna lose my family or boyfriend. I wasn’t gonna go to jail. Damn, Mikey’s smart.
I did feel a little bad that he had to cover for me though. My heart stuttered. “And……..we need to cut your hair.”

“WHAT?!” I boomed. No matter what he did, he still seemed to find some way to annoy me.

I may or may not continue this. I have a short class today and nothing to do so………..

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