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Not Bargained For

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Gabilliam- sorry! but it does mention Pete so yeah I guess???

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It’s not that Gabe didn’t like the fact he was in an open relationship with William, he loved it in fact. It’s just the fact that William got to sleep with other people as well. What William didn’t know was that even though Gabe talked a good game, he never actually slept with anyone else. Sure, a few hand jobs, a few blow jobs and he returned the favour, but when he slept with William, he didn’t have sex with him. He made love to him.

Pete has told Gabe that he should tell William how he feels. Vicky-T said the same. Ryland and Alex offered to beat William up until he agreed to not having an open relationship (Gabe quickly declined that offer). Nate even offered to talk to William for him. Gabe didn’t know what he should do.

Although it bothered Gabe when William slept with anyone, it especially bothered him when William slept with Travis. Travis didn’t know it bothered Gabe and Gabe didn’t tell him. Travis was the only on out of the FBR crew (excluding William) that didn’t know how Gabe really felt. So this is why none of the others slept with William. William never understood why, but he didn’t question it, instead picking people up in bars.

Gabe doesn’t know if William wants to be in a proper relationship with him, and he doesn’t want to know the answer in case it’s the one he fears. And knowing Gabe’s luck, it will be the one he fears.

The song Dance All Night by Kids in Glass houses reminds Gabe of William. Gabe doesn’t know why, all he knows is that it does, and he can’t listen to it when he knows that William is probably fucking someone else. He wishes that it wasn’t one of his favourite songs, because then he’d listen to it a lot more, but unfortunately for him it is.

Gabe is afraid that he’s slowly falling in love with William. He never bargained for that to happen. He didn’t want that to ever happen. William has no idea about Gabe, and again, Gabe doesn’t plan to tell him. Gabe just has to tell himself that he isn’t in love with William, and everything will be fine, won’t it?
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