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It's Not A Fashion statement it's a Death Wish

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R for language.I love me some profanity. Basically Gerard has kind of... Stopped caring. He's getting into more fights than usual, etc. Be gentle with me, it's my first (story) ;)R and R?

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]hello my lovelies. :) thank you for bothering to read my story. I wrote that first one at eleven thirtyish last night. I read it again this morning and realized it was shit. :/ sooo... I'm going back and revising this one. I hope it is a bit better than the original. Thank you ever so much![

The impact slammed my head against the brick wall behind me. I could already feel the hot blood making it's tedious journey down my neck. I grinned, knowing full well that it would unnerve my attacker. Nick (my attacker), or more commonly known amongst my friends as "dickless Nicholas" looked confused. I smirked at him. Nick wasn't... The brightest guy. Hell! He was hardly even attractive! However he happened to be the halfback... Third back... Quarter back of the football team, so as cliche as it was, he was practically Shoreline High School royalty. People like me however - the freaks, the outcasts, the loaners, the faggots, the "emo" kids, the people who were just too damn smart for their own good? We were the absolute bottom of the food chain. For fucks sake! Somehow, the drama kids managed to rank higher than us!

A harsh punch to the gut, and I was forced back into the sweet sadistic world some like to call high school. Me? I prefer the term "hell". Much more fitting don't you think? I hunched over, coughing and hacking until I almost threw up on the spot. Nick, being the recently evolved gorilla that he is, peered in a little too close than he should have.
'Stupid dick.' I thought to myself as I slammed back into his head. To my delight, there was a lovely little cracking sound and soon blood was streaming out of Dickless Nicholas's nose. The lower half of his face was soon covered with the sticky red liquid.

This felt good. This felt right. I don't care what happens to this ugly body of mine anymore. I just... Am tired of caring. So... May as well put it to good use, yeh? And by good use, I of course mean, beati g the shit out of Nicholas.

"Gerard Way!? Nicholas Pen?!? Just what do you two think you're doing?!"

My favorite little shit of a principal came charging through the painted blue doors, looking like a very pissed off bunny... NOW my day was complete. No no, really, I loooved it when this happened. Thinking back to the image of Mr. Shelley as a bunny rabbit, I couldn't help but giggle. I instantly shut up, fully aware of how gay I just sounded.

"Faggot... " Nick mumbled under his breath. He was awarded a stern look fro Mr. Shelley, although I knew full well that our beloved principal felt similarly.

"Hush now Nicky, it's faggots like me that keep your homophobic world interesting." I shot him a look as innocent as I could muster. I'm nott a Faggot. I mean... I KNOW I'm not a Faggot... But, hey! If it pisses Nicky off, then it works for me.

"Nicholas, you will be meeting at my office after school to copy a page of a dictionary," Nicholas groaned, and I prepared myself for my punishment.

"Gerard," he fixed his beady eyes on me, "you will be helping Mrs. Payne clean up lunchroom this week. You will start tomorrow."

My eyes grew wide in outrage, "An entire week?!? That's such fucking shit!!"

He sighed, and Nick smirked. Not as well as I smirked, but... I still saw it.

"Gerard, we both know you started the fight this afternoon"

I protested, but alas the punishment had been given, and their was no way in hell I would tick him off enough to get two weeks with Mrs. Payne. The woman (if you could go so far as to call her a woman. More like a ... She-Demon...) gave me nightmares when I was in sixth grade.
She worked at the middle school in the mornings, and the high school after school and during lunch.

I grudgingly accepted my fate, and trudged my way through the crowd to meet up with my few friends. I looked up, and I swear to god, I heard the angels singing their heavenly chorus.

My best friend, Frank Iero, was just coming out of his sixth period English class. My heart literally skipped a beat. I felt as though my reason for caring had just came back in view. But. That was normal, for best friends i mean... I mean its not like i would ever feel... Or that he would ever... I mean we were....
/]Ah, fucking hell.[/i thought to myself. /]just shut up already.[/

In his tattered misfits hoodie, black skinny jeans, battered combat boots, and red eyeliner he looked... Breath taking... NO. That is totally... NOT... What I was thinking... Because that would be... Not... What I was... Thinking...

However the fact that he was looking sadder than usual was undeniable. My heart instantly went out to him.

Concern plainly showing on my face, I rushed towards him. His boyish fringe fell into is eyes as I hug/attacked him. I held him firmly by the shoulders and looked intensely into his eyes...
Oh. Oh my. One could literally get pulled into his soulful amber eyes. I realized his eyes must really be pulling me in. I was leaning forward, closer and closer to his face.
/]'WHAT?! Frankie had superpowers and he never even told me?! Why didn't he TELL me he had th ability to make people gravitate towards his lips? This could be considered valuable information!![/I thought, denying all sense of reason and logic.
/] Well gee, maybe Gerard you actually want to kiss him. Maybe you ARE as gay as everyone thinks you are. No, you didnt think about THAT did ya?[/ Came the reply of my oh-so-helpful voice in my head.

"Gee...?" I startled, realizing I was still gazing into those beaut- er... His eyes. Blood rushed to my face and I hurriedly retracted my gaze. Now concentrating on a speck of dirt that just... Wouldn't get off my shoes.

"oh. Er. Yeah... I was going to watch Lost Boys with Ray and Mikey tonight. You wanna come?"
I tried not to get my hopes up. I knew all too well that when you got your hopes up, there was always going to be something to drag you back into reality. Unfortunately, their was a glimmer of hope that kept swelling and swelling until all I could do to keep myself from exploding was to bite my lip.

"Fuck. I'm sorry, Gee. I really wish I could but... My dad is er. Working late tonight. And I gotta go keep my mom company."

Instantly, that glimmer of hope was quenched. I... I knew however, that he needed to do what he had to do. When he said that is dad was working late, he knew it really meant that his dad would be getting drunk. And... When his dad was drunk... Frank preferred to stay home to protect his mom from any of the harassment is dad was known to giving out in generous portions.

Frank really did look sorry though. It wasn't his fault.
I stretched an utterly fake smile across my flawed face, "Okay! Maybe another time, yeh?"

Frank instantly brightened, "yeah!"

I tried not to think. There was no way on earth that I was gay. No way. These feelings were... Completely normal for people who had known each other for so long... Yeah. Not gay. Normal. Not gay. Normal. I repeated my new mantra over and over again while I made my way to meet up with Ray and Mikey.
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