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The Beautiful Thing And The People

by SyraStrange 6 reviews

And it was beautiful.

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When it started it was a beautiful thing.

Some might have said it was the most beautiful in the universe.

The some, however, were crazy. Obsessed really.

It started to tear things apart.

The people, their hope and dreams.

And ultimately their world.

Yes, the people gave up their world for it.

And when the dust settled nothing remained of the people.

Only it still stood, looking beautiful in the ash of the destroyed world.

Soon, it felt hungry again; full of desire.

So, it brought them back.

And the people messed up repeatedly.

But it wasn't its fault.

No; it was not.

It was the people's.

For loving it too much.

For smothering it.

For choking it.

For killing it.

And it was love.

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