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Oh My Aizen's Bitch Curl!

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A few teens from the real world fall into the bleach world, in Las Noches no less! What will their fate be? *R&R please * :)

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Hello all:) I wrote this a few months back, hope you like it , R&R Please :) thank you

OMABC ! Chapter 1

 In a secondary school (sometimes called high school ) somewhere in asia , Wolf and her friends , Bryan , Tain Wing and Ah Xas Sinn were walking around skipping their SPA(special performing arts) .

"Eh dude where we going now ?" Xas asked."let's go up to the biology lab corridor, i'm sure there won't be a teacher there."Wolf said while playing with the extra straps that hung from her guitar bag-carrier thing.

"I seriously can't believe you're skipping class , Sword." Wing said while shaking her head.

"Why can't you believe that Sword'll skip class? She's not called double edged sword for nothin'"Bryan said while popping jelly beans into his mouth.

"Stop calling me that ! I have a proper name you know!"Wolf told them while doing the Justin Bieber hair flip because her fringe was blocking her right eye.

"Oh you mean V-vyen?"Xas said while smirking.

"Shut it Sassin' , you know I don't like that name." Wolf retorted . Xas wasn't really offended by the name Assassin , it sounded nice actually , she thanked her parents for naming her that.

"Guys , Shut ! Teacher , at 3o'clock" Wing said while hiding behind a wall with  Bryan and Xas following behind.

Wolf was walking straight and smiling and bowing at the teacher,"Allye , what are you doing here , aren't class J,N, W and R of the lower Sec having SPA now ?

Allye was a name she used officially , like on her name tag and stuff, The name Wolf was only used by her best friends.

"Good morning teacher , I was just helping ms.Lydia carry some books to her staff room, i'm going for SPA now." Wolf said while raising her guitar a bit.

"Okay then ." 

Wolf bowed once more before moving forward.After a few steps she turned around and saw that the teacher turned a corner so she signaled her friends that the coast was clear.

They came out laughing , "Wolf , the double-edge sword title really suites you" Bryan said throwing a jelly bean at her and pulling the strap of the bass guitar he was holding so it wouldn't fall from his shoulder.

"It's a pity no one knows the double-edge sword was you" Xas said twirling her drumstick one on each hand.( A/U : drumstick means the stick u use on drums not for eating)

"The teachers would die right on the spot if they found out it was her!" Wing said while swinging her electric guitar behind her back.

"Remember , you guys said you won't tell a soul, my mom would freak out if she knew." Wolf shuddered at the thought of what her mom would do if she found out.

"yeah , yeah , we won't sell out a friend for a trip to KaraKura town." 

Wolf smiled while playfully punching Bryan on the arm."I'm amazed how she pulls it off everytime." Xas said.

Wolf shrugged." Being a prefect has it's benefits"

Wolf was a prefect in her school , and the name double edge sword came up when she started helping students escape teachers.

Wolf didn't do it randomly , she only helped students who were being blamed even thought they didn't do it .but sometimes she did ignore students that were breaking the rule because she was either too lazy to care or she was bored to even bother.

Thus , the name double-edge sword came to be , even though the students didn't know who it was. The teachers were furious and were suspecting some prefects but they never found it.

Of course no one would suspect Wolf , she was smart and sometimes active.She wasn't a straight A student but she passed all her exams.

She had not so long black hair that was pulled up into a pony tail. And a fringe that slightly covered her right eye if she didn't always flip it up.Her eyes were dark brown , but basically looked black.She had an electric blue hairband separating her fringe from the rest of her hair.

Bryan had short black hair that was soft to touch.His eyes were like Wolf's.He loves jelly beans and loves to say 'suck that , bitch!'

Wing had long black hair that had brown highlights in it . It was wavy at the end , it was also pulled up into a pony tail with a thin brown hairband to separate her fringe . She had eyes like Wolf's.

Xas had slightly shorter than shoulder length hair. Other than the fringe that slightly covered her right eye , the rest of it was pushed back neatly by a white hairband .her eyes were slightly browner due to her mixed blood.

"c'mon , let's go ." Wolf said . When they got to the corridor end that was blocked from view by a wall they sat down.

Bryan pulled out his IPod and put the earpiece in place, Wolf pulled out one side of it and put it on her own ear.

Wolf was already drifting off to sleep when suddenly there was a ripping sound and they were all falling into darkness.

Bryan landed flat on his back while Xas landed face first with Wing following behind causing Wing to land on her butt onto the floor.Wolf landed onto Bryan face to face with him ,almost kissing .

"Eh guys , that looks seriously hot but it kinda looks gross too." Wing said.

Wolf turned her head to see Wing and smirked , "you mean this?" she said before putting her tongue out and licking Bryan's lips.

"Nope , that just looks hot."Xas said.

They all burst out into laughter.Wolf calmed down a bit and looked around.

"Holy Shit Heck this...." Wolf said wide-eyed.

"Wolf , i don't that's even a wor- what the hell?" Bryan turned wide-eyed too.

The whole place was covered in white, from the walls to the furniture to the floors.

"Is this what I think it is?"Wing whispered out.

" I think it is...."Xas said.

"Is this...Las Noches?" Wolf couldn't believe what she was seeing , it's not like everyday you get to see a room of your favorite anime.

"O My Aizen's Bitch Curl..." all four of them said together.

When they got out of their shock they heard footsteps coming closer to the meeting room, they now realized where this room was.

"Guys follow my lead , act as innocent as possible."Wolf whispered to them. They all stood up and nodded at her.

When the door opened the 6th espada was standing at the front with the rest of the Espadas behind him.

"Who the fuck are you people?" Grimmjow said.

"Wh-who are y-you ?" Wolf said with a timid voice.

"I asked first!" Grimmjow snapped which made Wolf flinch back for real , she couldn't stand people snapping .

"Why are you all standing in the doorway ?"Aizen's voice appeared .

The Espadas cleared a road in the middle to let their leader pass.Wolf was getting excited at being able to see her beloved Espadas and leader.

"Wh-who are y-you?" Wolf repeated , trying to keep her scared face which was really hard because of her excitement.

"Ohh, wha da' we hav' ere'?" Gin said joyfully.

Aizen raised a brow at the sight before him, there was a bunch of teenagers standing in his meeting room.

"Who are you ?" Aizen said curiously.

"I'm ..." Wolf cracked her head for a name "Sword...Sword Aoi who are you?" 

"I'm Sosuke Aizen , I'm the owner of this place , who are your friends there?" 

"I'm ....Coyote Oh.." Bryan said .

"I'm  Assassin ....."Xas muttered out.

"I'm Slash X.Sliceflow ." Wing said.

'How the hell did she come up with that name, and isn't Xas just giving her real name but adding a twist in it ?'Wolf thought.

She looked around again and saw that their guitars landed right beside them. She inched her hands closer and grabbed onto her guitar case handle. Three of them did the same.

Aizen looked over to the guitars and wondered what it was. He had never seen such thing in both Hueco Mundo and Soul Society.

"How did you children get here?" He asked still eyeing the guitar. Wolf held her guitar closer as she saw Aizen's gaze.

"W-we don't re-really know "Bryan said.

" we were just sitting around then suddenly we fell " Wing said.

"The next thing we knew , we were here." Xas ended their three person story.

"And where was this place you were at before you arrived ?"Aizen asked.

"School ." All four of them said in unison .

"Tch ! It doesn't look like Kurosaki's school , different uniform." Grimmjow said from behind .

Wolf was wearing a long sleeved white button up shirt and collar with the sleeves rolled up. She had a dark blue tie with the school logo in the middle.Her white shirt was tucked into a dark blue skirt, black socks and black shoes.

Bryan was wearing the normal student uniform with a collar ,it was white with black stripes going down the shirt from thin to thick at the bottom . The thin started from underneath the armpits . The uniform basically looked like a shirt with a collar, the material was soft and smooth. He wore dark blue school shoes and socks .

Wing was a sports uniform, it was bright red with grey lines at the side, she wore long black sports pants. She was also wearing black socks and shoes.

Xas was wearing a performance club shirt , it was black and had the word 'performance crew ' at the front in grey. She was wearing a school skirt same as Wolf's. Black socks and shoes.

'this is something interesting , let's see what happens...' Aizen thought .

"Stark , szayel , grimmjow and Gin , escort them to the guest rooms , make sure they stay together." Aizen said.

And when Aizen said escort , he probably meant keep an eye on them.

And being the ungentleman Grimmjow is , he picked up Xas by the neck part of her shirt and started walking , "Put me down!" Xas struggled .

The others were thankful that they didn't get grimmjow to escort them. 

Stark was walking beside Bryan , Szayel beside Wing and Gin beside Wolf.

When they reached the room , grimmjow threw Xas onto the bed and walked out to the meeting room , the others soon followed .

When they were alone , they all sucked in a deep breath .

"Oh" Bryan started in a hushed voiced so the Espadas don't hear.

"My"  Xas continued.

"Aizen's " Wing said .

"Bitch " Wolf said smiling.

"Curl !" all four of them shouted together .

"Szayel was super uber hot !!!" Wing half screamed out while jumping up and down.

"Grimmjow was as ungentlemanly as I Thought he would be " Xas said while giving a sigh.

"Stark was so cool!!" Bryan screamed out in a manly way. He was not gay , he is pouts

"Gin was so smiley smiley !!!" Wolf said while smiling like a maniac.

"Which episode do you think we're at ?" Wolf asked as they calmed down. 

"I think it's right before Orihime is kidnapped." Bryan said .

"Well that's fun , we can watch her being all innocent and shit." Wolf said smirking.

She didn't really like Orihime , but she didn't hate her , just didn't like her personality.

Wolf unzipped her black guitar bag and pulled out her guitar. 

The guitar was a deep lifeless gray with black linings at the side. The strings were pure white.

 The pick was transparent , it was quite troublesome because she always misplace her pick and couldn't find it because it was transparent , but It looked nice.

She played the strings one by one , making sure the tune was right.

She started strumming the notes to the song If I Die Young by The band Perry.

They each sang one verse , then came the chorus.

"If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song" 

They all sang together , when the chorus ended , Wolf got lazy and stopped strumming.

"That was relaxing , now back to the -"Xas was cut off as Aizen and the Espadas walked in clapping their hands.

" How interesting , tell me , what is that thing you're all holding , i'm curious , enlighten me ." Aizen said with a smile that meant you were supposed to answer.

Wolf's inside fan girl was screaming , wanting to fly forward and kiss Aizen right on the spot for his absolute hotness.

tell me how it is :) I'll probably update soon if I get more ideas :) or else this will become a one shot :)
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