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Kids With Guns

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The Killjoys meet a strange little girl named Glitter Freeze. She seems happy enough, but things aren't always as they seem, are they?

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When I first met her, I thought there couldn't be a crazier nor sweeter person. Her clothes were a giveaway- a navy green blazer-like jacket, which was stained with motor oil, ripped, black and white striped stockings underneath jean shorts, a purple and blue floral shirt with a belt over an orange and blue tank top, and a white and black floral bandana. Her long black hair was in pigtails and she had blue and black striped tights in her hair, along with a polka-dotted flower clip, and her face was concealed with a black mask and a shit ton of eyeliner. Around her neck was a long and red beaded rosary. The part that was really crazy was her gun. She was cute, yet demonic. She was twelve.
It was raining outside that night and she was very cold and alone.She had been hiding out in Zone 3, ghosting Dracs and surviving off roadkill, when we caught up with her. She had built a den underground and had been staying there for quite some time. It was filled with posters, clothes, and a bed, which sat in the corner. We walked right into the apartment and found nobody. Until a voice came from behind.
"Don't you fuckers know how to knock."
We turned to find the little girl holding an AK47. I open my mouth to explain the situation, only to be silenced.
"I don't care about names, or why you're here. One step and I'll blow that one's brains out", she said nodding to Ghoul.
"Put the gun down."
"Why should I?"
"Because you're alone in an underground apartment with four grown men. Even with an semi-auto, the chances of somebody getting to you before you ghost all of us are great. However, if you put the gun down, we can resolve this peacefully.
She grimaced, but lowered her weapon.
"Thank you. Now, I'm Party Poison, that one's Kobra Kid, Jet Star, and the one you threatened to kill is Fun Ghoul."
She looked at Ghoul and smiled sweetly. "Nice to meet you."
He just glared at her deeply, chewing on his lower lip. "Pleasure."
"Now that you've introduced yourselves to me, go away."
"Hey, now! That's isn't very polite. First, you have to tell us your name."
At that, I got the most go-to-Hell look I've ever received in my life. I've gotten some pretty nasty ones, too. But, after a few seconds, she saw it didn't do a damn thing and gave in completely.
"Glitter Freeze."
She turned bright red and was trying her hardest not to show it. She was doing a crappy job.
All of a sudden, she started coughing violently. Within seconds, she was throwing up on her floor crafted with 2-by-4's, which turned into a fainting spell. I picked her up and cradled her in my arms.
"She's coming with us, whether she likes it or not. I'm not letting this little girl stay out here in this condition."
With that, we got in our Trans Am and left, much to Fun Ghoul's dismay.
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