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Collab of destiny and truth?

by AhoyMikeyo 3 reviews

I really need some help :C ^^ *edited info slightly*

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So hey, first off sorry anyone who has waited for my work, I've been trying to write but I'm just at kind of awkward stages with my stories I'm not very inspired and the chapters aren't coming out so I was thinking maybe If I found a collab partener they could help inspire me. The fics I'm looking for are...

The Home is a super natural Frerard in witch Gerard helps people with their ghosty troubles and falls for a short dog loving spirit

possibly though its not desperatly needed

My Raggedy Doctor witch is a Dr Who fic inwitch gerard and Mikey are timelords and they helt the kill joys with all that jazz ond Korse (mainyl in Frank's pov )

And fianly Fallen witch I'm not sure I'll carry on with its based on the book fallen and is about fallen angles and Mikey way.. it contains Frerard though the main pairing is an Oc and Mikey, I have around 8 chapters for this already, but its not something I will definatly carry on with

If you're interested with helping me with any of them leave a review or email me at ( I've had to change the email because my hotmail isn't working, I'm not sure why)
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