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Chapter Three

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R for merely the sweet sweet reason of profanity. Again, I suck at descriptions. Basically the gang is watching movies.

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Thank you so very very much to everyone who reviewed my previous chapters!! All your comments were lovely lovely lovely, and encouraged me to write more! You guys are the bomb diggity, yo. x) Enjoy, my lovelies.

"Maggots," Ray and Elliott quoted along with the movie, "You're eating maggots Michael." Rays voice cracked, and Elliott started uncontrollably laughing.

Mikey looked at them in mock horror. "You guys are such... Dorks!"

Elliott tried to look offended, "Oi! I prefer the term 'Geek' thank you very much." That set all three if them off. The next fifteen minutes the three of them argued about the difference between the term "dork" and the term "geek".

Meanwhile, I was actually watching the movie.

Okay. That was a lie.

I was actually thinking about the possibility of being gay. Which was, of course, a very very.... VERY slim chance. I mean, it's not like I drooled an ocean over other guys. Then again, I didn't do that over girls either. I don't get all... Fluttery, around all girls, and most guys.

Just Frank, I thought to myself.

I awoke from my thoughts to find the three of them grinning at me. "What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?" I could already feel the heat rushing through my cheeks.

"Only Frank," Mikey mimicked in a shrill voice. Oh. Fuck.

Apparently my thoughts were a lot louder than I had been hoping for. "Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a homosexual," Elliott defended, as my cheeks somehow managed to get a little bit redder, and a little bit hotter.

"Shut up," I snapped. "I'm not a fucking Faggot." Ray, Mikey, and Elliott all looked at me in pure shock. Then it turned to outrage.

"Listen, if your going to be a homophobic prick, get out." Mikey said, looking more serious than I had ever seen him. Regret, and shame twisted there way around my mind.

"I'm sorry. I just... I'm sorry." I looked Elliott in the eye. She just nodded her head.

"It's okay. Just... " She took a deep breath and started over. "I know you've got some confusing shit running in circles in your head but... Just don't take it out in us. Figure yourself out before you call people names."

I felt like a fucking kindergartener. But I deserved it... Elliott shouldn't feel threatened when she was with her friends. Or ever, for that matter.

I nodded my head, mute for a minute. Finally breaking my silent streak I said, "Just for arguments sake, what would you do if I were gay?"

They exchanged looks.

"Gerard - You are Gerard. You've been our best friend thus far, and the fact that you're gay wouldn't change a thing in the world."

I bobbed my head, thinking about what to say next. "I think... I think I need to figure myself out."

Ray looked me in the eye, "I think that's a smart idea. Let us know when you have."

I giggled, for no apparent reason. I guess the awkwardness of the whole situation had gotten to me, in the end. They looked at me and grinned, the awkwardness instantly fleeting away.

We plugged in The Thirst next, it was the sequel to Lost Boys, but it was made almost twenty years later. Not NEARLY as good as the original. "Ew," I muttered. Mikey looked at me inquiringly. "We're what - ten minutes in? And there has been WAY to much boobs being shown."

Mikey grinned cheekily, "Well I dunno. I dont mind, ALL that much." Elliott fondly smacked his shoulder.


He just grinned, "Save me more abuse, and blame my hormones."

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