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What Happens Next

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"Total Pansy."

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On Monday I am required to go back to school. Due to the whole Devlin thing the school has asked Amber not to return. She’s homeschooled now. I suppose I’m okay with this. She is my girlfriend now, that’s all that matters. We spent most of the weekend attached at the lips. Mine are swollen, in need of a break. School offers that. I don’t enjoy it now that I don’t get to see Amber.

Once I get home from school I head over to Amber’s. She is sitting at the kitchen table, doing homework. I sit down next to her, deciding to do mine as well. If it doesn’t get done now it never will. Once both of us finish up we excuse ourselves from the room and hurry upstairs. I kick the bedroom door shut with my foot then Amber wraps her arms around me and we go back to kissing each other. We collapse on the bed so that I’m squishing her underneath me…Amber doesn’t seem to care very much. In fact I have a feeling we both find this position rather comfortable.

This is pretty much how we spend the entire week. The two of us separate for school then the second we finish with homework our mouths open to accommodate the others. Neither of us do much talking. I sneak over at night and we fall asleep in each others arms.

The following weekend I decide to take her to a party at Jonny’s since she hasn’t seen anyone since the incident with the movie. Luckily, this time no films are being show and I’m pretty sure she won’t force me to mingle. I lead her into the house, find a nice couch for her to sit on then go to find some beer

As I return with the beers I see Amber talking with Liz and Bob. I walk over and hand her a beer. She smiles at me. Instead of saying anything I just press my lips against hers, kissing her roughly. Amber holds my cheek and kisses me back without a problem.

“Are you sure you want to drink this?” I ask, eyeing the beer. Amber never stopped drinking but I don’t know how comfortable she is with both of us drinking. Last time we did we ended up having sex.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” she answers.

“I’m only drinking one.”

“That’s fine.”

“You look beautiful.”

Amber blushes, causing me to laugh softly.

“Thank you.”

I kiss her cheek then pull away so I can take a seat next to her. Liz and Bob are both watching us with wide eyes. I guess we’d forgotten to tell them.

“What the hell?” Liz demands.

“What?” Amber asks her eyes large and innocent.

“That was weird. It was like watching your brother and sister make out.”

“I thought it was sweet,” Bob says.

“When did this happen?" Liz asks

Amber and I look at each other, smiles on our faces.

“When did it happen?” Bob questions again.

I shrug, “I though it was always happening.”

“I don’t know. Depends on which happening you were referring to,” Amber answers.

“Well we already know about last summer but I mean this time,” Liz explains.

“Well… I don’t know. I kissed him on Thanksgiving. I guess it didn’t really happen until… last weekend?”

Amber looks at me for reassurance so I nod, “Sounds about right.”

Liz smacks me across the arm with her hand causing me to choke on the beer I’d just started to swallow.

“And you didn’t tell me?” she yells.

I just shrug, “It’s not like it was surprising. I’ve been in love with this girl since like eighth grade.”

“Of course it’s surprising. No one knew but you, idiot.”

“That’s not true, Jonny knew.”

“Jonny knew?”

“Yeah, I told him freshman year when he said he was going to ask her to the winter formal. Then I punched him and told him to back off. You know how it is. Never go for another guy’s girl.”

Jonny appears right on queue, wrapping his arm around Amber’s shoulder. He towers over her by a whopping two feet. That isn’t saying much coming from me since I’m only half a foot taller than Amber who is 5’3.

“Little shit, told on me,” Jonny laughs.

“We had a deal. I wouldn’t tell if you didn’t tell. I figured since everything was out in the open now it was perfectly okay.”

Jonny slaps me upside the back of my head.

“You were going to ask me out?” Amber asks Jonny with the cutest confused expression I’ve ever seen.

“You were hot shit back in freshman year, Amber.”

She laughs, “That explains a lot actually.”

“Like what? Why I was drooling over you all the time?”

“Well no. I thought that was because you had braces. I was talking about you and Frank always fucking with my boyfriends.”

“Oh yeah that. We had a pact. That’s why those little fuckers never lasted long,” I explain.

Amber looks at me but doesn’t seem angry to find out I’d tormented all her boyfriends. In fact I think she seems flattered.

“I just thought no one liked me,” she says.

Jonny laughs, squeezing her shoulders, “Crazy talk Amber. Frank just never worked up the balls to ask you out.”

Bob, Liz, Amber and Jonny look at me.

“He is kind of a pansy,” Amber admits with a laugh.

“Total pansy,” the rest agree.

I flip them off.

Note: Hey guys, sorry it's taken me such a long time to update. NaNo is kind of taking up any free time I have. I hope you like the chapter and I hope that in the mean time you read and review the other story I'm working on. :)
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