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Oblivious Girl

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New Chapter! R&R! Also, I started a new fic! It's called "Exterminate Me!" I'd be eternally grateful if you checked it out and R&R'd it too :) xoxo, K

Oblivious. She was oblivious to Brendon's drinking problem for a long time. He must have hid the severity of it from her, because she only noticed him having a drink or two in the evening. She didn't realize that their evening cocktails were just an appetizer for him until she woke up one night, opening her eyes to find other half of the bed empty. Confused, she got up, wandering downstairs. She found him asleep on the sofa, bottle of gin still clutched tightly in his hand. countless other bottles surrounded him. Sarah went and woke Spencer. 

"How many bottles?" he asked, after listening to her explain what was going on. 

"I don't know, Spence. 6 or 7?" Spencer relaxed. "He'll be fine." Sarah shook her head. "Why is he doing this?" Spencer rolled over, burrowing himself in his quilt. "That's not mine to tell."


Ryan checked his pocket, pulling out his blotters. Nope, they were all still there. He looked back up to the doorway, where a nervous looking Brendon stood. Ryan grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him into his apartment. He closed the door and slammed Brendon into a wall. He wrapped his fingers around Brendon's throat. "Why are you here? I know you don't want me anymore! Leave me alone! I hate you!" he sobbed. The normal, sensible part of Ryan told him that he needed to let go of Brendon's  neck or he would kill him. The violent, drug-abused part of his brain told him to hold tighter, which he did. He saw Brendon get a strange look in his eyes and then Brendon leaned forward and pushed his lips into Ryan's. Shocked, Ryan let go of Brendon's neck and tangled his hands in his hair. After a few long moments, Brendon broke away, rasping in breaths. Ryan panted lightly, staring guiltily at the dark bruises forming against Brendon's throat. Once they were both breathing normally, Ryan came and placed his hand gently against Brendon's cheek, who leaned into the touch. "Do you still love me?" Ryan whispered, barely audible. Brendon started to shake his head, stopped, then sighed and nodded. Ryan pushed his lips to Brendon's and they shared a heated moment. Ryan started pulling Brendon to his bedroom. Brendon stopped. "Ry. I have a girlfriend," to which Ryan replied "That's okay. So do I." Brendon giggled and allowed Ryan to pull him into the bedroom and down onto the mattress with him. "Mona Lisa, I missed you," he whispered as Ryan slowly took off his clothes. "I love you too much to let you go," he mumbled. Ryan chuckled. "I tried to kid myself into thinking I was fine. I wasn't." Brendon smiled. "We'll have to be careful." Ryan paused, belt half out of his pants. "Are you suggesting that we-" Brendon shushed him and nodded. "Mona Lisa, wear me out," he said, raising his eyebrows dramatically. Ryan laughed. "With pleasure."
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