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How To Love

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What will Gerard do when Frank is also staying with Mikey?? also, idk if cussing is reason enough to be R but oh well....

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Yup. He was really here. I even checked. "Uhh.... Gerard? Why are you poking my face?" Hehe oops... I didn't realize I was actually doing it..... "Sorry I guess I just don't believe you're really here." I said sheepishly. "And I gave you enough reason to." Frank nodded, understanding. "Gerard... I'm really sorry." He pouted cutely. "Please forgive me?" I nodded. "But I don't know if things will change. You really hurt me when you left, Frank." And with that I headed upstairs, where I was sleeping, and cried myself to sleep.

I remember the day of graduation perfectly clear. It was the worst day of my fucking life, how could I not. Everything was going smoothly. They went through Abeliene, Chester, to Iero, then finally Way. I never thought my grades would be good enough to carry and support me to that stage, to get the perfect diploma neatly tied in a red ribbon. When they called the last name, they also called for the newly grads to do the tassel-thingie and then we were free. "Gerard? I'm gonna go find my mum, ok? I'll see you at the resteraunt, love." He kissed my cheek and left. I never thought that would be the last time. "Hey Mikes, wanna go?" he was talking to a young Alicia, and he looked annoyed when I interrupted him. "Sorry bro, I love you and all, but me and Alicia are going on a date remember?" Oh fuck.... I walked over to an empty bench and stared at my phone, wishing my mom would congratulate me on making it to graduation. I wished Grandma Elena would call, then stopped. Grandma Elena has been dead for three years, Gerard, I mentally scolded myself.

"Talking to yourself again, fag?" Alex yelled. Double fuck..... He's been out to get me ever since I dropped a history textbook on his toe. It was by accident, scouts honor (But I'm not a scout ;D ) He's probably gonna pound me good, since we are all adults now. He didn't. He stabbed me. In the fucking stomach. Luckily, I had Mikeys keys to his car, so when he found me, he rushed me to the hospital.

When I was concious I heard Mikey yelling over the phone. "No Frank I don't give a fuck how drunk you were, but when I called, and told you Gerard was fucking stabbed in the fucking chest you should have fucking rushed here first thing. You better come here now, so Gerard can fucking beat your damned sorry ass." He hung up the phone, scowling. "Hey bro..." I said weakly. "GERARD!" Mikey rushed over to my side. "Was that Frank on the phone?" He nodded. "I called him, to tell him what happened and he said he'd be right over. I waited. And waited, but even when they finished your surgery, he wasn't here. It turns out, he got drunk and high and did a bunch of other shit. Sorry bro." He touched my hand sympathetically. "Is he coming now?" I asked. "Well he bet-" Mikey was cut off by Frank walking in the door. " Hey babe" Frank said, waving. "Fucking asshole. I get stabbed and you get drunk and ignore when my brother calls? What if I died, Frank, what the fuck would you have done then? When you were drunk AND fucking hig??? HUH???? NOT A DAMN THING!" I yelled. I don't even remember what he said back, all I remember is that he said he never loved me anyways, and ran out, forever.

Now he's back, and in my brother's living room for fuck's sake. WHat should I do???? Talk to him, you idiot. My inner voice pisses me off sometimes. Shut up. I already talked to him. TALK TO HIM AGAIN, DUMBSHIT! URGHHHHHH...... Why does the inner me have to be so damn annoying?

"Frank....?" I call, hesitantly. All I hear is snoring. I'll wait till tomorrow. Confessions and coffee in the morning. Emphasis on the coffee. Hear me Alicia? There better be shitloads and shitloads of coffee. Before my head hit the pillow, I imagined swimming in a giant pool full of my favorite coffee. Amd Frank was in boxers. Ah.... this will be a nice night.

END OF CHAPTER 3! R and R whatever that means.....
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