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Blotters, Rats and Sunshine.

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Ryan has a bad trip, but Brendon is there for him. Rydon one shot.

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The room was filled with smoke and the music blared. Ryan lay, very content, out-stretched on a couch, with his best friend close by. Brendon fiddled with a beer bottle cap, tossing it at the other boy who was across from him. Ryan gave him a large grin, he loved Brendon, a lot more than as a friend. One of Ryan's more shady friends, Derek, that Brendon did not know, came in and dropped an envelope on the table.
"Dude, got the blotters," he said pointing to the envelope. Ryan smiled, grabbing at the paper and ripping it open to reveil several small squares of paper. Ryan took one and placed it on his tounge, waiting for the magic to happen, while the other man offered one to Brendon.
"No thanks," he said, he didn't like LSD very much after the first time Ryan got him to try it. The other man shrugged.
"More acid for us." A few minutes passed and the two had begun feeling psychadelic. Derek began waving his hands infront of him, while Ryan began to sway side to side. Brendon just sat and watched the beautiful boy with the honey eyes, smile as some invisible figures danced before him.

Something changed. Ryan's smile faded and was replaced with a scowl, the light in his eyes became dull and lost. He began to breathe heavily as he turned looking all around him. Brendon stood and walked over to the boy, sitting down next to him.
"You okay, Ryan?" He asked, but the only answer he received was the boy's eyes widening and releasing a scream. Brendon jumped not sure what was going on.
"Derek." No answer. "Derek!!" The very high man turned to him with a glassy stare. "What's happening to Ryan?!" He demanded, as Ryan started to scream about the walls closing in on him. The other man took a long look at Ryan and simply said.
"Bad trip."

Ryan began clawing at the walls, screaming that they were closing in and the room was getting smaller. Brendon pulled the boy into his lap and tried to tell him it wasn't, but Ryan carried on. Brendon stroked Ryan's cheek, whispering calm thoughts.
"No, no Ryan, it's okay, nothing is hurting you. The walls aren't collapsing. Shhh." Ryan continued to scream and thrash around, once heading for the window trying to escape. Brendon had caught him before he could leap outside, though, and as soon as he had him in his arms he calmed. But only for a few moments. Then came the rats.

Ryan saw them flooding out of every surface in his little apartment. Big, black, ferocious, rabid rats with beady, red eyes. They poured from the walls and the floors and crawled up his body, gnawing along the way. He screamed as he felt their long teeth dig into his hot flesh, but what was worse was that not only were they crawling over him, but Brendon as well. Ryan cried, screamed and ripped at the rats as they tore at Brendon's beautiful face, blood covered his hands and tears streamed down his bitten up face. He couldn't get them off of Brendon, there were too many, btu he had to try because he loved Brendon, more than himself.

Brendon tensed as Ryan's hands flew to his face clawing at his skin. Ryan was sobbing and scratching at Brendon's skin. Brendon couldn't do anything but wrap his arms around him, hold him tight and wait until it was over. Ryan's nails dug into his cheek and left a large cut down Brendon's face.
"Shh Ry, it's okay. You're okay."
Brendon squeezed him tighter, holding Ryan's head against his chest.
"I love you too, Ryan. But I'm fine, there aren't any rats." Brendon assured him, although Ryan just continued to his trip.


Ryan woke up sometime later. He didn't remember anything, but he knew something was off. As he woke he felt his damp, soggy clothes and someone he was leaning against, who was gently stroking his cheek. He groaned as he turned to see that he and Brendon were sitting in an empty bath tub, both soaking wet.
"Bren, what happend?" Ryan asked, not quite sure, why his memory was so foggy. Brendon looked at him and smiled at the normal Ryan and not the the one who was 'tripping balls'.
"You had a bad trip."
"But why are we in a bath tub?" Ryan looked at the extremely messy room.
"Because you said, your blood was boiling and your skin was on fire. You wanted water so bad, you tried to get it from the toliet, so I dragged you in the shower and held you." He paused and Ryan slightly remebers flames dancing along his vision the night before. "Don't you remember?" Brendon continued. Distant memories of the 101 ways Ryan saw Brendon get hurt flooded into his mind. Insects, monsters, fire, rats, disease. Though one thought in particular made Ryan smile.
"I remember one thing." Brendon shifted so he could see Ryan's sweet face.
"What's that?" Ryan stared at the boy's gorgeous face, even with a few scratch marks from Ryan, he was still the beam of sunshine Ryan's heart beated for.
"I love you." With that he leaned forward and pressed his pink lips against Brendon's plump ones. Brendon immediatley kissed back and wrapped his hand in Ryan's wet hair. After a few minutes they broke apart, Ryan getting lost in Brendon's deep, brown eyes and Brendon smiling wider than he ever had before.
"You don't know how long I have waited for that." He said, still smiling. Ryan cupped his chin and brought their lips back together.
"Well, now you'll never have to wait again."

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