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Fine, I'll continue it. Growl

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He yes this is super super short but I felt like I owed you guys something for being amazing! I would like to thank Heartbreak Beauty, Kobrablaze, And BellaMuerteRae for encouraging me not to delete this! Oh I will add more to this chapter tonight so bear with mme!
Love from the Lovely Laura


Me and Mikey sit down and chat. And chat. And drink 20 dollars worth of coffee. Seriously this guy is more obsessed with coffee than I am. Sad.

Oh look who’s finally found another loser.

Oh shut up, can’t I be happy for ten minutes? Please?

Ok fine, but then your mine.

Well technically, your mine since we are the same person. Just you are the tempermental, immature, pessimistic, lonely, creepy loser in my head.

Just wait till I get out, kid.

I couldn’t help it, I shuddered at the thought of my inner demonic traits running amok.

“Uhh hey umm Frankie? You’ve been like zoned out for the past 10 minutes, and you just shuddered suddenly. Oh man are you cold? Here lemme give you this hoodie.” He says it all really fast, in one breath, and without waiting for my answers.

He throws me an Iron Maiden hoodie, one of our favorite bands I’ve discovered. I think about protesting but as I look over at Gerard, I see that he already is kissing another mans hand. I slip the hoodie over my head, messing up my hair for sure. Suddenly, I am greet by the delightfully intoxicating smells of coffee of cour-

Well obviously fuckhead, Your in a damn coffee shop.

SHUT UP! Anyway. Before I so rudely interrupted myself, I was saying how warm and cozy and comforting his clothing was. Besides coffee, I could smell cancer stick smoke, making me want to go light one up. And before I can say a thanks, I am welcomed by one of the most delicious smells in the world, that only a few people can pull off: Rebellion. Now that I think about it, he practically reeks of rebellion.

From his Doc Martins to his beanie cap, I swear this kid is driving me insane. Well insaner.

Insaner is not a work dumbfuck

Who you calling dumbfuck? You are the- Ummmmm nevermind then.

And round one goes to the “creepy” voice in your head.

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